Thursday, October 27, 2016

Elder and Sister Bednar's Visit! (October 23, 2016)

Hey Chickens! (Quoting mom before we actually got chickens and she stopped calling us chickens 🐓)

Needless to say, this week was AWESOME! Listening to Elder and Sister Bednar's counsel and feeling the Spirit so powerfully is something I will never forget. Before and during the meeting, I continued to pray to gain a solid testimony that Elder Bednar was a disciple of Christ and sharing Christ's message with us. My prayer came true! Not only could I feel it from head to toe (literally) but I also saw light glowing around him, which was very interesting. I have never had an experience like that before. Partway during one of his messages, I noticed bright white light, perfectly outlining his body, and it moved when he moved. At first I thought that it was just because I had just been staring at him for an hour and a half. But, as I blinked and squinted and re-looked, the light was still there! That was a special experience for me. He truly glowed with the light of Christ, and my prayer was answered in knowing that he was representing our Savior, Jesus Christ.
The field is brown, all ready to harvest!
Here are some of my favorite things that I learned:
-Good teachers and missionaries help their students/investigators be agents not objects. Good teachers make everyone feel comfortable and get everyone involved. They never ask quiz-like questions.  Good teachers don't teach...they let the Holy Ghost teach while they just direct the discussion.

- Miracles come in continuing to do the small and consistent things. It takes more faith to continue to do the small and simple things every day than sitting and praying and waiting to see an angel or a big revelation to know that God is real. Faith comes through consistency in living the gospel. I was amazed at how many times he emphasized that.  I especially thought it was incredible when he ended his testimony by saying, "As an apostle of the Savior Jesus Christ, I bless you as if my very hands were on your own head to be spiritually consistent." That was POWERFUL.

Fields and cute Korean grannies
- I am usually a shy person in large crowds, but I am thankful that the Holy Ghost helped me have enough courage to ask my question to Elder Bednar. I said, "I know there is power and strength in Christ's Atonement, and when I reflect on my life I can see how He has helped me. But when I feel worried or overwhelmed or afraid or stressed it is hard for me to feel the strength of the Atonement in the moment. How can I recognize it?" He then told me that it was an "Excellent question!" Then he said his wife has a perfect answer to this question. Sister Bednar then told experiences close to her heart, about how all throughout her life, from the time she was pregnant, to being called to be a Stake President's wife, and BYU I's president's wife, to an apostle's wife. She explained how every single time she wondered how she could do it, how she thought there was no way she could make it through it, but how through Christ's atonement, even though she couldn't recognize power in the moment, even though she felt weak, SHE DID IT! She then bore testimony of Christ's atonement. After sharing her experiences and testimony, she closed in the name of Jesus Christ, which was interesting, because that was the only time in our Q&A session that an answer was closed like that. After she ended, Elder Bednar got up, but his arm around her, and said, "You will never hear a more genuine testimony and answer to your question. It is not important to recognize the Christ's Atoning Power in the moment, it IS important to remember it." They answered my question for like 15 minutes, and the whole 15 minutes they both stared RIGHT AT ME! IN MY EYES!! It was such a special experience that I will always remember. I could feel the Holy Ghost in every part of my body, not just a burning in my heart. From my personal question about Christ's atoning power, I learned that it is not important to recognize the power of Christ's atonement in the moment of trial, it is important to REMEMBER. And I feel like that ties in a lot with taking the sacrament every week...always remembering Christ's atonement, and being able to reflect on life and recognize and see that He HAS helped me, even if in the moment it is hard to recognize.

-From the general meeting at the 광주 Stake Center, I really loved him emphasizing 3 Nephi 13:33 -- if we set our priorities so that God's Kingdom and His righteousness come first, EVERY OTHER aspect of our lives will be blessed. The more I have thought about it, I have seen how this has been so true in my own life. My life, in every single aspect, has been enriched because of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. And I know from my own experience that when Jesus Christ becomes my priority, I am empowered to do so much more -- whether it be spiritually, in school, physically, or in any situation. I can see how God has directed and led me in my life so far, and I am so thankful for that. He knows how to help us be happiest! Putting Him first takes faith, and for a moment it might even seem like a sacrifice...but the blessings poured down on us in return are incredible. I have learned that NOTHING we do for the Lord is a sacrifice. Only an opportunity.

Sister Beckett

This lady is from Vietnam. I jundo-ed her on a bus and we met the next week for dinner before she went back to Vietnam. We were able to give her a Vietnamese Book of Mormon, which was cool. I was hoping she would be as excited about it as I was...but not quite...


  1. What a beautiful experience Allie had with Elder and Sister Bednar! And what a powerful visual testimony that Elder Bednar is a special witness of Christ. Wow.

  2. P.s. So glad she practiced raising her hand. I wonder which technique she used...

  3. Such an amazing testimony and experience with the Bednars! My heart is full!!!