Friday, February 10, 2017

January 29, 2017

Last P-day we met with S and her mom. They took us to the fanciest traditional Korean restaurant. They are so kind--genuinely kind and loving people. It is like I am already BFFs with S.

This week was a week of miracles!! We have two new investigators who we met for English interest, but they also believe in God but don't attend a church. AND guess what?! They live right across from the mission home and church. SCORE!! We are hoping to get them to church asap!

Our other investigators, 김__ and 김_ the 20 year old twins, are also doing great. I love seeing their interest and earnestness in learning the gospel. 나__ especially has a lot of interest in the gospel. She takes notes and highlights the pamphlets when we teach. And from watching her eyes and body language, she is listening with all of her heart. They have both tried praying for the first time, and are keeping commitments great. Our focus right now is getting them to church and building relationships with members. I think God sometimes gives us a glimpse of other people's potential and the love God has for them. I have felt that a lot with these twins. I really believe that both will eventually get baptized and become strong and faithful members of the church. I hope and pray so!

I absolutely loved the world wide missionary broadcast. From watching and listening to and learning from the leaders of the church, I could feel that they truly were inspired from God. My testimony that this church is true was strengthened by hearing their testimonies, watching their leadership, and listening to them speak powerfully, gracefully, and confidently. From the new rule changes I also feel a great new sense of responsibility and trust. I want to use this new schedule to maximize our time and efforts in serving the Lord. The new changes have also helped me realize that God teaches us line upon line and precept upon precept.  We can always become more effective and efficient and we always have room to learn, grow, and change, and the leaders of our church don't try to hide that. They are also always learning through trial and error.  That is how we can become more like the Savior, trying our best to do what we think is right, and learning from our mistakes. I hope and pray that I can represent the Savior well to everybody that I meet. I really do want to become like He is and love like He does. I still have a long way to go. But I am thankful for His patience.

Also, we have met S.D. (the foreign exchange student from Utah)  three times now, and we are meeting her again for lunch today. I love her with all my heart! Unfortunately, she does not have interest in learning the gospel right now, but I definitely think that she will later. I was so scared to directly ask her if we could share the gospel with her. It gave me a glimpse of how member missionary work can be hard! I didn't want her answer to affect our relationship, but I also wanted to share the gospel with her because I know it would bless her so much, and also it is my missionary purpose and privilege! So after lots and lots of roleplaying with my companions, I finally asked her if we could teach her more about the gospel of Jesus Christ that has blessed us us much, but I also assured her that no matter her answer that we would still be friends. Unfortunately, she said no to listening to our message. But seeds have been planted, and I think they will continue to grow. 

Sister Beckett

This is pretty cool--this is in downtown Daejeon. The street has a camera and a big screen that shows the people walking beneath it. Here I am with one of our investigators.

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