Monday, October 10, 2016

Relief! (October 2, 2016)


This week I found out some news that brought my heart a lot of peace! When I was a new missionary serving in 첨단, we had an investigator who got baptized...the only baptism I have had on my mission so far. Unfortunately, the week after she received the Gift of the Holy Ghost, she stopped coming to church. Her dad was a member, and she was a teenager, and we thought she maybe got baptized out of pressure from her dad. I have felt bad about her for several reasons: maybe she wasn't ready for baptism...I didn't help teach her very much/share my testimony very clearly with her because I was so new to Korean...I don't really know if she had a testimony of Jesus Christ when she was baptized... Anyway, I have felt really bad about that my whole mission,  and I wish I would have done things differently, especially because although I have been trying my best throughout my mission, that has been my only baptism so far.  That being said, yesterday a miracle happened! The 첨단 Sisters texted and called me and told me that this recent convert sister attended church yesterday (and has recently been attending more frequently) -- but that is not all! At the end of testimony meeting, when the bishop stood up to give his closing remarks and end the meeting, this convert literally ran to the front and interrupted the bishop to share her testimony. She then bore a beautiful testimony of the Savior. Hearing this made me SOOO HAPPY!! I am so, so thankful that she has a testimony of Jesus Christ, and that she is attending church again. I was so worried and felt a lot of regret about her. Her testimony is growing, she is progressing in the gospel! Although she probably doesn't remember me at all, I am so extremely grateful that in some tiny way I was able to help bring someone unto Christ. I will continue to work my hardest to help others learn of our Savior, too. OH! Also, I am going on splits tomorrow in 첨단, so I might get to see her!! I hope so...this time I will actually be able to communicate with her! 
That bus life...
We are stuck in a bit of a rough place right now, because we have quite a few investigators, but none are progressing. We have been thinking and praying about how to help them, and I feel like we have hit a wall. I hope to get some good inspiration through conference. I want to help find the elect!
We are making a giant Book of Mormon to use. This way people interested in the B of M can come to us!
This week I made Nate a chocolate cake and mailed it to him! Hahaha, I hope he liked it!  Also, AJ & Kenz--I got your package and it made me feel SO MUCH LOVE! So thoughtful! And I loooove the cardigan, thanks so much! Also your letters made my day. Thank you thank you thank you!
One of our investigators sent this picture to her boyfriend to prove that she was meeting with an American!  :)
This morning I was studying a talk about learning with faith by Elder Bednar. He shared a quote that I really loved and wanted to share with all of you! Here it is:
 "Many may think they haven't any testimony to bear, but get them to stand up and they will find the Lord will give them utterance to many truths they had not thought of before . More people have obtained a testimony while standing up trying to bear it than down on their knees praying for it." -- Brigham Young  

I made the brownies I got from you all on my birthday...I almost cried, literally! 14 months and no brownies!  (Oh, that's a lie, I actually had them once when I was a greenie...
I have learned that SO MUCH on my mission! Especially through companion study. I study during personal study, feel the spirit, take notes, and try to find ways to apply what I learned. But during companion study when I share my testimony and what I learned, my testimony gets even stronger, and I realize more powerfully what I have learned. So my challenge to all of you this week is to find some way to share your testimony this week -- whether it be at work with a coworker, or on facebook, or with a friend, or at school, find some way to tell people about what you know, and what you believe. It is awkward and scary but REWARDING! Through doing that, you will be surprised at your testimony's strength, and it will become even stronger!

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