Thursday, July 28, 2016

The Cutest Boy (July 24, 2016)

Time to write about the cutest little boy (the Elder's investigator) who ever lived. His name is 홍. (HYB) He is 8 year old and yesterday he got baptized!! He has had a sad, hard life, but he has the brightest eyes, the biggest smile, and the sweetest heart. When he was a baby, his mom left him and his dad. His dad remarried a Vietnamese woman, then his dad passed away! And (understandably) it was really hard for the Vietnamese step-mom to take care of 유, so she gave him to his grandmother to live with. I think the step mom went back to Vietnam. Also, he has a really awful skin disease and has open wounds all over his arms and legs. And just by meeting him, you would NEVER guess he has had such a hard life, because he is the cutest, happiest 8 year old ever. Also, his grandma is really poor, so they have to get food and other necessities from the government center. So they go there a lot.
Anyway... I have had the privilege of helping teach him a couple of the missionary lessons. There is a man in our ward that lives above 유 and so he has brought him to church the past couple of months. I LOVE THIS LITTLE BOY! We got to teach him the commandments last weekend. I made a pretty adorable matching game to help teach the commandments. After we taught him, we played games with him for like 45 minutes. He literally only has 2 toys (and a cell phone). His 2 toys are a squishy little ball that looks like a basketball, and a little pirate game where if you push the wrong button, a pirate pops out at you. Point is... he was so HAPPY to toss a ball around with us for 45 minutes. SO HAPPY! I think he must be really lonely. We would cup our hands in circles to make basketball hoops. It would melt my heart because he would come and fix/arrange my hands to help me play the game and catch the ball better. But he would always give me the sweetest smile and say it was okay that he had to fix my hands.Whenever I would miss a basket, he would put the ball back in my hands and tell me to try again. I can't describe how loving and pure he is . When we left, he gave the sweetest prayer and asked to see us again. He also ran and picked up all of my stuff and handed it to me and helped me put it all in my backpack before we left. I literally think that he is the sweetest kid that i have ever met! 

This week was Sister J's Senior week. She did a great job! She decided to knock doors one day, and the apartment building had a gorgeous view. Here it is!
Hmmm...Also this week as I have been reading my scriptures, I have felt so much love from Heavenly Father, and I have realized how many times He has answered my prayers through the Book of Mormon. Whenever I read the Book of Mormon and find an answer to a question or prayer, I put a heart next to the verse and write the date. My Book of Mormon (that I have only been using for 3 years... it's my newish one) is COVERED with little hearts and dates. Just reviewing all of the times that God has answered my prayers through the Book of Mormon has really strengthened my testimony that 1) God answers prayers and 2) God talks to us through the BoM and 3) The Book of Mormon is TRUE! If you have never had the experience of getting answers to questions through the scriptures, I suggest you try it! Sincerely pray, exercise some faith, and then just flip open the scriptures and start reading. You will be amazed at the answers you get!
This is one of my favorite sisters ever! She lived in America for a long time. She was baptized a little over a year ago and has the most strong testimony!

This sweet member made us a treat! Beans mixed with watermelon and another type of melon (it isn't in America) with honey dumped on top with rice crackers! It was a fun experience. She was so excited to share it with was adorable!
Hmmm...the bummer is that we still don't know about transfers! President Madson is going to have the APs do transfer calls TOMORROW...which means today is just agony! Hahaha. If I go I will only have a day and a half to hurry and pack everything. Also...sad Sister K went home! Her mission is finished! I can't believe it! Six months with her went so fast. She really was like a BFF! AHHH!!! Tears have been shed. I LOVE HER! freaks me out because my mission is going by tooooo fast. When I first met Sister K, she only had six months left. Now that is where I am...six months left! Noooooo
Well. This was a long email. Sorrrayyyy. And next week I will maybe be transferred to a new area. We will see. Love y'all!  Gotta go.

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