Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Back to My Stompin' Grounds! (August 21, 2016)


This week was awesome and crazy and busy. First off, we met the BEST new investigator this week. Her name is 최 (CYH). The elders referred her to us. They had given their seats to her and her daughter on the bus, and she was really impressed with them, so they started talking and the elders asked her for her phone number. She told us, "When they asked for my number, I just felt that I HAD to give it to them." (THANK YOU LIGHT OF CHRIST AND HOLY GHOST!) So...the rest is history. We met her, we LOVE HER, she is so kind, she glows with goodness, and although she attends another church, she considers herself a student, and she is eager to learn about what we believe. She told us that we have a glow about us and we are so happy, and she can't wait to meet us again. (WE CAN'T WAIT EITHER!) Teamwork with the elders! Woohoo! The elder's gentlemen-ness  is paying off. ㅋㅋㅋ
Sister M (MTC Companion) and I are in the same zone now!! I haven't seen her in 6 months. I LOVE her!!!
ALSO! This week we had Zone Conference. It was SO GOOOOOD. I love the Madsens! It was such a new, fun, crazy experience. They gave us snacks and stuff during the meetings. It was crazy! And they were laughing and talking and so fun. It was great. Here are two of my favorite parts of Zone Conference:

1. I loved studying the scriptures with Sister Madsen! She taught about the parables found in Luke 15. She taught it in ways I had never thought of before. These three parables are the Parable of the Lost Sheep, the Parable of the Lost Piece of Silver, and the Parable of the Prodigal Son. She focused on HOW each item in those parables was lost. The lamb was lost from no mistakes from itself or the shepherd, it was just innocently lost, maybe wandered off. The lost piece of silver was lost from personal mistake and error. The prodigal son was lost from open rebellion. (Each of us fits in one of these three categories!) BUT...each of these lost things were so important, and when each was found, no matter how it was lost, there was rejoicing and celebration.  In each parable, there was just ONE thing lost, but each one thing was so valuable, that it was worth searching for. Then Sister Madsen taught about the value of each person. If the value of something is the amount it costs, then we each have INFINITE value and worth , because Christ's sacrifice for each of us was INFINITE (Alma 34:8-10). He went after "the one," each one of us! He prayed the infinite price for each of us, because we are each of infinite worth. So as a missionary, I am also definitely searching for "the one". Even though missionary work can be exhausting physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, it is worth it! Because each and every one of these people have infinite worth. 
2. President Madsen taught us how to measure success. I think that (unfortunately) I have been wrapped up in the craziness of stats, and because of that, even though I have done my best as a missionary, I have felt like a failure. BUT, because of that training, I learned that I should measure my success through my commitment as a missionary. I think that as I now stop focusing on stats, and instead just caring about my investigators, that I will be able to see a lot more miracles. I also enjoyed when President taught about learning from our mistakes, and that trying our best INCLUDES making mistakes. It is a relief to know that we aren't expected to be perfect, we just need to try our best. Christ and Heavenly Father are so kind, loving, and understanding to let us make mistakes. They want us to improve and progress, and They know that a lot of that comes from learning from mistakes.
This sister knew Nate at the MTC!
We also were able to go on splits with the Cheomdan sisters after Zone Conference. I went on a split with Sister G. She is awesome! One thing I learned from her was that we should always try to leave our area better than we found it. I am grateful for the opportunity I had to learn from their examples on the split. The split was an awesome experience because it was in my greenie area. It was SUCH a happy and sweet reunion to meet up with old investigators and members. I was also able to introduce my old investigators to Sister G, so hopefully she will be able to start teaching them again sometime. (They have so much potential!) It was also fun because now I can actually communicate a little more with them! Because that was my greenie area, and my Korean was really poor then, I always thought that I had never made a difference in Cheomdan. But through visiting there again, I felt so much love and blessings from Heavenly Father, and I was able to realize that God did work a few little miracles through me in that area. I felt like this split was a time that God used to reassure me that I have helped Him do His work, in some little way. I will write about it all in detail in my journal, and maybe one day you can read it! But this is already a long email, so I better cut it off here. :)
Back in 첨단! I can't tell you how much I love this place!

Meeting with PJ, my old investigator. I lover her! It was so rewarding and straight up JOY to meet her again.
벡켓 자매 선교사

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