Friday, September 23, 2016

Mission Tour! (September 18, 2016)

This week has had its ups and downs. Mission Tour was great -- but because of Chuseok (Korean Thanksgiving that lasts almost a whole week), meeting with investigators, less-actives, members, and even people on the street was difficult. 

This week we had Mission Tour! Elder 최 of the 70 came and spoke to us. One of my favorite parts of Mission Tour was Elder 최's  encouragement to raise our vision. He shared one quote by  Elder Ballard that said, "To reach a goal you have never before attained, you must do things you have never before done." I thought a lot about that, and it is SO TRUE! (Of course apostles never lie!) Achieving goals is a choice, whether or not we accomplish our goals usually fully depends on the decisions we make. God gives us agency, He wants us to choose things of our own free will! So in order to achieve a goal, I have to choose to do hard things, things that make me stretch and that may not be comfortable or convenient. One thing I want to improve on is going to bed on time. I always go to bed around is CLOSE to 10:30, but it isn't being exactly obedient. I feel like every night I am trying my best to get to bed at 10:30, but clearly I need to choose to improve, and choose to do things a little differently so that I can show God that being obedient is a priority for me. The more I choose to be obedient, the more I know God will bless me and my companion and our investigators. 

My companion and I!
This week I want to tell you a little about an investigator named 민 (MJ). She is 15 years old and has autism pretty severely, and she has cancer, too. Her dad works with a member of our ward, and the member of our ward gave us the family's phone number, so we gave them a call. This family has wanted help from churches, so they have tried having other church's leaders come visit their home and help their daughter (they mainly want to help her feel hope, and help her have friends). But the other churches wanted to be paid for visiting their daughter, so they stopped meeting with them. Anyway, 민 is absolutely adorable! We have had to teach her extremely simply, which has really helped me appreciate and realize just how simple our gospel is. We have taught her about God, families, and prayer, all through learning "I am a Child of God" together. After just one time of meeting her and teaching her that song, she had it memorized! Hearing her sing "I am a Child of God" is a really special, powerful experience. We sing it every week with her. Her mom sits in another room while we meet with 민, and I am sure she is listening to everything we teach.  민 clearly doesn't need to be baptized, but we feel that meeting with her is really great missionary work. Her mom hears our message from the other room, for one thing, but for another thing, Jesus Christ spent a lot of His time being with people who were physically and mentally sick. I have a very special place in my heart for people with disabilities, and it has been such an honor and privilege to spend time with 민.  I think that through her, God will work a lot of miracles for her family.

WELL I WISH NATE WAS ON RIGHT NOW... But, anyway. Training, having Nate come to Korea, and watching another greenie in my district (Elder R, Nate!) has brought back a lot of my own greenie memories. IT CAN BE HARD! So hang in there! I never realized how much I have grown and adapted on my mission, but watching new missionaries come in has made me appreciate that Korea doesn't seem foreign for me anymore! And though I still feel like my Korean is so poor, I have realized that I am doing a little better than I thought. But I have ALSO realized that Korean isn't what converts people, or makes them want to learn about the message you are sharing. It is the Holy Ghost! Today in personal study I read 2 Nephi 3:21 which says: "And the weakness of their words will I make strong in their faith." I have felt this strength often throughout my mission. Today as I thought about this verse I remembered one experience from when I was a greenie that solidified my testimony of our words becoming strong because of our faith. My Korean is still not that good, but when I was a new missionary, I had NO IDEA what I was saying, but I would just try my best and talk to everyone, anyway. One day on the bus I tried to talk to a lady and I invited her to take the missionary lessons and come to church (GREENIE FIRE, BABY!) And do you know what? SHE ACCEPTED! She never got baptized, but we did have a lesson with her later, and she did attend church one time! And that is a really good missionary! Because I don't know what language I was wasn't Korean! Hahaha. But because I exercised my faith, God showed me a miracle. So my point is, Little Natey, YOU CAN SO DO THIS! Because you aren't doing it alone! I promise you that as you try your best, God will work miracles through you. And my guess is that your Korean already rocks. SO that shouldn't be a problem, anyway. :)

Love you all! 

Sister Bucket, Beckam, Becky, and occasionally if they carefully read my namebadge: Beckett
My birthday!!

My comp's birthday!
Oh yeah I had such a wonderful birthday! YOU ALL SPOILED ME! WOOOOW! I felt so much love! Thanks sooooo much! Also...the new camera is a dream come true! I so wish I would have used that camera for the past 13 months of my mission, but that is okay! Because these last 5 months are gonna have the coolest pics ever! :) Also, this week was my cute companion's birthday! I bought some decorations, made a homemade chocolate cake, and bought her some presents. I hope she felt some love! :)

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