Sunday, July 24, 2016

Something I Will Never Forget! (July 17, 2016)

I want to hurry and write about an elderly lady named C. When I first got to this area 6 months ago, she was the old lady who got mad at me in relief society because she thought my skirt was too wrinkley. I wrote about that a while ago...Anyway! That was a really awkward experience, so ever since then I have been slightly terrified of her. But one member told us that we should try to go visit her and get on her good side. She told us that we will know that we are on C's good side if she pats our backs. Well...we went and visited her and she was a chatterbox! And she showed us a bunch of pictures from her mission. She was a legendary missionary in the Busan mission. She had so many baptisms! She served when she was in  her 60s, but it was weird to see her mission pictures because her companions were still young sister missionaries!
Me and "C"

 Anyway, by the end when we left to go, we got "the back pat" so we knew it was a success. But wait, there's more! We went and visited her again this last week, and it was even better! She was smiling and laughing, and telling stories. She kept saying how people probably thing she is boring because she lives alone. But then she kept telling us how she isn't boring -- she is a lot of fun. She told us about how she stares out her apartment window and looks at the sky. When the sky looks really beautiful, she memorizes it so that she can see it again later in her mind. She also talked about how God created such a beautiful earth. She kept talking about how she wants to be a missionary again, not just a member missionary. She wanted to work with us and put on a name badge again! She just kept talking and laughing and cracking jokes. 
Who can spy her waving out the window?

When we left, she kept hugging us and she told us that she was our missionary 선배 which means our missionary she did it all a forebearer? IDK how to describe the feeling of that word. Anyway, she told us she wanted to watch us go and do our missionary work. So she stood at her apartment window and waved at us and watched us leave until we were out of sight, which was like 7 minutes, because she was standing in a tall apartment building. She was waving so excitedly and vigorously. It was adorable!! She just didn't stop. It was one of the happiest moments on my mission. I thought my heart was going to burst with love! I just love her! I wish I could explain how cute and happy it all was. Sometimes I wonder if I am really helping change anybody's life and if I a making a difference. But one thing is for sure...other people are changing and influencing MY life!! I am so thankful for that. One thing that President Madsen tells us every time he talks to us or emails us is, "Remember, when you look in the mirror each morning, you are a child of God. Know that each day you make a difference and that your service is acceptable to the Lord." That has brought me a lot of comfort lately!

One day we decided to match!
Also, this week President and Sister Madsen came and visited us! They are the BEST! We each had interviews with them, and they took us out for lunch. They also came and took a look at our apartment. It was so fun and good. I really love them and am really grateful for them.Yes! They said that they are going to move all of the missionaries to apartments which are 5 years old or less, and that we are ALL going to get AC. LIKE CHRISTMAS!  I was squealing with delight when they said that. :) My guess is that it won't all be able to  get done before this summer ends, but future missionaries will definitely enjoy it!  It meant a lot that they took the time to come visit us. They were so cute, too. They kept taking pictures of us and doing  fun, parenty things. It was a good experience!  They are also going to get us EACH a working fan!! Right  now we have only one fan and it only works on low! The fans alone are a miracle!

I took a picture of this shirt last P-day...the funniest part is that people really wear shirts like this all the time, and they think they are really cool and legit. Hahahaha!

We found some grass!!!!
Sorry I have to go. Love you guys!!


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