Friday, August 5, 2016

목포! (Mokpo!) (July 31, 2016)

Welllllll....I transferred! I am now living in Mokpo, which is close to the ocean in one part! Everything is SO HOT and HUMID!~ Apparently this is the hottest summer ever in that is super fun! Hahah. Actually a little miserable at sometimes, but it is okay! When we ride the buses we get AC, and that is awesome. My companion is named Sister J, and she is from Canada, but lived in Korea when she was young. She is a greenie, I am half-training her. She is really great! She has a really calm, chill, personality. It was crazy and exciting transferring. Usually we get transfer calls Monday morning, but this week we got them Tuesday night, which didn't leave a lot of time for packing. 

I will DEFINITELY miss ChongJu. I really love that area, and the members, and our investigators, and especially my cute little "daughter" Sister J. She was so fun and cute all of the time. I feel special because already one member and one investigator from ChongJu have emailed me and told me they miss me. One thing that really helped me feel special was when one member, K, told me, "One reason you got called to the Korea, Daejeon Mission, ChongJu City, HungDeok Ward at this specific time was so you could meet and help me." and then she started crying. I really love her! I told you about her a few times...she moved her from Australia and was less active, but we helped reactivate her. She is somebody I hope to stay in contact with my whole life! 

I have been a cleaning maniac since I got to Mokpo...sometimes it is a little (lot) frustrating when other missionaries leave a HUGE mess for you to clean up. I have seriously thrown away SO MUCH stuff here...including bright blue corn on the cob that was sitting on the floor for who knows how long! Hahah...anyway...I learn a lot from being a missionary. :) Also, going to the Mokpo ward yesterday was great. Such a fun, energetic atmosphere. Also, lots of cute little kids. My other wards only had a couple of kids. This ward has a lot! SO CUTE! Yesterday at church I got to give my introduction talk...that is always fun!

Well, this week I will hit my year mark. I really CAN'T believe it. Missions go by toooooo fast. I really love being a missionary. From being a missionary I have gotten SO out of my comfort zone. You just keep getting thrown into new situations, and there is never a normal. I have LOVED the opportunity to meet so many wonderful people, to experience a new culture, and ESPECIALLY the opportunity to feel God's love for His children. There have been so many times on my mission where my heart starts this crazy feeling where it feels like it is going to explode and I just feel love for random people! God loves everyone so much! He really does!

Also...I am so sorry to re-ask, but can one of you email me the recipe for German pancakes again? Also a recipe for cake? Hahah. SOrry . Thanks!​

Sorry I have to go. Love you all!



  1. My heart just bursts when I read Allie's sweet words and strong testimony. I cannot believe she will be home in 6 months. What a dolly face she is!

  2. My heart just bursts when I read Allie's sweet words and strong testimony. I cannot believe she will be home in 6 months. What a dolly face she is!