Saturday, November 19, 2016

Mokpo Miracle! (November 13, 2016)


This week was awesome! But before I share the awesome story, I better share a backup story. About three weeks ago I was tired and a little frustrated and annoyed and I didn't feel like 전도ing to people. We were walking to a bus stop and since I was in a bit of a bad mood I didn't really want to talk with others. But I saw a lady maybe in her fifties walking in front of me and I thought about my missionary purpose and decided that I better go talk to her and give her a chance to hear God's message. As we talked, we got her phone number and shared a Book of Mormon and our testimonies with her, and then went on our way. We tried calling her a few times, but she never answered. (Which happens a lot to missionaries.)

Fast forward to this week, and this lady, 정, calls us and asked what time our worship service is on Sunday, and said she wanted to go.  We were SO EXCITED!!! So yesterday we were waiting for her at church, just praying and hoping that she would really show up. Right before the sacrament hymn she walked in. We were SO HAPPY! Sacrament Meeting was the Primary Program, and during the whole program she just read the Book of Mormon. After Sacrament Meeting, we wanted to teach her the Restoration, because we had never had the opportunity to meet with her before. Members in Mokpo are a little scarce, really busy, and can sometimes be a little intimidating, so it can be hard to to member lessons. But as we prayed and thought about who we could do a member lesson with, my mind kept going back to a certain sister in the ward whose faith has been struggling a bit. I shared my thoughts with my companion, but she was a little hesitant about asking that member, so we kept thinking of other members who we could teach with. We asked the Relief Society President, but she said she couldn't teach with us. My mind went back again to the sister struggling with her faith. I told my companion again, and she agreed to ask her. So after Sacrament meeting, although we weren't able to ask in advance, we hurried and asked the sister to teach a member lesson with us right then. She agreed but said she can't teach, she can only share her testimony (which is all that we needed! :) )

We taught the Restoration, and the member was ON FIRE! She was incredible, loving, friendly, shared her testimony, helped answer questions, and was another witness to the truth of the message we shared. Having a member present at our lesson made such a huge difference! It was a great experience, and I felt the Holy Ghost powerfully. During the lesson, our investigator said she had been wondering which church to join, and then she met us on the street. DEFINITELY GOD'S PLAN! :D As we taught, she continually said, "Amen!" and that she believed what we were saying. I hope and pray that she sincerely prays and reads the Book of Mormon and gets a testimony that the message we shared is true, and that it is God's message.

After our lesson, during Relief Society and Priesthood time, we had a short lesson and then choir practice for Stake Conference. Since Mokpo doesn't have a lot of members, it is hard for our little choir to have volume. But our investigator sang so loud and beautiful! She was a great addition to the choir! At first I was worried that it was going to be choir practice instead of a normal lesson, but it turned out wonderfully. After church we had a ward meal, which our investigator also stayed for. And after the meal, we had ANOTHER choir practice, which our investigator also wanted to stay for! She was at our church from 10ish am to 2:30pm!

It was such a happy, wonderful experience to have her come to church, participate in the meetings, and feel the Spirit. I was also so thankful for the sister in our ward who helped teach the lesson. She was a vital addition! I know that God had all of this planned out, and I am so thankful that He let us be a part of that plan. I am excited to see where the plan continues to go. :) This week we gave the soft baptismal invitation, and next week at church we are going to try to set a date. :D Miracles!! God sends miracles when we boldly testify of Him and His Son, and also as we share the Book of Mormon with everyone that we can.

One day we went to a cafe 3 times! It was crazy. SO much tea and hot cocoa! But that is often where people want to meet for lessons for the first time. So we will do it!! Ha ha.
Also, right now I am in a city called Jongup, we are going to go hiking with the sisters in our zone! I think it is the same mountain I went to when I was a greenie, so I will probably be drinking some more holy dragon water and collecting the beautiful fall leaves. :)

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