Wednesday, July 13, 2016

HIKING! (July 3, 2016)

Happy 4th of July!!! How are you all going to celebrate this year? This morning, Sister G and I sang all of the patriotic hymns, and then we called the elders in our district and we all sang The Star Spangled Banner at the top of our lungs. Other than plans. :( ㅠㅠ

AHHHH! Nathan, I have been thinking of you all week, and it has been weird because all of my pre-mission feelings are coming back! I feel you bro! It really does feel like a dream. So much excitement and nervousness and wondering what things will be like. I remember crying and crying after I walked away from you all and not being able to see where I should walk into the MTC because my eyes were blurry. And then I looked back one last time and everyone was in the suburban but Nate, and we did one last I love you sign. Then I walked into the MTC and the tears stopped! One of the coolest moments is when you receive your name badge...that helps you realize that THIS IS REAL! And let me tell you, something about putting on a missionary name badge gives you strength. You will continue to be in my prayers ( all of you!) all week. Also, when you go to the MTC (probably a couple of weeks after you get there) look for 정 and 이. They should be going to the MTC soon. The first name, J H Y is the one who I studied PMG with for a couple of months. I ADORE HER. She started her mission in May, but she for now she skipped the MTC and is just serving in Korea because her visa didn't come. She will hopefully go to the MTC soon, and then she will serve at Temple Square. She won't be in the Korean Branch though, because she will be learning English. The second name, E D Y is a cute girl that I have met a couple of times. She is Korean, but lived in Australia for a lot of her life. She is perfect at Korean and English and she will serve in Seoul. I think she goes to the MTC towards the end of July...but she WILL be in your branch, so keep an eye out for her! Yesterday in sacrament meeting, I decided to bear my testimony. I used to think in America it was scary to share my testimony, but it is so much scarier when you are doing it in Korean!! Anyway, because I went and bore my testimony, E D Y wanted to share hers, too. She said that because I was so brave, and Korean wasn't even my native language, that it gave her courage to share hers, too. That made me feel good. :)
Some cute little girls that I adore. Even when we can't understand each other...
Guess what? I WENT HIKING!! I have wanted to go hiking and go on adventures, but I haven't been able to until this week. Sister W was active and willing to do out-doorsy stuff, but we were comps during the winter, so we couldn't do that type of stuff. Sister K hates outdoorsy stuff, and so does Sister J. was a miracle and we went hiking and everything was so green! SO GREEN! At one point you could look out and see the city of 청주 (Chong Ju). It was awesome to look out and see the tall buildings. Also there was an awesome pond covered in lily pads and gorgeous flowers and frogs. The reason we got to go hiking was because our investigators took us! I LOOOVE these investigators. They are two moms in their 30s who are best friends. Their names are 정 (J E Y) and 김 (K N U). They meet for 30/30, but they actually keep their commitments, which means the world to me. Still neither of them have come to church, but  정 accepted the soft baptismal invitation (As God answers your prayers and you feel this message is true, will you follow Jesus Christ's example by being baptized?) So yeah! That is pretty awesome!  ANYWAY...the hike was so beautiful! We were only able to do 1/2 because somebody ( I won't name who ;) ) was a little tired, but I am thankful that Sister J was willing to go hiking, that really was a big sacrifice for her! And I really loved spending time with 정 and 김. They are so funny and exciting and I adore them! I always want to remember them. Here are some pictures of the beautiful hike! :D

Soooo green! The adorable little girl is J E Y's daughter.

Me in the lily pads

I told them to do a funny face. So cute!
Happy 4th, ya'all! I'd better go, but I love you all so so so so much! Have a good week, keep smiling. Nate...YOU CAN DO THIS! God bless America, and HAPPY 4th!! I'm peacing out. Love you!

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  1. So beautiful! I always loved getting out in the country. :)