Saturday, February 18, 2017

Annyong!!! (February 13, 2017)

Hey Hey Hey!

Sister K and I after mission tour.
I really loved Mission Tour this week with the Yamashitas. They are SO INCREDIBLY POSITIVE! I loved their attitudes and perspectives. One of my favorite things I learned was, "Make every day a great day." We really are the ones who choose our attitudes. Our attitudes are always a choice, and I think our attitudes are actually one of our very hardest choices. It reminds me of a talk by Elder Ballard where he said to be a creator of circumstances, not a creature of circumstances. Part of our God-given agency is the gift to choose our reactions and responses and our attitude. I tried to apply that this week as I got rejected over and over again on the streets by people. Sometimes it can be surprising how rude people can be! But I chose not to let the numberless rejections get me down. Instead I shook it off and thought of Jesus and went and talked to other people. Also an investigator dropped us this week, and that also hurt, but we hope and pray that she will have the desire to meet with the missionaries again in the future.

My old mission leader in Mokpo bought and mailed me a ๋ถ•์–ด๋นต maker! WOohoo! Hahahah SO FUNNY!
What an awesome guy.
Everything seems kind of blurry and fake right now, I really can't believe that I am going home in ten days. It kind of terrifies me. I love being a missionary and I love testifying of Christ and I love serving in the same country with my little brother and I love Koreans and I love Korean food and I love working hard every day and I love so many other things, too. But God is never changing, and I know He will guide my life after the mission just as He is right now.  I am giving my all every day and trying my best to follow the Savior and show Him my love and appreciation for Him. I will forever be grateful for my mission!

I love you all so much!! Got to go! Oh hey, for next week can you send me if I need to do anything special for customs at the airport? Also dad said he sent an email but I never got it, just pics. :( I love you all lots and lots. Have a good week! And ESPECIALLY TO OUR NATEY CHAD!! Happy baptism!! I heard we are only an hour and a half away right now by train...It kinda hurts my little heart! Wish I could support you at the baptism! But I will in my thoughts and prayers. Love you!

Sister Beckett

Allie's Mom here:  She will be speaking in our sacrament meeting on Sunday, February 26, at 9 a.m. We can't wait to have her come home!! Let me know if you need the address. ๐Ÿ˜€

Me and SDY and Ping Su!!!! So delicious!!!!

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