Wednesday, March 30, 2016

SPEECHLESS! (3/27/16)

Like. Wow. My life is a dream. I  CAN'T  EVEN  EXPRESS MYSELF!!  I STILL  CAN'T BELIEVE  IT!  I  am  soooooooo  HAPPY  NATE!  SO  HAPPY!  SHOCKED!!

So  you  can  all  read  my  journal because  that  might  do  a  little better  explaining  on my reaction to  Nate's call!  :D  :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:  :D:D:D  Beckett  Chang  No NIM!!!

(Taken from Allie's journal)


As for today, my comp and I climbed down from the 47th floor of a building. It was awesome! I said, “Let’s take the stairs instead of the elevator.” And my companion said, “Okay!” So we did. From the 47th floor to the 1st! Fun! Now we have jello legs! Anyway, as for the really exciting news…TOMORROW NATHAN BOYFRIEND BECKETT OPENS HIS MISSION CALL!   AAH! I am so excited and have like a billion indescribable feelings.

I called President and asked for permission for Mom to send a member in our ward a video of Nate opening his call, and then let me watch it. And President was SO KIND and said, “I’ll make an exception, because I can tell how important this is to you.” WHAT A GEM! I just love Pres. Shin. He’s sooooo wonderful.

(Journal Entry next day, 3/23/16)

Today is a day that MUST be written about! Woooow, it all seems like a dream. Okay, Nate opened his mission call! And it KILLED ME to wait to find out where he was going. …

(Allie's Mom here:  I am just going to put the pictures she sent of her journal pages, because it is fun to see her excitement through her own writing. I hope you can click on them and read them.)

Also,  this  week  I heard  about the  terrorist  attack  and  the missionaries,  and I  felt  SO  SAD.  But it is really  cool  because  the  Korean church leaders  sent out the  missionaries'  names, and  wards  all  over  Korea  have  been praying  for  them  BY NAME. I  was  really  sad  and I  needed some  comfort  so  I  read  an awesome talk   by President  Monson  (sorry  I  don't  remember  the  name!)  and I  want  to  share  my favorite  part  with  you  all. This  quote  is  even more  meaningful  to  me  now  that  I  know how much  of  a  positive  influence  the  injured missionaries  are  having  on  the  rest  of  the  world!

"The  history  of  the  Church  in  this, the dispensation of  the  fulness  of times,  is  replete  with  experiences  of  those  who have  struggled   and  yet  who  have  remained  steadfast  and  of  good cheer.  The  reason?  They have  made  the  gospel of Jesus Christ  the  center  of their  lives. This  is  what  will pull  us  through  whatever  comes  our  way.  We  will  still  experience  difficult  challenges,  but  we  will  be  able to  face  them  to  meet  them  head-on,  and  to  emerge  victorious...This should be  our  purpose  --  to  persevere  and  endure,  yes,  but  also  to  become more  spiritually refined  as we  make  our  way  through sunshine  and  sorrow."
Blossoms are starting to come! And I heard Korea has the most BEAUTIFUL blossoms!
You lucky ducks get  to watch  conference  this  weekend!

Well,  I  have  to  go, but it  has  been  wonderful  talking to  you all! I  hope  you all  felt  the Savior's love  this Easter! And I  hope you let  Him know that  you  love Him,  too! Have  you all  watched  the  Hallelujah  video?  It  is pretty good! My  all  time favorite  is  still  Because of  Him.  So my commitment  of  the  week  to  all  of  you  is to  watch Because of  Him!  Because  because of  Jesus  Christ, there  is  always hope!  

Have  a super awesome week! I  am  about  to  mail  a  giant  package  home  via  boat full of  Korean snacks for  you all  to  try!  :D

Nate--get ready to eat more SPAM than you ever dreamed of!
Love you

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  1. That is so awesome. I don't even know you at all and I'm getting teary-eyed. (I also cry at mission call opening videos... regularly.) I had a companion whose brother was serving in Seoul, and they get to get together a couple of times. She and her companion went up to the Seoul mission office for Christmas. Later, he trained a greenie whose brother was in Daejeon, and they got to come down for zone conference when his brother was giving his "returning words." I also had another companion whose brother came to our mission after she went home.

    Busan mission has some amazing stuff. I've been researching a lot (getting ready for a family trip next year--we're going to go to Korea with our two kids--it will be crazy and awesome!) and honestly I'm a little jealous of Busan mission's coolness. :P But Daejeon mission is awesome also. Two awesome-est missions right next to each other. I'm so happy for Sister and Elder Beckett. It's something that sticks with you for the rest of your life and it's wonderful that you get to share that with a sibling. Truly the lord is mindful of us.