Saturday, April 23, 2016

Catching Up Time! (April 3, 10, and 17th)

Yesterday we had a super awesome lesson, here is what I told President Shin about it. :)

Last night we met with a lady named 이소정 for the 30/30 program. She is so kind and we loved her from the moment we met her! She is Buddhist, but she intently listened to us as we taught the first lesson to her. We felt the Spirit the whole time, and she answered our questions sincerely and also asked good questions. At the end of our lesson, and after we had shared our testimonies with her, we told her that she, like Joseph Smith, could ask God to know if this message is true for herself, and that she didn't have to just believe what we were saying. After we said that, she blurted, "But I DO believe you!" It was the sweetest and cutest response! She then asked us how to pray, so we taught her from the back of one of the pamphlets. After we taught her, she suddenly started praying out loud, with out even being asked! We were a little caught off guard, but we were so happy!  She prayed the most simple, beautiful, childlike prayer, and as she prayed my heart was bursting with love for her and my eyes got a little teary. Next lesson, we are definitely going to invite her to be baptized. You always talk about joyful experiences, and last night was definitely was one of the most joyful experiences on my mission this far.

Time is FLYING by. Two days ago was the year mark of when I opened my mission call, and tomorrow is my 8 month mark as a missionary. It is going way too fast!

CHERRY BLOSSOMS IN KOREA ARE GORGEOUS!!!! I Love love LOVE them! After I am done emailing, we are going to go walk on this road that is like a half mile long of cherry blossom trees. We will take lots of pictures!

I am glad to be here, there is nowhere I would rather be. And you should be getting a letter from me like tomorrow, because I sent one two weeks ago! So I am sorry I have been bad at that! And I am sorry because at email time I am only able to tell you guys like 1/1000 of what happened in my week.. I have so much to say dang it! 

I LOVE this area, and I LOVE my companion! SO MUCH! Our 30/30 lady is doing awesome, we love her so much. She said she felt peace when she tried praying. :)

Love you so much, forever and ever!

PS, if people want gardens here, they have to have a truck bring them dirt! hahah

Hahaha those are all types of kimchi besides the meat. Nate...prepare! I am used to it now, so it is fine for me. ^^ That is a picture of some of the food they served in between sessions of general conference at our church. I LOVED CONFERENCE!

A picture by our beloved apartment

Watching conference was weird because I was companionless!  My comp watched it with the Koreans in the chapel, and I watched it with the American elders in a classroom. ( I sat at my own table!)

Hmm...favorites from conference...SO MANY!
AHHHH I just looked in my backpack and I must have taken out my notes! So I don't remember names, just topics. anyway...

I was SO HAPPY that President Monson was healthy enough to speak, even if it was super short. Choose the hard right rather than the easy wrong!

Of course Elder Holland's and President Uchtdorf's were a bit hit! Loved them!

I loved Elder Cook's about making everyone feel welcome and loved...

Somebody's about having our first identity being that we are a child of God...

Elder Christofferson's about father's...

I loved the one (Elder Keargon?) about refugees, I had no idea that there were so many! Have you all looked at the new website
 ? (IDK if that is really the website)  I can't  go to it w/o permission from President, so you should all tell me how it is. This morning in personal study I studied Alma chapter 1, which is about the members of the church helping the poor, and giving them love. When they did that, not only did the poor and needy receive blessings, the WHOLE CHURCH received blessings and prospered. You should all take a look at it. It is pretty awesome.When we are selfless and give to others, Heavenly Father MORE THAN repays you for your service. He is so kind. My favorite quote from this talk was something like, "This moment doesn't define them, but your response will help define you." I also really like how he pointed out that Jesus Christ was a refugee, and also how the pioneers were, too. During this talk (and others) I really could just feel how we really are all brothers and sisters. Especially since I have been living in Korea for the past six months, I have realized more than ever how SIMILAR we all are. We really are all children of God. We have language barriers but we really are the same inside. We all laugh and cry and love, and we all chose to follow our Savior Jesus Christ by coming to this earth.

This picture is of me by some beautiful yellow bushes that grow like everywhere! They have the cutest little flowers on them.

(From her email April 17)  This week was great! Lately we have really been focusing on our new investigator, 민인수. Last night we were able to do a member lesson with her, and it went great! She meets with us for 30/30, but she is very willing to listen to the gospel message. At English class on Friday night, another person attending the class asked her if she has a religion. She said, "No, but Sister Kim and Sister Beckett are teaching me, and they are so kind and nice so I am going to try their religion." When she said that I was SO HAPPY! She is willing to "try" the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I know that as she sincerely "tries" our religion, she will feel the Holy Ghost and want to join the church. She doesn't know very much about God or Jesus Christ, so we have been teaching her who they are, and how to pray. She has been good at keeping her commitments. She really is wonderful and we see a lot of potential in her, so we will continue to focus on her and hopefully have another member lesson this week.  

Also, the way that we met her is also a miracle! One day we were visiting a family and they decided to invite us to stay for dinner (although it wasn't prepared yet.) This situation can be hard as a missionary, because you want to be polite and say yes, but also every minute counts and so you want to get out and work and not just sit around. Anyway, this family is AWESOME, and the RM son suggested that while they prepared the food, we could go and work outside for a half hour. During that half hour, it really didn't seem that we did that much good, nobody was there to talk to, so we just hung up English advertisements. LITTLE DID WE KNOW THAT WE WOULD GET THE COOLEST INVESTIGATOR EVER FROM HANGING THOSE UP! It really strengthened my testimony that no efforts as a missionary are wasted, and that we should use our time the best we can. Also, our member lesson that we had with 민인수 was with the member who had invited us to dinner that one night, because they live close by each other. So members and missionaries really are in this work together. It is happiest and most successful when we all work together. It really is exciting work to bring other people to Christ! This week as we have especially focused on how to teach and baptize 민인수, our faith has increased, and we have realized how God is directing this work. When missionaries are able to focus on finding, teaching, and baptizing, we forget about our worries and ourselves, and we are able to immerse ourselves in the Lord's work!

This is a pic of me eating some yummy Japanese noodles. They are my favorite! We eat lots of Japanese food here.
Hmm. Other exciting news before I go! In The Sang Dang ward that I serve in, we had two baptisms this week! (Elder's investigators!)  There haven't been any baptisms in that ward for almost two years, so it was really a miracle. The whole ward came and supported. It was incredible! 

I love you all! Sorry I have to go. But thank you for your awesome emails. I love you guys so much! Thanks for helping me feel happy and loved! Keep on keeping on. :) Scripture of the week: "Therefore, fear not, little flock, do good; let earth and hell combine against you, for if ye are built upon my rock, they cannot prevail. look unto me in every thought. Doubt not, fear not." D&C 6:34&36  Remember that God is in charge, and that because of Jesus Christ, things will be alright!  Love you! Keep preparing hard, Nate! 

XOXOXOXOXXOXO Have a safe, happy, awesome week!


  1. It's very inspiring to see Allie so immersed in the work and wanting to not waste a moment of time when she could be sharing the gospel... even while a meal is being prepared! And I'm happy Allie can survive on Kimchi because I'm not sure I could.

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