Friday, May 20, 2016

Hmm..May 15, 2016

Not gonna lie, this week has almost killed me! It has been tough for quite a few reasons...

1. M_ has completely dropped us. I never thought this would happen! It has been a bit of a rough week because our hearts are still hurting.  I was so sure she was going to get baptized! I was so sure that this gospel was going to change her life! I could see her in white standing in the baptismal font! But now... she doesn't want to see us or hear from us ever again. It happened pretty suddenly. She was so prepared! She showed so much faith! And now we can't even contact her. :( It was interesting because she suddenly started texting us in 반말, which is the lowest form of speech in Korean. She started talking in a rude way and it REALLY HURT. We LOVE HER! And we were literally friends (LIKE BFFS) with her. . I don't understand why she made this decision, but I hope and pray that later in her life she will meet missionaries again and accept their message. WAHHH. Enough about that.
Squished on a bus. My legs don't fit so...Nate you have no hope.
2. This past week we had a lesson with a lady for 30/30,  and she just wanted to Bible bash the whole time. Every time we would try to start teaching our lesson, she would cut us off and tell us how we are wrong and she wrote all of these  scriptures down and told us to study them. She kept telling us about how Christ was resurrected into another person's body. We weren't even teaching about that! We were trying to teach about the restoration. Anyway, it was really frustrating, and the Spirit wasn't there. It was hard because we literally couldn't even get a sentence in. I felt bad for my greenie Sister J, because this lady was going off on us, and I couldn't understand what she was saying, because she was talking about all of these weird beliefs that she has. Finally I said (although she didn't stop talking), "Okay, now WE are going to teach about OUR beliefs." And we cut her off and taught briefly about the restoration. That was annoying enough, but the part that really cut me the most was at the end she did this mean laugh and asked if I even can speak Korean, and if I ever even practice. Sister J told her that I practice diligently all day every day, and that she thinks I am really good at Korean. Then the mean investigator just laughed and said, "really?" (But this was all in Korean.) Needless to say, that didn't help my self esteem. And at the end she also asked, "so when can we meet next week?" We scheduled an appt for Tuesday, but we are making the OTHER sisters teach her. GRRRRR.
Me by a house that looks like an awesome jungle

3. On the bright side, we have a new investigator, and she has already attended church one time! Her name is 강. When she came to church, she brought her young son with her. She recently moved here from Seoul. In Seoul she attended another church. Her mother in-law is a pastor, but they are okay with 강 attending our church. Anyway, she was interested in 30/30, and when we explained that we would be teaching about our gospel for 30 minutes, she surprised us by asking if she could come to our church! OF COURSE! :) So she came two weeks ago. Yesterday she said her body was really sore and so she couldn't come to church. That was a bummer, because she said she would come and we were waiting for her to come for so long...but hopefully she can come again next week. When we asked her how she liked church (from the first time she came), she said that it was all very different from her previous church in Seoul, but that it was still good. When we began teaching her about our gospel, she kept saying, "I want to learn more!" She was very excited about the Book of Mormon, too. She really is a miracle! We hope and pray that she and her son will join our church and follow Jesus Christ. We are going to try hard to work with the members and with the Elders in helping her and her son learn about this gospel.
So this week has had its ups and downs. We pretty much only have one investigator, so we are doing a lot of finding and rebuilding right now.  I think the stress is starting to show a little physically because I have never been more exhausted and sore than I have this week! But life is stillll goooood. Also, nice story, yesterday at church my back was killing, so I was kind of trying to rub it in sacrament meeting, and a nice sister in our ward leaned over and started giving me a back massage! It was super nice and meant a lot to me.
I'm addicted to folding paper stars...haha
 Also on the bright side... Thursday I got your package! HALLELUJAH AND THANK YOU ALL! XOXOXXO Wow. those cookies were like 11 days old, but they were still SO GOOD!  WOOOOW! SO GOOD! Also... I believe our beloved MoFar (Dad) has a birthday this week! So woohoo to that, too!

Thanks for the mac & cheese! Not sure Sister J liked it much.
My new companion is really cute! She is pretty much my opposite! hahaha. She is like a tomboy and her favorite color is black! It is a great experience working together and relying on each other and on the Spirit together. She really doesn't speak English at all, so it is an adventure! But she is realllly good at correcting my Korean, so that is good. ;) She is always laughing and smiling. I really love her! Training is an adventure because I have so many responsibilities now. I feel like becoming a mission mother is somewhat similar to becoming a real mother! I am realizing how much my senior comps always did for me without me even knowing! And now I am trying harder than ever to be a good example so she can grow into a good missionary! hahahaha It has caused some life reflections. Yep. I think when real motherhood hits I will be glad that I had a mission baby, because I have motherly feelings these days!

Love my companion!

103 year old awesome man!

Practicing my taekwando at an ancient Korean temple

In Korea when you eat, you stuff your cheeks like a chipmunk!

Have a great week, gotta run!!


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  1. Well I'm just balling my eyes out for so many reasons. I love catching up on Allie's letters. I can't imagine how she is feeling when: A) a good, solid investigator abruptly turns tail and runs... rudely; and 2) When someone is so insulting about Allie's language progress. I want to run to her and make it all better.