Friday, May 20, 2016

Hmm..May 15, 2016

Not gonna lie, this week has almost killed me! It has been tough for quite a few reasons...

1. M_ has completely dropped us. I never thought this would happen! It has been a bit of a rough week because our hearts are still hurting.  I was so sure she was going to get baptized! I was so sure that this gospel was going to change her life! I could see her in white standing in the baptismal font! But now... she doesn't want to see us or hear from us ever again. It happened pretty suddenly. She was so prepared! She showed so much faith! And now we can't even contact her. :( It was interesting because she suddenly started texting us in 반말, which is the lowest form of speech in Korean. She started talking in a rude way and it REALLY HURT. We LOVE HER! And we were literally friends (LIKE BFFS) with her. . I don't understand why she made this decision, but I hope and pray that later in her life she will meet missionaries again and accept their message. WAHHH. Enough about that.
Squished on a bus. My legs don't fit so...Nate you have no hope.
2. This past week we had a lesson with a lady for 30/30,  and she just wanted to Bible bash the whole time. Every time we would try to start teaching our lesson, she would cut us off and tell us how we are wrong and she wrote all of these  scriptures down and told us to study them. She kept telling us about how Christ was resurrected into another person's body. We weren't even teaching about that! We were trying to teach about the restoration. Anyway, it was really frustrating, and the Spirit wasn't there. It was hard because we literally couldn't even get a sentence in. I felt bad for my greenie Sister J, because this lady was going off on us, and I couldn't understand what she was saying, because she was talking about all of these weird beliefs that she has. Finally I said (although she didn't stop talking), "Okay, now WE are going to teach about OUR beliefs." And we cut her off and taught briefly about the restoration. That was annoying enough, but the part that really cut me the most was at the end she did this mean laugh and asked if I even can speak Korean, and if I ever even practice. Sister J told her that I practice diligently all day every day, and that she thinks I am really good at Korean. Then the mean investigator just laughed and said, "really?" (But this was all in Korean.) Needless to say, that didn't help my self esteem. And at the end she also asked, "so when can we meet next week?" We scheduled an appt for Tuesday, but we are making the OTHER sisters teach her. GRRRRR.
Me by a house that looks like an awesome jungle

3. On the bright side, we have a new investigator, and she has already attended church one time! Her name is 강. When she came to church, she brought her young son with her. She recently moved here from Seoul. In Seoul she attended another church. Her mother in-law is a pastor, but they are okay with 강 attending our church. Anyway, she was interested in 30/30, and when we explained that we would be teaching about our gospel for 30 minutes, she surprised us by asking if she could come to our church! OF COURSE! :) So she came two weeks ago. Yesterday she said her body was really sore and so she couldn't come to church. That was a bummer, because she said she would come and we were waiting for her to come for so long...but hopefully she can come again next week. When we asked her how she liked church (from the first time she came), she said that it was all very different from her previous church in Seoul, but that it was still good. When we began teaching her about our gospel, she kept saying, "I want to learn more!" She was very excited about the Book of Mormon, too. She really is a miracle! We hope and pray that she and her son will join our church and follow Jesus Christ. We are going to try hard to work with the members and with the Elders in helping her and her son learn about this gospel.
So this week has had its ups and downs. We pretty much only have one investigator, so we are doing a lot of finding and rebuilding right now.  I think the stress is starting to show a little physically because I have never been more exhausted and sore than I have this week! But life is stillll goooood. Also, nice story, yesterday at church my back was killing, so I was kind of trying to rub it in sacrament meeting, and a nice sister in our ward leaned over and started giving me a back massage! It was super nice and meant a lot to me.
I'm addicted to folding paper stars...haha
 Also on the bright side... Thursday I got your package! HALLELUJAH AND THANK YOU ALL! XOXOXXO Wow. those cookies were like 11 days old, but they were still SO GOOD!  WOOOOW! SO GOOD! Also... I believe our beloved MoFar (Dad) has a birthday this week! So woohoo to that, too!

Thanks for the mac & cheese! Not sure Sister J liked it much.
My new companion is really cute! She is pretty much my opposite! hahaha. She is like a tomboy and her favorite color is black! It is a great experience working together and relying on each other and on the Spirit together. She really doesn't speak English at all, so it is an adventure! But she is realllly good at correcting my Korean, so that is good. ;) She is always laughing and smiling. I really love her! Training is an adventure because I have so many responsibilities now. I feel like becoming a mission mother is somewhat similar to becoming a real mother! I am realizing how much my senior comps always did for me without me even knowing! And now I am trying harder than ever to be a good example so she can grow into a good missionary! hahahaha It has caused some life reflections. Yep. I think when real motherhood hits I will be glad that I had a mission baby, because I have motherly feelings these days!

Love my companion!

103 year old awesome man!

Practicing my taekwando at an ancient Korean temple

In Korea when you eat, you stuff your cheeks like a chipmunk!

Have a great week, gotta run!!


Transfer Time, May 1, 2016

Sorry to be emailing a little late today...but transfer calls came. I will give you a clue.

Well...originally Sister K and I were over two we are BOTH staying. And we are both TRAINING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hence the tears.

Uhhh HOW AM I GOING TO SPEAK KOREAN!? I am so scared! SOOOOOO SCARED! AHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also the interesting part is that we are still just sharing the two areas, so we will switch off wards every week. But dang, I don't know the ward member's names. They sound like a bunch of sounds blended into an Asian smoothie! WHAT AM I GONNA DO?! How am I gonna lead a greenie around Korea?! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

(Emailing back and forth, this is from her brother, Andrew or AJ:  "The Lord called you and He will qualify you =) I saw that more as a missionary than ever before!"

