Friday, October 21, 2016

Power from the Book of Mormon!

Hello Mah Sweeties,

President and Sister Madsen are so wonderful!! They came and visited us in Mokpo this week. President and Sister Madsen always give us a lot of strength and uplift us! It is always such a privilege to meet with them! We are so thankful to have them and serve with them. I also got to teach a member lesson with Sister Madsen. Mokpo ward is great, but member lessons seem almost impossible here because there are only a few members, and they are all so busy! So it was an awesome experience being able to teach with Sister Madsen as my companion. Sister Madsen is wonderful at making people feel comfortable and loved! The investigator I taught with Sister Madsen is wonderful! We first met with her for 30/30, but she is listening to our gospel message, asking good questions, and keeping commitments. I LOVE HER! She is 25 years old. Today we were going to go hiking with her, but Sister P has a cold. When I texted that to our investigator, she said that she will pray for Sister P! I can't tell you how happy it is to hear your investigator telling you they will pray. :D I LOVE THAT! I think the cold was a blessing from God so that she would pray more!! We can go hiking next week. ;)

My companion and I eating giant grapes and persimmons at an investigator's apartment. She also gave us onion straight up pure onion...but juiced. I HATE onion juice... :)
The Mokpo missionaries are throwing a Halloween party, and I am really excited! Mostly because we convinced one of our investigators to come to the party and help with face painting! That will be an awesome opportunity for her to meet with and connect with members.

I have LOVED working towards our "White Christmas" goal as a mission. I LOVE GOALS! They really do help us push ourselves and get out of our comfort zone, which allows growth. Here are our mission's new goals!

White Christmas Goals: 
10,000 testimonies of the Savior – One a day for each missionary;
10,000 testimonies of the Book of Mormon – One a day for each missionary;
10,000 Copies of the Book of Mormon placed into the hands of one of God’s children living in the Korea Daejeon Mission – One a day for each missionary; and

50 baptisms – One for each missionary companionship
 My only regret is that I haven't been trying as hard as I am now to share copies of the Book of Mormon my whole mission! I have always tried to 전도 to everyone I meet/see on the streets and on the buses, but usually my first thing I share with people is a pamphlet, and only occasionally a Book of Mormon. I don't know why Book of Mormons seemed so scary to share until this week! But this week, through sharing copies of the Book of Mormon as much as I can and through continually testifying of Jesus Christ and the Book of Mormon, my testimony has grown and I have seen so many miracles!! 

There is a story to each time we share a Book of Mormon, and I would like to share a FEW of those stories with you guys. :)

1. One night this week it was 8:55 pm, five minutes before we had to be in our apartment, and we had only been able to share one Book of Mormon that day. I was praying my heart out, wondering how we could give away one more BoM in only 5 minutes. There was nobody in sight! Then, the Holy Ghost put a thought in my head...share it with the 경비 아저씨/apartment maintenance man! So we followed the prompting and knocked on his door. He wasn't there. BUT THEN...he walked out from around the building! He asked what we needed and we gladly told him that today instead of him helping us, we wanted to give him a gift!  We then bore our testimonies on how the BoM has blessed our lives, and he happily and gratefully accepted it. It was awesome.

2. This week we had Zone Meeting in 광주, so we had to leave our apartment at 7:30 am. On the elevator in our apartment we gave a BoM to a nice man, and when we got out of the elevator and walked through the parking lot, we gave one to a nice old lady walking. It was so awesome... 2 in a row, and all before 7:35 am. There is a lot of joy found through sharing the BoM!

3. I gave one to a cute teenage girl on the bus. The awesome part is that I met her last week on a bus, too! The first time I met her I sat by her and talked with her and gave her my number. Then, the second time we met on the bus, SHE sat by ME, even though there were lots of empty seats. SO COOL! We talked a lot again, and I gave her a BoM, and invited her to our ward Halloween party, and then I asked her for her number. After she got of the bus she texted me a picture of her holding the Book of Mormon. The text said, "또 보면 좋겠어요 책 잘 읽을게요."  Which means, "I hope to see you again! I will read the book well!" Needless to say... I was pumped!! Fill the font! Fill the font! Jk, but  I am really hoping and praying to teach her the gospel more!! 

Well, there are lots more cool experiences from sharing the Book of Mormon this week, but I better let you go. :)
Nate sent me the SWEETEST gifts and notes!! My heart was melting! This is a picture of me with a pretty comb he bought for me at a Buddhist temple!

He also sent me a Book of Mormon, marked up throughout the whole thing with his own personal insights and notes to me. A TREASURE I will keep and study forever!!
OH YEAH before I let you go...this week Elder Bednar is visiting our mission...for 3 HOURS!!! I am SO EXCITED!! Nate, is he visiting you mission, too?! I know he is doing lots of cool meetings while he his here in Korea. After he meets with our mission he is doing a "General Meeting" for all of Korea, which I also get to attend! I feel so thankful that he is willing to spend so much time visiting us and then going to even more meetings that same day -- it must be exhausting! Anyway...that should be AWESOME!

Sister Allie Beckett

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