Monday, January 2, 2017

Here's to the Year of the Rooooosterrrr! (January 1, 2017)

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! I have been reflecting a lot lately on who I am, what I have become, and what I would still like to change about myself. A new year seems like a good fresh start to re-evaluate everything and recommit myself to becoming more like Christ.

This is our "waiting for the bus" new year's picture on the phone. I forgot my camera...
This week was good, but we don't have any progressing investigators, so we are trying hard to find some new ones. Throughout my mission I have noticed that if we keep obeying and trying our best, then God sends random, really great investigators! We never know how we will meet them, but God always has it perfectly planned out.

My complete year of only being a missionary has passed... :(   TOO FAST! ㅠㅠ Sometimes I have experiences that remind me how blessed I am, and how Korea and America can be so different! This past week we went and visited several little grandmas in our ward with one of our members. I LOVE Korean grandmas!! They are the hardest to understand. They always speak low form and have a thick accent. And they are SO CUTE!! Always holding our hands, patting our bums, kimchi squatting like it is nothing, and feeding us crazy and scary food...hahaha One of the grandmas literally lives in a shack-like thing on the side of a mountain, facing the ocean. It is a beautiful view!  In her village-type thing they have a community bathroom, not one in her house. We visited her and we all wore coats and scarfs because she doesn't have a heated floor. I was humbled because of her circumstances, and amazed because of her positive attitude! The whole time she was smiling. laughing, and telling stories. It was such a happy time together! Also her husband has died, and she has had cancer a few times, and she lives alone. But she is one of the happiest people alive! I am thankful for that experience and learning from her example. I am thankful to serve in Korea!!

This is us with the granny that lives on the mountain
Yesterday our new member, J came to church, and she payed fast offerings without us even saying anything! I love her! She was baptized the second week in December, but she has already payed fast offerings twice, and tithing once. SO AWESOME! At church we went to a family history class for Sunday School so that we can help her get to the temple. Woohoo!! It is so exciting to see her continue to progress. In the class they got her hooked up with the Family Search app and they already started adding her family members. Then, after church we visited her, and guess who randomly came to visit her apartment while we were there? Our bishop and his wife! They are so great! She felt a lot of love.

My beloved name badges. Unfortunately, my favs were lost in Buddhist temples and on the bus. :(

One terrifying experience we had this week... I ate raw octopus while it was still moving! AHHH!! Our new member, J,  bought them from the Traditional Market...and she didn't wash them cause apparently it kills the flavor. She literally turned their heads inside out, pulled out their eyes and brain, and then started chopping. And she kept popping pieces in her mouth. I ALMOST DIED. It was pretty sketch. Hahaha. They kept moving for like 40 minutes after they were chopped. Definitely a new experience.​ But sorry because I didn't bring my camera this day (biggest mistake ever), so the video is of a video taken on my phone...

Happy New Year!! Don't forget to recommit yourselves to following Christ this year. Plan specific ways on how you want to improve and change, and then do everything in your power to do it!

벡켓 자매 선교사

PS next week is transfer last transfer call...:( I think I might actually go! I have been in Mokpo for 4. Anyway. Just had to hurry and say that before I peaced out! LOVE YOU! BE SAFE! Tell Seth to email me next week!

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