Thanks AJ, I hope so! He is a sneaky Father! I never saw this one coming!
Also...I have NO IDEA how we are gonna fit two more people in our tiny, cute, little, ancient apartment.   I don't get to find out who my new companion will be until I go to the mission home to pick her up! 

Thank you all for your encouragement...I really need it! 

Mom! Yesterday we had dinner at my bishop's house (who is awesome!) And he and his wife started talking about Elder Kikuchi! I asked if his name was Yoshihiko Kikuchi and they said yes! I told them that he was your mission president and they were so happy. Apparently he is a legend in Korea (even though he is Japanese) and everyone LOVES HIM. He used to be the North Asia President.

Also! Nate and Seth and dad! I finally got your letters! You sent them March 25, and I got them April 26. Not sure why it took so long, but that is okay! I absolutely loved each of them. Thank you so much! And Nate and Seth your testimonies of the Atonement really strengthened mine. So thank you!

As for a week update:

__ came to church! Having an investigator come to church is a) one of the HAPPIEST feelings in the world, and b) one of the most terrifying feelings in the world. So Sunday was quite a roller coaster. Things went really good and really bad. Some of the ward members reached out so lovingly! Others reached out...a little scarily. BUT she is still wonderful and we are pretty sure that she will come to church again next week. The real question is WILL IT BE ME OR SISTER K GOING TO THIS WARD NEXT WEEK?! Ahhh! SO much on my mind! It is okay though! Anyway, I just adore her. She is so prepared. God is SO GOOD! Thanks for the prayers. I wish I could explain how much I love her, but I can't!

I am so sorry, I have to go. I had so much I wanted to tell you about! I learned so much in personal study that I wanted to share with you guys today, but time is gone. Just know that I know that this church is true. And God loves you SO MUCH!
Sister K and I love the flowers!

Before I go I have to tell you so fast some things I learned.

This morning I learned about how to become an ASTONISHING person. Ammon was astonishing (as King Lamoni says twice!), and I want to be like him! If you study Alma 17 and 18, you can learn how he became astonishing. Here are some of the things I found: have patience, be courageous, trust the Lord, be joyful, be of good cheer, search scriptures diligently, fast and pray, win other people's love by sincere service, be faithful, be selfless and submissive, rely on the spirit, desire to do good, have confidence, have pure intentions, focus on other people's needs, recognize that your power comes from God, apply the scriptures and words of the prophets to yourself. There are more, but you have to find them~

Hmm sorry for the bad grammar but I had to bust that one out! If you seriously study Alma 17 and 18, you can learn SO MUCH on how to become a better missionary, or a better person. Through Jesus Christ, we can become ASTONISHING! As Sister Whiting (Area President's wife) said at our mission tour, "Astonish them with your kindness. Astonish them with your goodness!" We can become astonishing and bright, with the help of Christ. 

Going for reals now, Love you!

GOOD NEWS!!! April 24, 2016

Miracles are happening! We have a baptismal date set with M!! I wish you all could meet her, she is incredible. She is 35, single, brilliant at math and science, total tomboy, and she plays with legos! And SHE IS SO GOOD! So willing to show her faith and learn about this gospel! She hasn't had any religion in her life, so you can imagine how this gospel could be a little overwhelming, but she humbly and intently listens and asks sincere questions. She keeps her commitments, too! And she is so funny that I almost cry every time we meet her. I LOVE HER! Anyway, her baptismal date is set for May 28, so if you could keep the prayers coming that would be wonderful. ^^ Next week she is going to come to church, so we are super excited for that! Everything with M has been guided by Heavenly Father. We have really felt His help and guidance. He is working miracles with her! Even the way that we met her is a huge miracle, if you recall! ^^

Last week I got an email from mom and she shared with me some things that she learned from her mission. One thing that she told me was that on her mission she wanted to keep making "better versions" of herself. Step by step she kept becoming a better version of herself. I have been trying to follow mom's example and have been trying to make better versions of myself, too. It has really helped me each night this week as I have reflected on my day and asked myself what things I wish I would have/ would not have done, and how I can make a better version of myself for the next day. I am thankful for our Savior Jesus Christ. He is the one who makes it possible to make better versions of ourselves and progress.

Also, last week after we emailed I went and bought some USBs and filled them up with videos and mailed them home! So you should be getting those next week. Will you save the videos on the hard drive asap and mail me back the USBs so I can load my pics on them? ( I only had enough room for the videos!)

Also, fun fact! Yesterday (for me because I am a day ahead) and today (for all of you!) is my year mark of when I received my temple endowment! SPECIAL! I love the temple! Since I have been thinking about the temple I remembered an experience I want to share! Before my mission, mom and I went to the temple almost every Friday. One of those times, me and mom were both in our temple clothes, and we were coming down a beautiful spiral staircase. I had the strongest impression that we REALLY WERE PRINCESSES! I felt so strongly that we WERE in our Father's (our King's) castle, and that we were wearing royal clothing. That was a really special day for me!

Also, the flowers in Korea are STUNNING! Earlier I was a little depressed because everything was so GREY and there were no signs of nature! But flowers are exploding out of every nook and cranny and I am in heaven! LOVE IT! Right now there is a lot of yellow dust from China's desert, so it looks really foggy and lots of people are wearing mask because it isn't good to breath the dust. 

Anyway, I wrote a lot today. Sorry! Love you guys! :D