Friday, January 20, 2017

That Daejeon City Life (January 15, 2017)

Not gonna lie, I was quite surprised to transfer for my last transfer, and especially to move to a trio companionship! Also, last week I told you that one of my companions was KSB, and that she was a Korean from Utah...well...I misheard! My new companion is KSJ, and she isn't from Utah. Hahaha. So I kinda stand out in our trio because a) I am American and B) I am literally a foot taller than either of my comps. Hahaha. Time was flying by in Mokpo, and I was quite comfortable. I felt like I was going 1000 miles an hour! Coming to a new area with two new companions slammed me to a time-stilling halt! It is a little difficult, but it is also an awesome opportunity to learn some new lessons and re-get out of my comfort zone. That is something I have really learned on my mission -- NEVER GET COMFORTABLE! In order to grow we have to stretch and do hard things, and sometimes things that we wouldn't choose on our own. But that is all part of God's plan, and that is how we can learn and develop and become more like Him. So I am very thankful and excited for this transfer.
My new comps are so cute! I love them already.

You can't tell the height difference from these pics...but it is pretty extreme, haha!
Also, do you remember 송, the girl who met the elders on the street and asked about me? (Chandra's friend?) Well, she lives really close to where we are, and she is in our area. :D Hahaha, two weeks ago she traveled all the way to Mokpo to see me, but now we are neighbors! It is cool to see how God has planned this all out. From finding the elders on the street to me transferring to her area, it is all miracles! I just hope that we can accomplish what the Lord wants us to. We are meeting SD and her mom for dinner tonight. They attend the Catholic church pretty seriously, but I hope and pray that we will be able to share more of God's love with them and that their hearts will open to hear the message of the restored gospel. We definitely need the Holy Ghost to help us know what God wants us to do and say.

I love these Cheomdan sisters so much! It was fun to see them again.
 It is really stressing me out that I only have one transfer left. I try not to think about it, but sometimes it is hard! I want to go out with a bang, and have nothing left to give. I want to show God and Christ my love and dedication and I want to have no regrets. I love this gospel and I am so thankful to share with others about our Savior's love.


Al-Bal the Missionary Gal

Here are trips from our visit to the bamboo forest last week before I left Mokpo:

Bamboo forest with my baby Sadie (haha, her English name I gave her. She fits it so well!)

Me with Sadie again!


Loving that bamboo so hard!

Me and some real pandas

Sunday, January 15, 2017

January 8, 2017 My Last Transfer...

Here we are with our friend, N. She is the one that God helped us to re-find! She loves God SOOOO much, but teaching her the gospel is hard because the reason she can stay in Korea right now is because a pastor of another church helped her and her husband find a place to live and work in Korea, so she is a member of that church for now, and works at the church school.  But hopefully later in life she can accept the gospel!

(This is a chat Allie had on email with Nate, who just found out he's having his first transfer on his mission. You can see his blog at

WOW Natey!! Transfers are crazy, huh? You never know what to expect! I am still waiting for my transfer will probably come any minute!! 

I know that you will do great with your new companion!! The hardest and awkwardest times help you grow and learn...and not just learn, but REMEMBER what you learn because of the awkwardness!! So embrace all the awkwardness with speaking Korean! I already heard you, and your Korean is amazing! So don't worry!! And the good thing is that when you are with American companions, people speak simpler to you. YOU HAVE GOT THIS, BOY!! But it is always sad to leave an area, huh?! :( I think I will die in Mokpo. (Finish her mission in Mokpo.)

Ten minutes later, Allie emailed this:  

I JUST GOT TRANSFER CALLS AND I AM MOVING TO DunSan! That is in Daejeon!! And I will be in a threesome with 2 Koreans! But one is from Bountiful! Oh snap. I need to pack but I am actually about to go to KwangJu to a bamboo forest!! WHEN WILL I PACK!?

Also I am quite nervous because we got dropped by all of our investigators this week...what will Sister P do next week with no investigators?!

