Friday, February 10, 2017

Hey Hey Hey! Happy...Tuesday! (Feb 6, 2017)

We have seen SO MANY miracles lately that I just can't believe it. When I first got here, we only had one investigator, and I kinda thought that this would be a long transfer of finding. But we have been working hard and God has been so generous in blessing us...we now have ten investigators! And  we are pretty sure that three of them will be coming to church this week. :D

I want to share about our newest investigator, Sister Y. We were waiting for the subway one night and I saw her sitting alone on her motorized wheelchair waiting for the subway. The Holy Ghost prompted me to go talk to her, so I did. We started talking and she was SO SWEET. She is probably in her late forties or early fifties and she is beautiful! We started talking and we couldn't stop. Her brother used to meet the missionaries in Busan, so she had seen a Book of Mormon before. I was able to explain to her what the BoM was, and I taught her that it was Christ's teachings in the Americas. She thought it was so interesting, and she wanted to read about it, so I showed her the part when Christ visited the Nephites in 3 Nephi. She was so excited to receive the Book of Mormon, and she said enthusiastically, "Books make the best gifts!" We exchanged phone numbers and later scheduled an appointment to meet. And we DID meet again! Yesterday! She is SO PREPARED for fullness of the gospel of Jesus Christ. She came and had already read 3 Nephi 11. She said there are things similar to the bible, but also new things that she has never heard before. She is currently attending the Presbyterian Church, but she has been switching religions a lot, trying to find the right one. (YA FOUND IT, SWEETIE! :D ) We will be meeting again tonight, and she said that by tonight she will read the first five chapters of 1 Nephi!  She also referred her daughter and niece to us who have English Interest. They live in Daegu and Busan, so we will have to refer them to the Busan mission. Anyway...SHE IS A MIRACLE!! God is always putting prepared people in our paths, which is why we always need to talk to everyone and be excited about sharing God's happy message.

One thing I really loved that Sister Y shared with us about Christ (she has really strong faith) was a parable about Christ holding on to us. She said sometimes we think of our relationship with Him like holding hands, or pulling somebody up by the hands, but it is not. If we hold hands with someone or lift someone by the hands and one person lets go, it is difficult for the other person to keep holding on. So instead of comparing our relationship with Christ as holding hands, it is more like Christ is grasping our forearm, and we are grasping His. If we slip up, make mistakes and let go, He can still hold on to us and pull us up, and we easily re-grasp His forearm. He can always have a firm grip on us, even if we choose to let go. He never lets go. He never gives up! And when we choose to repent and change, we can easily hold back on to Him. He is always there to pull us up. I really loved that example that she shared with us, so I wanted to share it, too. I am so thankful for a loving Savior who never gives up on anyone. As followers of Jesus Christ, that is what we need to do, too! We never give up on anyone, including ourselves. Christ is holding on to us always.

Sister Beckett

Last P-Day S invited us over to her house for a Solnar (New Year) meal. It was so fun! Here are some pics.

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