Friday, November 4, 2016

Happy Halloween! (October 30, 2016)

붕어빵! So good! But we have to be careful,
some have green tea. There are red beans and
vanilla pudding fillings. Obvi I like the vanilla 
pudding, but they are both good!
Happy Halloween! Remember the best ghost is the Holy Ghost!
Waiting for buses...

This week our Halloween party went pretty good! I was THRILLED because one of our investigators came to the party, brought her daughter, her friend, and her friend's kid! This investigator's name is 최 and she attends a different church pretty seriously. It has been hard to teach her lately, in fact we have been wondering if we should stop teaching her, because she just wants to be friends, and not hear our message because she already attends a different church.  But she came to the party, and built a good relationship with a member named K.  I was so thankful for K. She is a convert, and she was so kind and loving and welcoming to our investigator and her friend. We (the missionaries) were busy the whole time doing games and running the party, so I was worried about our investigator, that she would feel alone or awkward. But Sister K was wonderful and built a great relationship with our investigator, so I was so thankful for that. And lots of members also brought their kids' friends. It was a good way to get people into the church and meet some of our members without feeling stress or pressure.  

Happy Halloween!

We are kind of in a tough situation with our investigators...none are really progressing. We want so badly to do God's work and find people ready to hear the miracle of the Restoration -- but sometimes it is really hard! I am hoping and praying that through sharing our testimonies of Christ and copies of the Book of Mormon that we will find somebody who is ready to embrace the gospel. A lot of times people just have "American Person" interest, not gospel interest. That can be rough sometimes. I hope (and am trying to have the faith) that we can find somebody and help them come unto Christ by Christmas as a gift to our Savior.

Have a great week, I've got to run!


Sister Beckett

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