And thanks mom!! I got your letter two days ago!!! And it meant so much. Thank you so much for writing me!! And sorry you all, I have to go. :( But I love you guys!! Talk to you next week! Sorry I didn't write much this week, I was busy getting Sister P's pics off of her camera!! 

This week I got to meet S, and she was SO CUTE! She was Chandra's friend and lives in Daejeon. She was so sweet to come all the way to Mokpo, she is adorable!

I will miss our sweet J! Here is a picture of her and another new convert from our ward. They have become good friends!

This is Allie's sister, so excited that Allie will be home soon! This is the countdown chain!

Monday, January 2, 2017

Here's to the Year of the Rooooosterrrr! (January 1, 2017)

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! I have been reflecting a lot lately on who I am, what I have become, and what I would still like to change about myself. A new year seems like a good fresh start to re-evaluate everything and recommit myself to becoming more like Christ.

This is our "waiting for the bus" new year's picture on the phone. I forgot my camera...
This week was good, but we don't have any progressing investigators, so we are trying hard to find some new ones. Throughout my mission I have noticed that if we keep obeying and trying our best, then God sends random, really great investigators! We never know how we will meet them, but God always has it perfectly planned out.

My complete year of only being a missionary has passed... :(   TOO FAST! ㅠㅠ Sometimes I have experiences that remind me how blessed I am, and how Korea and America can be so different! This past week we went and visited several little grandmas in our ward with one of our members. I LOVE Korean grandmas!! They are the hardest to understand. They always speak low form and have a thick accent. And they are SO CUTE!! Always holding our hands, patting our bums, kimchi squatting like it is nothing, and feeding us crazy and scary food...hahaha One of the grandmas literally lives in a shack-like thing on the side of a mountain, facing the ocean. It is a beautiful view!  In her village-type thing they have a community bathroom, not one in her house. We visited her and we all wore coats and scarfs because she doesn't have a heated floor. I was humbled because of her circumstances, and amazed because of her positive attitude! The whole time she was smiling. laughing, and telling stories. It was such a happy time together! Also her husband has died, and she has had cancer a few times, and she lives alone. But she is one of the happiest people alive! I am thankful for that experience and learning from her example. I am thankful to serve in Korea!!

This is us with the granny that lives on the mountain
Yesterday our new member, J came to church, and she payed fast offerings without us even saying anything! I love her! She was baptized the second week in December, but she has already payed fast offerings twice, and tithing once. SO AWESOME! At church we went to a family history class for Sunday School so that we can help her get to the temple. Woohoo!! It is so exciting to see her continue to progress. In the class they got her hooked up with the Family Search app and they already started adding her family members. Then, after church we visited her, and guess who randomly came to visit her apartment while we were there? Our bishop and his wife! They are so great! She felt a lot of love.

My beloved name badges. Unfortunately, my favs were lost in Buddhist temples and on the bus. :(

One terrifying experience we had this week... I ate raw octopus while it was still moving! AHHH!! Our new member, J,  bought them from the Traditional Market...and she didn't wash them cause apparently it kills the flavor. She literally turned their heads inside out, pulled out their eyes and brain, and then started chopping. And she kept popping pieces in her mouth. I ALMOST DIED. It was pretty sketch. Hahaha. They kept moving for like 40 minutes after they were chopped. Definitely a new experience.​ But sorry because I didn't bring my camera this day (biggest mistake ever), so the video is of a video taken on my phone...

Happy New Year!! Don't forget to recommit yourselves to following Christ this year. Plan specific ways on how you want to improve and change, and then do everything in your power to do it!

벡켓 자매 선교사

PS next week is transfer last transfer call...:( I think I might actually go! I have been in Mokpo for 4. Anyway. Just had to hurry and say that before I peaced out! LOVE YOU! BE SAFE! Tell Seth to email me next week!

