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Working in the Garden (and MY BABAY IS COMING TO KOREA TOMORROW!) Sep 4, 2016

사랑하는 가족,

Well first off, I am completely SPAZZING that Nate will be coming to Korea in a few hours! I can't describe to you all what he is going through, crazily packing, getting on a bus in the middle of the night to go to the airport, feeling so nervous and excited, and a little emotional to be leaving the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave for a couple years. But DANG I AM EXCITED for him to come here!! So exciting. But also...keep him in your prayers because it is pretty rough at first. Just so...different from anything he has ever known. I  hope he feels loved and not lonely his first little while! Even though he will be surrounded by other people, at first everything is so different that he might feel a little alone. I am trying to prevent that! I am making him an awesome birthday package that I am really excited to send to him I also made me and him matching planners! I am excited to be twinning with him! 
Mine and Nate's matching planners :D
Sister J did great at her "Senior Week"! But she is always a great missionary, so no surprise there. :) She really is wonderful at talking well with members, investigators, and less-active members. She shares her love well with all of them!

The lovely Sister J and me!
Our investigators...hmm...well 김 (The one we are trying to set a baptismal date with) hasn't been able to have a lesson with us for 3 weeks for many random things... ㅠㅠ But we aren't giving up hope, obvi. Please keep praying for her! She really is SO ready to get baptized. I really think that she will have an eternal family someday. Our other main investigator 최( C Y H -- doing the 30/30 program) is hopefully doing her other church she found out our church is "이단" (Ee dawn.... not sure how to explain the meaning...Korea's most popular churches have a list of churches that are 이단 and our list is on it, so people are really scared of us!) So she was a little scared this past meeting, but once she understood that we believe in the same God and Jesus Christ as her, she was a little more comfortable. Please pray for her, too! This next lesson is kind of a "make or break" lesson, because she is a little worried about what we are teaching.
On our last p-day we went to see the beautiful ocean!
Now on to the gardening!

This week I have been thinking about all of the little miracles that I see every day on my mission. I thought about how I haven't had a lot of baptisms, but how I have worked my hardest and tried my best to share the gospel, and through doing that, I have seen God work small miracles every day. While pondering this on the bus one day this past week, I felt the Spirit strongly, and I had a lot of thoughts...In God's missionary work, there is a lot of "harvesting" that needs to be done. In order for a good harvest, lots of good seeds have to be carefully planted. As much as I want and hope to be a harvester, if God only wants me to plant seeds during my mission, then I will gladly do it. I will serve Him however He wants me to. I will try to be the tool He wants me to be in His garden/field. I see some missionaries picking the fruit...bailing the hay, but if it helps the work of the Lord, then I will cheerfully be the plow or the shovel. Although I haven't seen a lot of harvesting on my mission (yet!), I have seen COUNTLESS miracles where gospel seeds have been planted. While thinking about all of this on the bus, I remembered a conference talk about a currant bush that was becoming (and wanted to become) a tree. The gardener cut it down to be the size of a bush again. At first, the currant bush was sad, and thought, "How could you do this to me? I am trying my best!" But the pruning that kept him the size of a bush is what produced the most quality fruit in the long run. The gardener knew how to maximize the currant bush's capabilities. The Master Gardener knows how to maximize my capabilities, too. It has taken a long time for me to humble myself and decide this -- but whether or not I have baptisms on my mission, I will look back on my mission happily, and proud of what I helped the Lord do (or rather what HE helped ME do) -- even if that is just planting seeds. I will try to be the best seed-planter that I can! And you never my last 6 months as a missionary, there could still be some harvesting! I hope and pray so. But if not, I am choosing to be content and thankful with seed-planting.

Love you all FOREVA!
벡켓 자매 선교사

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