Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Nate's Off on His Mission!! (July 10)

This week was really awesome because we got to meet President and Sister Madsen. I ADORE them. They are so loving and sweet. We miss the Shins, but change can also be a fun thing! One thing that really stood out to me was how much the Madsens really care about us. They want us healthy and happy and successful. They really are like parents! So sweet.

I made mac & cheese this week!
This week has been so hot. I don't think your little Utahn bodies can comprehend what 89% humidity feels like when it is 88 degrees outside, but let me tell you...You feel a little like you might die. And the Koreans keep saying that this isn't even summer yet. AHHH! I am literally always covered in sweat. I feel so...gross! But it is good for my skin, I think! Also fun fact: in Korean the word sweat is pronounced dam but with a British accent. So when I am really hot I just say dam and I feel better but it isn't swearing because I am just saying the word sweat.  Hahaha. What doesn't kill ya makes you stronger! Nate is lucky, the Busan missionary apartments all have air conditioning. Right now in our mission, none of our apartments do, so being at home is kind of miserable! I think that might be one thing that President and Sister Madsen change. I think we might get AC!! :D Right now we have just one fan, and it only works on low. SO it is kind of difficult because we have four sisters all sharing one fan that blows only on low. But life really is good! And when we ride the buses they always have AC, so that is great. :) Also, it is rainy season in Korea, and it is so crazy fun. You get drenched in SECONDS. Kind of cool, but then it can be a little hard because you are soaked for the rest of the day.

Sethy, I talked about you in church yesterday! I went to the YW/YM Sunday school class, and we were asked on the spot to talk about family history.  I am a bad girl and didn't do it that much, but luckily little Seffy did, so I talked about Seth, and his good example, and the blessings that we have had as we went to the temple together to get baptized and such for the names that Seth found. Then the teacher talked about Seth the rest of the class and told all of the youth that he is their same age and that they can do family history, too. So GO SETH! Thanks for helping me talk about family history!

This week I have really been focusing on charity and trying to do what Jesus would. This is something I still need to work on SO MUCH! One thing that I love that Andrew wrote me in a letter was that showing charity and love even when it is hard is an opportunity to show Jesus Christ that we love Him, that we truly believe that His way is the only way, and that we want to stand with Him. So as hard times have come up, I have tried to see it as an opportunity to stand with Christ and show Him that I want to be like Him by loving even when it is hard. By doing this, I have felt that I am not alone, and that Christ has already experienced this. He knows how we feel! So here is my invitation for you all this week: show Christ that you want to be on His team! See challenges as opportunities to show Christ that you will never leave His side.

Last fun fact: last night I learned how to make 잡채 (the delicious Korean noodles and veggies)! It was so fun, and it was also a great opportunity because we made it with a member and her mom, who is not a member. We were able to build a pretty good relationship, so we hope that we can go back later and share the gospel with her! We have tried before, but her heart wasn't quite prepared yet. Last night her heart seemed more prepared! If you want to pray for her, her name is 이 ( E O J) Anyway, when I get back I now know how to make you all some delicious food. 

I love you guys! I never want to stop talking with you all because I always get so much strength from you guys!

And now here's a note for Nate:

벡켓 장노님! (Beckett Chang No Nim!)  AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! My boy is in the MTC! I am FLIPPING OUT! I calculated times and everything so that I could figure out right when Nate was going to go to the MTC (in Korean time) LET ME TELL YOU...I could not sleep at all that night (It was 4:30 a.m. here when he got dropped off!!) I have almost been having a cow all week! Nate...I completelyeletylyetly understand you! Because I know almost exactly what you are experiencing...I have been so excited for you, and slightly terrified. Just know that you can do it! It won't be easy, but God called you to to Korea at this time, with your specific companions and specific circumstances. YOU CAN DO IT! 화이팅! And Korean is tough, but don't get overwhelmed. Just so you all (meaning the family) know, three days after you get into the MTC you have to teach your first lesson in Korean. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ. After Sister M and I taught we laughed so hard we cried. But our second lesson we prepared so hard and tried our best that our "investigator" cried! So as long as you have the spirit, it almost doesn't matter what words you say! Just try your best! Also, Natey POOO...who are your MTC teachers? Are you serving with people coming to my mission? And President P is a stud! He was my Branch President, too. Keep your chin up, and keep trusting God! And try to love people even when they are hard to love. Also, fun fact: IF we are being perfectly obedient, then every morning at 6:30 a.m.when I wake up, you will be going to bed because it will be 10:30 p.m.for you, and visa versa. Just know that we are in this together! you can do it buddy! I have been praying so much for you!

Love your 누나 (older sister of a boy),
벡켓 자매 선교사

(Note from Mom:  I sent her some clothes, and she sent me some pictures of her with the new clothes. I love them on her!!)


  1. I am not sure how someone can make me laugh and cry so much all in the same reading. Her awesome, faithful spirit shines through everything she experiences... even when she feels relief after using the word 'sweat' in vain hahaha!

  2. I am not sure how someone can make me laugh and cry so much all in the same reading. Her awesome, faithful spirit shines through everything she experiences... even when she feels relief after using the word 'sweat' in vain hahaha!

  3. Aw, I love these so much! Thanks for uplifting me always, beautiful Allie! And I loved what she said a few letters ago about being the rusty old instrument... so wonderful! Love, love, love these letters!