Friday, February 24, 2017

I HATE GOODBYES :( (Feb 20, 2017)

Here are just a few of the people that I have really come to love and adore this transfer! Companions, investigators, members, recent converts, less actives. SO MANY GOOD PEOPLE. 💟

DO I REALLY HAVE TO GO HOME? ㅠㅠ I can't believe that my time as a set apart missionary is almost over. There really is no way to describe a mission. So many new experiences, hard times, good times, happy times, sad times, feeling-alone times, feeling-so-much-love times...I have learned so much from this past year and a half, and I hope that I have become more of the person God wants me to be. 

This week we met a new investigator, and I can't even tell you how much I love her. She is a referral from a member. This lady's name is JYR. She is in her mid thirties and she is single and has some pretty serious health problems. AND SHE IS SO INCREDIBLE. As a missionary, I have been able to feel love for so many different people. However, I think the time I felt God's love the strongest was this past week when we met with this new investigator two different times. She is so genuine, faithful, sincere, and she needs this gospel so much. I wish I could describe how I felt...I had just barely met this sister, but with all my heart I loved her! And I could feel that that love was coming directly from God.  And I could also feel how badly she needed this gospel, and how Jesus Christ could heal her broken heart. 

Then later, during my personal study, I read this verse in Ether and I felt like it explained a bit of my feelings about Christ and how He could heal JYR, and all of us, really. The scriptures are Ether 9:35&10:1. These scriptures are describing a drought ending, but when I read it, I compared it to JYR's spiritual and emotional drought, and how Christ can end that drought. "And it came to pass that when they had humbled themselves sufficiently before the Lord he did send rain upon the face of the earth; and the people began to REVIVE again, and there began to BE FRUIT in the north countries, and in all the countries round about. And the Lord did SHOW FORTH HIS POWER unto them in PRESERVING them from famine.........Wherefore, Shez began to BUILD UP A BROKEN PEOPLE." 

Christ nurtures, revives, heals, and flourishes our lives if we let Him. He builds up a broken people. And I am so thankful for Him. I love Him and I have come to know Him more through representing Him this past year and half. It has been the biggest privilege for me. I hope to honor Him through my actions my whole life through.

See you soon!!!

Beckett Jamae

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