MERRY CHRISTMAS!! (December 25, 2016)

Merry Christmas!!
Welcome to Korea...this aisle in the store is ALLLLL RAMEN!! Ha ha ha!
Yesterday had some really high highs and some really low lows. After skyping with my family (SO DANG GOOD!), attending church, and doing my studies (the highs), we had a caroling activity with the missionaries and members in our ward. Only two members joined us, but for our small Mokpo Ward, that was actually pretty good! The members didn't have hymnbooks, so they used mine. I asked to share with Sister P, and she said yes, but our heights are quite different and she held the book really close to her face, so I didn't have a way to see any of the carols. I was a tiny bit annoyed, but took it as a sign from Heavenly Father that He wanted me to get out and 전도 instead of just sing. So I started trying to pass out pass along cards and share Book of Mormons, but I just got rejection after rejection. When you get so many rejections in a row, it kind of blows your self esteem and motivation, especially on Christmas. I  thought that maybe people's hearts would have been a little more open! I ended up sharing two Book of Mormons, but I had hoped to share a lot more.

After the caroling activity, we had an hour left before 9 p.m. We decided to head back to our area, grab some umbrellas, and finish the night 전도ing there. By this time, my Christmas cheer was a little drained and I was feeling like a failure because I had been rejected so much. But I tried to keep smiling and listen to the Spirit to know who we could talk to. I thought of a man who sells apples from a truck by our apartment. I thought that maybe we could sing a Christmas carol to him and share a Book of Mormon. We walked to his truck and said hello (we always say hi to him) and told him "Merry Christmas!" All I said was, "Merry Christmas" and his kill-Beckett's-self-esteem attack begin. I am POSITIVE he understood me, but he asked what I said and I told him "Merry Christmas!" again. Then he looked at Sister P and asked her what I said and said that he can't understand me and asked what are we even doing. She told him Merry Christmas, too, and then he asked why we were celebrating Christmas. His voice was harsh when he talked, and I thought we could cheer him up. I bore him my testimony of Christ and told him that we wanted to share some of Christ's love and happiness and hope with him that Christmas night by singing him a Christmas carol. He sneered and laughed and looked at my companion and started telling her how he doesn't think I would even be able to sing good at all. That really hurt my feelings, but we didn't give up. Sister P told him that I could sing well, and that he should give us a shot and let us sing. He started talking really rudely again, and told me not even to try singing. Then he said a bunch of really rude, and degrading things, all to me. I don't know if he was a little racist or what, but he ripped me to shreds. My anger and sadness was building, so I just bowed to him and told him Merry Christmas one more time and walked away. We walked in the rain for like twenty minutes and I just cried and cried. It was a bit of a rough end to my Christmas. But Sister P was so kind and sweet to me. She helped me feel a little better.

This morning during personal study I decided to study forgiveness, because I was still feeling a little hurt. Yesterday in personal study I had studied about Joseph and Mary from the book "Jesus the Christ". Today I thought about some of the things I learned from Joseph's example. He had every right to believe that Mary had been unfaithful to him, and his heart and inside hurt sooo much, but his love conquered his pride and he didn't want to humiliate or embarrass Mary, even though he thought that he had seriously betrayed him. (Imagine his relief when he had the dream and found out that she had stayed faithful!) Then I thought about Jesus Christ, who in the act of dying asked God to forgive the very people who had beat Him, spit on Him, degraded Him, and killed Him. THAT IS AMAZING! That is true love. From pondering this, I realized that I have a lot left to learn about being charitable. I am thankful for Christ's example of perfect love for people, despite their actions. This was one of my favorite parts of a conference talk I studied this morning by Elder Kevin Duncan: "Forgiveness is the very reason God sent His Son, so let us rejoice in His offering to heal us all. The Savior’s Atonement is not just for those who need to repent; it is also for those who need to forgive. If you are having trouble forgiving another person or even yourself, ask God to help you. Forgiveness is a glorious, healing principle. We do not need to be a victim twice. We can forgive." SO! As hard as it is, my challenge for you all is to forgive somebody this week who is hard to forgive. Completely and wholly forgive them. We can do it through Christ's atonement! And sometimes the person you need to forgive is yourself!!
Mokpo Missionaries Family Christmas Picture (Yes, I wore the same outfit twice! Don't judge, IT WAS FESTIVE!)
Also, earlier this week we had such a FUN and AWESOME Christmas party! My half of the mission met on Thursday. It was great to feel so much Christmas cheer. I love President and Sister Madsen and the Bartons (Our senior couple)! We did a service project of peeling garlic for kimchi, made funny Mormon Messages, ate MEXICAN FOOD (that is a Christmas miracle in and of itself!) and sang hymns and watched part of the Church's Christmas devotional. It was a VERY MERRY time!! Also I got to see Elder Wesley Allen! He is super awesome!! 

