Sunday, June 12, 2016

Wazzup? June 5, 2016

The month of June is our mission's "Month of Consecration." Last week we had a big mission fast, and Sister Shin pleaded with Heavenly Father to open the windows of heaven on the Korean Daejeon Mission. She also prayed that as we worked our hardest and consecrate ourselves, that God would also pour out blessings on our families. Since that fast, our mission has seen countless miracles. I know that Heavenly Father answers prayers and fasts! One of the miracles that we saw this last week is about a lady named 신. While we were fasting, we had a ping-pong proselyting activity. We talked with and met lots of people. One lady passed by pretty quickly, but I had the feeling to go talk to her really fast. So we talked for maybe thirty seconds, I gave her a little pass along card, and that was that. Then, 4 days later, she called us and wanted to meet with us! (Which doesn't happen often when you hand somebody a passalong card!) She said she wanted her and her son to learn English, but when we went to her apartment (which happens to be our same complex!) she only wanted to talk about the gospel. She is really worried about her four year old son, because he is deaf in one ear (actually he like doesn't have an ear!) Anyway, as we started to talk about the gospel she just cried. She wants us to come over a lot, so that is awesome! 

That City Life!
Also this week we had another 전도활동 (proselyting activity) called 외국인 Versus (Foreigner Versus!) We did it in the city, and it was a HIT! Like crowds of 40 people just surrounding us. The problem is that there are only 3 of us that are foreigners, me and two elders. SO any time a girl wanted to compete, I had to do it! We did arm wrestling, the saltine cracker eating challenge, chopstick competitions, etc. I kicked trash at the chopstick challenge. WOOHOO! I beat the Asians! Hahahah. (Moving a bunch of round beads from one plate to another with chopsticks) It was a good, fun, effective activity. The elders have pics, I will download them sometime and send them. They got lots of embarrassing pics of me competing!

I'm posing by some of the creepy hotels next to our church...
As for my spiritual insight of the week: Alma 45:6-7 "And Alma said unto him again: Will ye keep my commandments? And he said: Yea, I will keep thy commandments with all my heart." This is Alma asking that question to his son, Helaman, but God asks us (His sons and daughters) that same question: Will you keep my commandments? I want to answer like Helaman, "Yea, I will keep they commandments with ALL MY HEART!" I love that! We really do show God our love by happily and willingly keeping his commandments. Which also reminds me of a quote by Ezra Taft Benson that goes like this, "When obedience becomes our quest instead of an irritant, in that moment we are endowed with power." Sweet, huh? So that is my goal as a missionary, to make obedience my quest. Make perfect obedience something I want to do, not something I feel like I have to do. Then I will become a more powerful missionary.

Love you guys!

Trying the Korean Style Glasses!  :)

Koreans hate the sun! They want to be white, white, white! So every time we walk outside, they put books over their heads.  Haha. Me, on the other side, I LOVE the sunlight! Another funny thing:  every night they slap their calves and massage them over and over because they think if girls have calf muscles, it is really ugly. So funny! Love them.

Special Week! May 29, 2016

We haven't been able to meet with 강 (K____ she attended sacrament once with her son) for a while because she started a job and is always busy. So instead, we decided to make her a cute message card and a candy heart to hang on her door. SHE LOVED IT! She sent us like a billion texts and  was thrilled, and I think that she could really feel that we loved and cared about her, so that was great, even though we haven't met her for a while.

The investigator I told you about last week who asked about the BoM (이   E___)  is awesome! She is struggling with depression, and she noticed that we are sincerely happy, so she wants to continue to learn about this religion so that she can be happy, too. We are meeting with her 2 times a week (3 if you count English class!) . Fun fact: She is a food scientist for Nestle in Korea! So she designed the strawberry milk powder that is sold in Korea. Now she is working on improving the instant coffee. Right now she drinks 5 cups a coffee a day...and she googled 'Mormons' and learned about the word of wisdom, and I don't think she likes that. We really wanted to do a member lesson with her, but every time we think and pray about which member to teach with, our minds hit a blank. (To be continued)

Anyway... this week we also met a LA, and she is wonderful! We visited her and shared a message and she just cried and kept saying, "How did you know I needed this? How did you know?" She wanted to go to church again, but was really scared of what members would think because she got a divorce. So we offered to come to her apartment and walk to church together, and she said okay! So she came to church on Sunday, which was awesome! Then, later Sunday night, 주(Sister J, my comp!)  and I both (separately) had a strong impression that this LA would be the perfect person to do a member lesson with for 이! It was really awesome to each have that come as personal revelation. When we talked about it together, we were assured that it really was inspiration from God, because we had both had the same thought!

My companion, 주 is wonderful. She is always smiling, always willing to listen and always willing to give ideas. I love being her companion. She really does not need training. She is an incredible person and I am thankful to serve with her.

