Sunday, January 15, 2017

January 8, 2017 My Last Transfer...

Here we are with our friend, N. She is the one that God helped us to re-find! She loves God SOOOO much, but teaching her the gospel is hard because the reason she can stay in Korea right now is because a pastor of another church helped her and her husband find a place to live and work in Korea, so she is a member of that church for now, and works at the church school.  But hopefully later in life she can accept the gospel!

(This is a chat Allie had on email with Nate, who just found out he's having his first transfer on his mission. You can see his blog at

WOW Natey!! Transfers are crazy, huh? You never know what to expect! I am still waiting for my transfer will probably come any minute!! 

I know that you will do great with your new companion!! The hardest and awkwardest times help you grow and learn...and not just learn, but REMEMBER what you learn because of the awkwardness!! So embrace all the awkwardness with speaking Korean! I already heard you, and your Korean is amazing! So don't worry!! And the good thing is that when you are with American companions, people speak simpler to you. YOU HAVE GOT THIS, BOY!! But it is always sad to leave an area, huh?! :( I think I will die in Mokpo. (Finish her mission in Mokpo.)

Ten minutes later, Allie emailed this:  

I JUST GOT TRANSFER CALLS AND I AM MOVING TO DunSan! That is in Daejeon!! And I will be in a threesome with 2 Koreans! But one is from Bountiful! Oh snap. I need to pack but I am actually about to go to KwangJu to a bamboo forest!! WHEN WILL I PACK!?

Also I am quite nervous because we got dropped by all of our investigators this week...what will Sister P do next week with no investigators?!

And thanks mom!! I got your letter two days ago!!! And it meant so much. Thank you so much for writing me!! And sorry you all, I have to go. :( But I love you guys!! Talk to you next week! Sorry I didn't write much this week, I was busy getting Sister P's pics off of her camera!! 

This week I got to meet S, and she was SO CUTE! She was Chandra's friend and lives in Daejeon. She was so sweet to come all the way to Mokpo, she is adorable!

I will miss our sweet J! Here is a picture of her and another new convert from our ward. They have become good friends!

This is Allie's sister, so excited that Allie will be home soon! This is the countdown chain!

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