Sister Allie Beckett

Christmas Miracles! (Dec. 18, 2016)

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! WOOHOO! It is the best time of the year. And this year we are seeing SO MANY MIRACLES!! We are really excited for our Ward Christmas Party on Saturday -- we have probably 4-6 investigators/potential investigators that will attend. We invited one of our investigators to perform in the Christmas program, and she agreed, so that is an awesome opportunity to get her involved with our church and help her meet members. Her mom will also come to watch her perform! That mother and daughter also said they will attend the special Christmas Sacrament Meeting. I wish more investigators could come to the Christmas Sacrament Meeting, but 2 is still a good number, and I also think a lot of less active members will attend. So it should be pretty great. :D

This week these same investigators came to our church and we gave them a tour. We were SO EXCITED...and had SUCH HIGH EXPECTATIONS! But it ended up being a pretty stressful situation...we planned to have one member at the church so that we could introduce them to each other and build friendships. But it turned out that there were more people at the church...including a brother who tends to scare investigators. :( He talked to them for twenty minutes about how they need to get baptized and start coming to church and marry LDS people and he just went ON AND ON! It was sooooo stressful and awkward for us. We know he had good intentions, but we are afraid that his pep talk did a lot more damage than good. So that was too bad. They left the church feeling pretty awkward. My companion and I were quite devastated, but we prayed and then decided we better just have a good attitude and keep going forward like nothing was awkward, because we were doing our best! Anyway, we met them again last night, and it was okay, so I hope that they won't be scared off! 
This is at a restaurant with our lovely J and her mom K. They are so nice! They took us to a really expensive, delicious meat restaurant to thank us for teaching J English. :) I did my best to eat the meat! The soup is cow blood soup. I ate some. Also I ate more bugs. Yummo. 😬

I have been seeing so many miracles lately that I just can't believe it!! Last night I got a text from the office elders in Daejeon. This is what the text said:

 안녕하세요 베켓자매님 박진경자매님 좋은밤입니다~ 오늘 저랑 멀리장로가 전도하다가 기적에 가까운 일이 있었는데요, 미국에서 베켓자매님의 사촌의 집에서 홈스테이를 했었던 한 여자분을 만났습니다!!^^ 이름은 송다예이시고 매드슨회장님께서 자매님들께 직접 연락하셔서 정보를 알려주실거에요:D WHICH MEANS: "Hello Sister Beckett and Sister P! It is a good night. Today Elder Murray and I were proselyting and we saw something close to a miracle: we met a girl who stayed with Sister Beckett's cousins house for a foreign exchange program. Her name is SDY and President Madson will contact you directly and give you her information."

 PRETTY SWEET, HUH? It turns out that she walked up to the elders and asked if they knew "Allie Beckett" Hhahahah WHAT THE?!!?!? Small world. I never expected that! So I called her up, and she sounds soooo fun! She stayed with Darin and Kris and Chandra! I think it was when Kayla was on her mission. Anyway, she is about to start winter break, so once she starts winter break she really wants to meet me, so she will travel about 4 hours from Daejeon to Mokpo! HOW CUTE IS THAT!!! And I am hoping and praying that we will be able to get her interested in the gospel. SUCH A MIRACLE!!! God definitely lined that one up!! :D

We got the Christmas package! AND WE DIED because the meth pops were sooooo good! Way to go, Dad!
I am so thankful for Jesus, and I admire Him so much. He bravely came to earth and conquered all. He did what none of us could do. I am so thankful for Him and His dedication and love. Don't forget to celebrate His birth and life this week through your thoughts and actions!

벡켓 자매 선교사