Also, another thing I learned this week! We were doing 12 Weeks for training our greenies, and we were watching "The District". I don't remember what the exact words were, but as I watched and listened to some of the sister missionaries talk on the film, I received an answer to my prayers. The feeling I received and the words the sister missionary said went something like this: When you think you are inadequate, STOP THINKING ABOUT THAT and start thinking about how you can help somebody else. If you are always thinking of others, it is inevitable to love them. Stop thinking of yourself and your inadequacies, and think of other people! As I have continued to ponder that, I have received some more insight. The reason why I feel inadequate is because I am worried that I can't help other people and let them know that I love them (because of the language barrier.) BUT if I just focus on other people and serving them, then I don't have to worry about being inadequate. By thinking about others and by not focusing on my inadequacies, I can help others feel my love, and more importantly, the Savior's love. So my challenge and invitation to all of you this week is to STOP thinking of negative things, or of inadequacies that you might have, and START thinking of other people. How can you help them? How can you show them love? We all have something to offer!
This is Sister B. She and her husband worked in the mission office.  They went home this week. :( We love them so much!! Did I ever tell you guys that she gave me a bunch of laminated leaves because she knows I love leaves??? :)
GUESS WHAT?! I just got a text from a previous investigator who dropped us, and because of her hurt ankle she can't leave her apartment and SHE WANTS US TO COME SEE HER!!! :D :D :D WOOOOOWWWW!!!!!! Miracles!!! I am so thankful for her broken ankle! I am not positive that that is what the text means, but I think so! ( her English is a little rough!)


Gotta run, but I love you all!


So many things...1 week! May 22, 2016

I could write a novel just about this week alone! But time is 없습니다!!! So I will do my best to summarize...

We had Zone Conference this week!I It was really great and I learned a lot from my ZLs and DL. Probably the thing I learned most and that has helped me the most this week was what I learned from my DL, Elder Warren: Instead of only praying to find prepared people, pray for prepared people to FIND YOU! Wow, I had never thought of that one before! He talked about how there are prepared people all around us, but they don't know that they are prepared and often times when we talk to these people they will automatically reject us. (SO true. Don't be offended future missionaries, you will be rejected multiple times a day for no reason! It is okay) Anyway...if they can recognize us and come to us, our work is made a lot easier. 

So... I tried that advice this week! And MIRACLES happened!! First of all, me and 주은규 자매님 had a lot of plans fall through this week, which means that we did a LOT of talking to people on the streets. It is SO HOT right now! Like mid 80's! I have heard Korean summers make you want to die. I believe it, it is already roasting! Apparently the city I am serving in gets ESPECIALLY hot in the summer. I have been warned by members! Also with the are constantly sticky and gross feeling. Maybe AJ can relate with Florida!! ANYWAY... we thought we might die because it was so hot and we were doing our best to go talk to people on the street. While we were talking to people I constantly prayed in me head to find prepared people, and for them to find us. It kind of worked! While we talked to people we were each able to give out our BoMs, get a phone number, meet some awesome people.... We also got to help an old lady carry like 20 pounds of groceries for a half mile, which was also super awesome. We love service!

But wait, there's more! That night at English class, a lady showed up who saw one of our advertisements. After class she came up to me and said, "What is that book that you guys read?" I was a little confused at how she knew about the BoM, because at the time my BoM was at a different table, but I was beyond thrilled to tell her about it. I went and got it and I asked her how she knew about the Book of Mormon, and this was the coolest part! She said she saw Sister K and I a month earlier, on the bus, and we were holding BoMs. She thought it was really interesting that we were carrying that book with us on the bus, and she thought we must be really dedicated, religious people. Then, when she came to English class, she was shocked to find out that we were the same people that she had seen on the bus! So when she saw us at English class she knew that we mush have the BoM nearby us!  God is working miracles! She really wants to learn more about our gospel, so we are going to meet with her tonight!! She was really excited to read the BoM. :D

SO many other random, hilarious, funny, sad awesome miracle things happened  this week.. I want to tell you EVERYTHING! But time is gone! I will write it all diligently in my journal (maybe if I ever have time) and send pics of my journal to you. It was a good, weird week! Also this week a 87 year old man bought me a whole pizza. That was cute. 

Also I never told you guys this but every week for the past 2 months we've been meeting with the sweetest girl helping her prepare for her mission. She is going to temple square! Anyway, yesterday was her farewell talk. I LOVE HER! Afterards she just cried and hugged me and told me thanks for helping her feel prepared for her mission. We kinda have a bond because I am serving in her home area and she is going to go to mine! I just adore her. I will send a pic one day of her. Look for a Sister J on temple square! She radiates!

Our awesome 상당 bishop and his wife and kids. :)  I am not looking too fine, but man I love these people so I have to send you this!

Well dang it I have a lot more to say...but no time. I love you all!

PS. HOw was Dad's Birthday?

PSS. Those Asian fans are real, like in Mulan. It is so hot here that people are always fanning themselves with beautiful Asian fans! Also everyone uses umbrelllas because they want to be white and not get tan! Me on the other hand, I want to get tan! It is funny when me and my three Korean sisters walk together down the street because the all put their BoMs above their head to block the sun. Hahaha.

Love you all!~