Friday, December 2, 2016

Another Miraculous Week in Mokpo! (Nov 27)

Hey Baes,

Sister P and I are so grateful to be serving together for another transfer in Mokpo. We have worked hard together, learned together, overcome challenges together, and now we are seeing miracles together!!

Yesterday it was awesome to have our investigator at stake conference...especially because she sang in the choir, front and center!! As silly as it may sound, I know that it was God's plan for our tiny Mokpo ward to sing at stake conference. Because of that, our investigator JMJ was able to frequently go to the church throughout the week for practices and strengthen her relationship with the members. Everything about JMJ is a miracle straight from Heavenly Father, and I am so thankful for that! It is so interesting to look back (even throughout my whole life) and see how God has guided everything, without even knowing. He is the BEST!

We have taught Sister J The first three lessons, and half of the fourth. Last Sunday we taught the Word of Wisdom, and she committed to live it even though she drinks coffee and tea. The next time we met for a lesson (Saturday night) we followed up on how she was doing with the Word of Wisdom, and we were THRILLED to find out that not only is she living the Word of Wisdom...she also got rid of all of the coffee in her house! Last week when we visited her apartment there was SO MUCH COFFEE!! Costco size boxes. But she GOT RID OF THEM! That is faith!! After following up on WoW we taught about tithing and fast offerings. She willingly accepted (she reads the Bible, so she already new about tithing!) and she said she will pay tithing and fast offerings next Sunday! Incredible. As we were talking, she started crying and said that the day  we met on the street for the first time had been a really bad day. She was feeling down and discouraged because people she new who were attending churches and saying they believed in God were making really bad, wrong choices, and so she was really frustrated and it was making her question her own faith. Then she met us and felt peace. And the rest is history! She said our church feels so peaceful, and when she reads the Book of Mormon, she also feels peace. Don't worry, we taught her that that feeling was the Holy Ghost!! Anyway, I am so thankful that we were challenged and motivated by President Madsen to give out Book of Mormons every day. We have definitely seen miracles by following that divine inspiration that he received. 

Last month we were riding a bus, and all of the sudden another foreigner (Russian) girl came and stood by me and we started talking. I had to get off at the next stop, so there wasn't much time, so we quickly introduced ourselves. After I told her I was a missionary, she lit up and said, "I AM A BELIEVER, TOO!" It was so cute!! But after only about 20 seconds I had to get off the bus. I didn't have the chance to get her number, and I didn't know where she lived.  All I knew was that her name was N_ and that she also believed in God. I hurried and gave her our number and begged her to call us. Then I got off the bus. AND I HAVE REGRETTED THAT EVER SINCE!! I wish I would have stayed on that bus, gotten her number, shared my testimony, and just gotten off at the next stop. N_ seemed so kind and pure and I could sincerely tell that she loved God.  So after I got of the bus I immediately had a heavy, sad heart, because I didn't get her number, and that instant on the bus might have been the only time in her life that she had the opportunity to hear the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. ANYWAY...for the next few days and week I prayed so hard to find N_ again, or that she would call us. We went and walked around the area for a couple of hours on where we rode the bus, just hoping that maybe we would see her again. But nothing. Fast forward 3 weeks... we were walking home from church, crossing the crosswalk, and for who knows what reason, after we crossed the street I turned around to look the opposite direction from where we were going. (Thanks Holy Ghost for twisting my neck! Haha) There across the street was N_! So we re-crossed the street and ran to her! A couple days later (this past Friday) we met her at a cafe. I was astonished at her faith in our Savior Jesus Christ. She glows with the light of Christ, and she 100% relies on Him in her life. I learned so much from her and I felt the Spirit from her testimony. She was also so grateful to "meet other believers" and share an uplifting experience together. We plan on meeting again soon, and we are excited to share the gospel with her. We hope and pray she will accept it. She definitely wants to follow Jesus Christ!

Anyway, sorry for the long email, but Sister P and I have been seeing so many miracles together, so I thought I better share some with you. :)

Lots of love,
Sister Beckett

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  1. Let the tears roll down my face. I'm so happy she is seeing miracles.