Sunday, June 12, 2016

Wazzup? June 5, 2016

The month of June is our mission's "Month of Consecration." Last week we had a big mission fast, and Sister Shin pleaded with Heavenly Father to open the windows of heaven on the Korean Daejeon Mission. She also prayed that as we worked our hardest and consecrate ourselves, that God would also pour out blessings on our families. Since that fast, our mission has seen countless miracles. I know that Heavenly Father answers prayers and fasts! One of the miracles that we saw this last week is about a lady named 신. While we were fasting, we had a ping-pong proselyting activity. We talked with and met lots of people. One lady passed by pretty quickly, but I had the feeling to go talk to her really fast. So we talked for maybe thirty seconds, I gave her a little pass along card, and that was that. Then, 4 days later, she called us and wanted to meet with us! (Which doesn't happen often when you hand somebody a passalong card!) She said she wanted her and her son to learn English, but when we went to her apartment (which happens to be our same complex!) she only wanted to talk about the gospel. She is really worried about her four year old son, because he is deaf in one ear (actually he like doesn't have an ear!) Anyway, as we started to talk about the gospel she just cried. She wants us to come over a lot, so that is awesome! 

That City Life!
Also this week we had another 전도활동 (proselyting activity) called 외국인 Versus (Foreigner Versus!) We did it in the city, and it was a HIT! Like crowds of 40 people just surrounding us. The problem is that there are only 3 of us that are foreigners, me and two elders. SO any time a girl wanted to compete, I had to do it! We did arm wrestling, the saltine cracker eating challenge, chopstick competitions, etc. I kicked trash at the chopstick challenge. WOOHOO! I beat the Asians! Hahahah. (Moving a bunch of round beads from one plate to another with chopsticks) It was a good, fun, effective activity. The elders have pics, I will download them sometime and send them. They got lots of embarrassing pics of me competing!

I'm posing by some of the creepy hotels next to our church...
As for my spiritual insight of the week: Alma 45:6-7 "And Alma said unto him again: Will ye keep my commandments? And he said: Yea, I will keep thy commandments with all my heart." This is Alma asking that question to his son, Helaman, but God asks us (His sons and daughters) that same question: Will you keep my commandments? I want to answer like Helaman, "Yea, I will keep they commandments with ALL MY HEART!" I love that! We really do show God our love by happily and willingly keeping his commandments. Which also reminds me of a quote by Ezra Taft Benson that goes like this, "When obedience becomes our quest instead of an irritant, in that moment we are endowed with power." Sweet, huh? So that is my goal as a missionary, to make obedience my quest. Make perfect obedience something I want to do, not something I feel like I have to do. Then I will become a more powerful missionary.

Love you guys!

Trying the Korean Style Glasses!  :)

Koreans hate the sun! They want to be white, white, white! So every time we walk outside, they put books over their heads.  Haha. Me, on the other side, I LOVE the sunlight! Another funny thing:  every night they slap their calves and massage them over and over because they think if girls have calf muscles, it is really ugly. So funny! Love them.

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  1. My heart is full! I just caught up on the last 2 months of letters and am so grateful for Allie's sweet testimony and to read about her ups and downs on her mission. Thanks for uplifting me today! You are always in our prayers!