Friday, September 16, 2016

Where is My Boy Serving?? (September 11, 2016)

I have been dying to find out...where is Nate serving?! I hope he gets on his email soon! I have some chatting that I want to do with him! WELCOME TO KOREA! Did you get my package?!

Anyway, this week was really long and stressful for kind of a lot of reasons. BUT! It is okay! And fun news: I am training again! I will miss Sister J, we only served together for 1 transfer.  My new companion,  Sister 박 is adorable, ready to try new things, and work hard as a missionary. I am really thankful to serve with her! It was so fun at the Transfer Meeting to meet all of Nate's buddies! Wow, he has a fan club of sisters. ㅋㅋㅋ And the elders absolutely adore him, too! I heard so many compliments about him, and I can say that THEY WERE ALL SO TRUE! He really is a great guy!! :D I almost cried because the day I got to meet all of his MTC buddies was his birthday! AHH! Hahah, apparently all of the sisters (9 of them) wanted me to be their trainer because they all knew Nate. So when they found out I was going to be one of the trainers ( they do this big fun powerpoint thing to announce everything) they all wanted me. It made me feel pretty good. ;) Thanks Nate! Anyway, more about my new companion! Sister 박 (P J K) is from Seoul. Her birthday is this week, too! On the 17th! She is so cute and fun.  I think yesterday was a little hard for her...our plans fell through and so we ended up 전도ing for three hours. I know at first (and continually throughout missionary work) 전도ing can be intimidating, difficult, and exhausting. Especially for three hours! But she was so awesome -- she was so nervous and stressed about it, but she was also determined, and I really admire and appreciate her effort to do things that she doesn't necessarily want to do. I know that Heavenly Father was proud of her, too! She is a great example of a positive attitude.
Me with my new companion! Don't laugh at me...I'm still not so good at Korean poses!
This week, one of our favorite (and high potential for progressing) investigators kind of dropped us. ㅠㅠ Her name is 최. I think I wrote to you about her last week. Anyway, the last time we met her, we had given her a Book of Mormon with Moroni's promise and an invitation to pray. We couldn't meet her this week, but we talked to her on the phone, and she thinks that we are good people, but our church's beliefs don't match up with her church's beliefs, and so she doesn't really want to meet with us anymore. PRETTY SAD NEWS! We really love her. We will still try to meet her and keep sharing God's love with her. I hope and pray that we can meet at least once more to try to clear up her doubts/uncomfortable feelings. I can still see so much potential in her!
On the bus at transfer time!
Our most progressing investigator, 김 is doing better. It has been frustrating, because ever since we have given her the baptismal invitation, things have gotten SO HARD. It has now been four weeks, and we haven't been able to have a real lesson with her. Whether it be her kids throwing tantrums, a fix-it man coming to the house, or random vacations, it has been almost impossible! So unfortunately, we haven't been able to follow up on baptism yet, although we have still been keeping in touch with her. The miracle for her this week is that she attended sacrament meeting! She has been great at coming to church, just not the sacrament meeting part. Sacrament meeting is at 10 am, and it is really difficult for her to come. She has two crazy kids to get ready and a husband that she has to prepare a meal for at that time, so it is a hard time for her. So for the year and a half that she has been meeting with missionaries, she has not been able to attend sacrament meeting...until yesterday! She came 40 minutes late, which means that she missed the most important part of taking the sacrament, BUT she CAME! And that is a miracle. It took a lot of effort for her to make it there, especially because after sacrament meeting she had to leave right away. When she came in the doors she was stressed and a little out of breath, but it was such a happy moment for me! For the 35 minutes she was there, I hope and pray and think that she felt the spirit! It was Ward Conference, and there were a lot of great talks.


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