Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Learning & Growing

June 12:
안녕! Transfer calls will come while I am emailing you all today...I hope that I don't leave! It is also really weird because 11 missionaries are finishing their missions today...including my momma Sister W! I got to talk to her on the phone last night. She is such an awesome missionary. I learned so much from her! It is weird to thing that missions actually end. This seems like my life, and my pre-mission life seems fake!  What is crazy is that when Sister W became my trainer, she was starting the same transfer that I am starting now! AND NOW SHE IS GOING HOME! I am already on my 7th transfer and I can't believe it. I hope that I can extend another transfer like Sister W did.  

Transfer call came and I am staying!
Sister J and I with some wonderful children!

 I have to tell you guys a weird story that happened 3 weeks ago, but I always forget to email you guys about it. I was waiting at a crosswalk to cross the street, and all of the sudden I heard a plop/thud hit the pavement next to me. I looked around to see if somebody threw something at me, but NOPE! Sister J was also looking around to see what it was. SO I look down to see what it was, and right next to me was a dead bird! It just fell dead from the sky!!  We just stared at it, literally with our jaws dropped for like 60 seconds... speechless. And it's sad little mouth was opening and shutting. SO SAD but now it is a little funny. Can you imagine if the bird would have died on my head?! I told my bishop's wife about it, and she said that because there are so many apartment windows in Korea, birds fly into the windows a lot, and pass out or die randomly later. Hahah. Sad. Weird.

Yesterday a MIRACLE happened that I want to share with you all!
We were riding the bus (like we do every day) and I sat next to a girl probably in her twenties. She had earbuds in, which makes it hard to have the courage to talk to her. But, because I have promised to myself and to God to talk to every girl that I sit by on the bus, I talked to her. At first I only gave her a little pass along card and told her that I teach free English, and I also teach about God and Jesus Christ. Then I asked her if she had a religion. She said yes, but that she doesn't go to church very often and that she wants to try going to go to other churches because she doesn't really like her church. Then asked where our church was and RANDOMLY said, "Okay, I will try coming to your church this week!" WOW!!!! I have been praying so hard to Heavenly Father to find somebody that I can help spiritually, and not just with English. He sent her! He answers prayers! And He is pouring out blessings for having the courage to open my mouth, even when it is scary. Since yesterday we have been texting back and forth.

Hmm sorry I just reread that and it was pretty scrambled so I hope you can translate alright! I forgot an important part! She looked at my name badge and asked about my mission, and she said she wants to become a missionary, too someday. I smell a golden investigator sent from God!

June 19:
This is an awesome family that is from America visiting Korea. I love them!

Some of this weeks highs:
This week the missionaries (6 of us) were kind of group teaching the Elders' investigator after English class. At first I thought that it was kind of a waste, because there were 6 of us there, but my companion was doing a lot of the talking, so we stayed. This investigator has been an investigator for 5 years, and during the 5 years, he hasn't prayed at all! He is so stubborn! He knows all of the lessons, he comes to church regularly, and he wants this gospel to be true, but he won't pray. He is my same age. Anyway, I pretty much just sat quiet the whole time because the Korean sisters were doing a lot of good talking, and I thought that I really didn't have anything to add, especially because my Korean is bad. But...I kept having thoughts come to my mind, so finally I decided to share them. I just spoke really short and only a few sentences. After I said my "thoughts" (Holy Ghost, cough cough) the investigator said that out of the 30 minutes we had all been talking with him, what I said made his heart change, and he will keep pondering and thinking about what I said. I must have looked confused, because after he said that, he gave me thumbs up and a big smile, and in English he said, "Good thing!"  After we met with him, my DL told me that he felt the Spirit the strongest every time I spoke. Then when we left the church, all of the sisters were hugging me and squealing and they were so proud of me. Later that night, the other elders in our district (who weren't at the lesson) told me on the phone that they heard that I followed the Spirit and that they were so proud of me. The reason I am sharing this is NOT to say "Look at me!" or anything like that. The reason why this experience was so special to me was because God allowed his most rusty unqualified instrument play the song He needed played. Out of all of the people sitting in the room that night, my Korean was the worst. But because God is perfect, when we worked together I became a little better, too. With God, miracles can happen! He can help make something good and useful out of anyone.
The miracle girl I met on the bus didn't come to church on Sunday. She slept in. On the bright side, we had a lesson with her last night. On the really dark side (in contrast to my last experience I shared when I listened to the Holy Ghost), it wasn't a very good lesson. We were so excited to teach her (because she has gospel interest, not English interest) that we taught her too much, it became boring, and the Spirit wasn't there. I don't know how much she learned from that lesson, but I sure learned a lot. I learned that I really do need to teach simply and with the Spirit. God's plan is ALWAYS better than my plan, so I better follow His plan! I hope that we never have a lesson like that again.
Fun fact: This week starts the "rainy season" in Korea. Apparently it is gonna rain like every day for a month. This should!

The new polish! :D Haha. Don't worry, I'm the only one who ever sees my feet!
June 26:

Sorry this email will probably be pretty short -- I am a little scatterbrained today! This week was kind of rough for a lot of different reasons, but I just keep trying to learn from the hard times and have faith that everything is in God's hands. I know God is my Father and I know He loves us and is guiding us, even if at times it is hard to recognize.

This week we had a goodbye meeting for President and Sister Shin. They are leaving in two days and our new mission president will be coming in. It will definitely be an interesting change. I will miss the Shins, but sometimes change can be fun.

I am so proud of Nate tonight, I bet he did great. I keep praying that I will get to see him before I come home. That would be a really special thing to see each other a) while we are each representing Jesus Christ and b) in Korea!! 

Remember that you can do all things through Christ! Love you guys!

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