Friday, May 20, 2016

GOOD NEWS!!! April 24, 2016

Miracles are happening! We have a baptismal date set with M!! I wish you all could meet her, she is incredible. She is 35, single, brilliant at math and science, total tomboy, and she plays with legos! And SHE IS SO GOOD! So willing to show her faith and learn about this gospel! She hasn't had any religion in her life, so you can imagine how this gospel could be a little overwhelming, but she humbly and intently listens and asks sincere questions. She keeps her commitments, too! And she is so funny that I almost cry every time we meet her. I LOVE HER! Anyway, her baptismal date is set for May 28, so if you could keep the prayers coming that would be wonderful. ^^ Next week she is going to come to church, so we are super excited for that! Everything with M has been guided by Heavenly Father. We have really felt His help and guidance. He is working miracles with her! Even the way that we met her is a huge miracle, if you recall! ^^

Last week I got an email from mom and she shared with me some things that she learned from her mission. One thing that she told me was that on her mission she wanted to keep making "better versions" of herself. Step by step she kept becoming a better version of herself. I have been trying to follow mom's example and have been trying to make better versions of myself, too. It has really helped me each night this week as I have reflected on my day and asked myself what things I wish I would have/ would not have done, and how I can make a better version of myself for the next day. I am thankful for our Savior Jesus Christ. He is the one who makes it possible to make better versions of ourselves and progress.

Also, last week after we emailed I went and bought some USBs and filled them up with videos and mailed them home! So you should be getting those next week. Will you save the videos on the hard drive asap and mail me back the USBs so I can load my pics on them? ( I only had enough room for the videos!)

Also, fun fact! Yesterday (for me because I am a day ahead) and today (for all of you!) is my year mark of when I received my temple endowment! SPECIAL! I love the temple! Since I have been thinking about the temple I remembered an experience I want to share! Before my mission, mom and I went to the temple almost every Friday. One of those times, me and mom were both in our temple clothes, and we were coming down a beautiful spiral staircase. I had the strongest impression that we REALLY WERE PRINCESSES! I felt so strongly that we WERE in our Father's (our King's) castle, and that we were wearing royal clothing. That was a really special day for me!

Also, the flowers in Korea are STUNNING! Earlier I was a little depressed because everything was so GREY and there were no signs of nature! But flowers are exploding out of every nook and cranny and I am in heaven! LOVE IT! Right now there is a lot of yellow dust from China's desert, so it looks really foggy and lots of people are wearing mask because it isn't good to breath the dust. 

Anyway, I wrote a lot today. Sorry! Love you guys! :D

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