Thursday, March 3, 2016

February 21, Mission Tour!

Hello!!! Things are going gooood here!! I have so many pictures to show you and things to say!

First off, this week was our mission's Mission Tour. We had Elder and Sister Whiting (Asia North Area President) come and visit. They were INCREDIBLE! I went to mission tour with questions/topics on my mind that I had been pondering and praying about, and EVERY SINGLE ONE was answered by President and Sister Whiting. It was definitely an uplifting day. Here are some of my favorite things that I learned:

-Find a purpose in EVERYTHING you do. When plans seem like they are falling through, trust God! For example, if we miss our bus, or if an appointment gets cancelled, rather than getting upset, we can think, "Okay, God has prepared something different for me!" And then FIND that purpose. Turn the negative into a positive and look around for what it is that God has prepared for you. Turn EVERYTHING into an opportunity! And this doesn't just go for missionaries, it obviously can apply to each of you every day, too. Turn the negatives into positives and find a purpose, because that is how you follow God's plan of happiness!

-The very first meeting with an investigator...GIVE THE BAPTISMAL INVITE! (the soft one, not the one with a date unless you are feeling super prompted!) I am not showing my faith when I wait to give the baptismal invitation until later lessons. These people are INVESTIGATORS, and they know I am a missionary...they know the invite is just do it the first lesson so they know what our goal is for them. And President  Whiting did an awesome invitation example that was so smooth and polite and kind...Inviting people to be baptized (Or for you guys, just talking about our church or God with anyone at school or work) is NOT offensive. You can share beliefs in a loving and kind way. Lately I have been thinking a lot about this: Our lives are like the coooooolest movie ever. We all chose to come to this world, but none of us could remember our lives before, or even why we came here. Then God sent out some straight up Mormon Marine Secret Agents to go tell everyone and REMIND everyone of why they are here,and how we can successfully get back to our incomprehensibly glorious Father in Heaven . And of course the only way any of us can get back is through our heroic Brother, Jesus Christ! So our lives DO have a purpose! If you feel like you are just existing in this life, and not making a difference, get to work! Show some faith! So many people need to know find out about this awesome plan that God has made for us. And we are the lucky few who know it, so we better share it, and share it boldy (and kindly, of course. ^^ )

-Hmmm I learned a lot more but I have other things to tell you, so I will leave it at that for Mission Tour. Just know that it was super powerful, and I know without a doubt that Heavenly Father inspired President Whiting to know what to talk about.

Well, these new areas are getting better and better. I love the ward members already. They are so kind and loving and welcoming.

Annnnnd... you probably all already do this, but for real, read the scriptures EVERY DAY!! We can't afford to miss a single day. We are the warriors, and the scriptures really to put a shield on us. So many people's testimonies start to waiver, or they have a hard time and don't know why...but it really is through prayer and scripture study DAILY that we ALWAYS can stay close to Christ. If you are constantly doing those two things, you won't wander off the path. And also, I LOVE the Liahona! For all of you in the USA I suppose it is the Ensign. I would encourage each of you to read an article from the Ensign daily, or read/listen to a conference talk daily. Our prophets and apostles and leaders really are sent to us from Jesus Christ. I know that! I have found so many answers and comfort and peace and happiness and I have realized a lot of new things just by reading the modern-day prophet/leaders words. Instant spiritual pump up.

Anyway... sorry this was a long one! Now get ready for like 10 billion pictures because it was an eventful week!

That city life...Sometimes I can't believe that I am here! This is definitely different than beloved G-Town!
Surrounded by skyscraper apartment complexes!
Just chilling on the 45th floor of a building. (no big deal, right?)

But I don't life in the fancy city part. I live in the cute little ghetto humble part.
My super cool granny apartment (that is actually quite homey now that it is clean!)

This is a picture of the very PC 방 I am sitting in emailing you. Hahah. It is right by my apartment!
This week our district did the coolest 전도 (proselyting?) activity downtown. We brought a ping pong table downtown and had a ping pong tourney. The prizes were pamphlets, and free English (gospel...coughcough) with foreign missionaries! It was a hit! While the Elders played ping-pong, me and my comp worked on getting phone numbers. We (sisters alone) got 17 phone numbers! Sweet, huh?! 

This area is a little more...ghetto-ish and I don't think there are many foreigners! So girls kept coming up to me and asking if we could take pictures together. And people kept taking pics of me (attempting to do it secretly) and it was awkward but hilarious. Most Korean girls (literally most) have had surgery on their eyes so that they have eyelids, and almost everyone wears fake contacts so that their pupils are bigger. Everyone always asks me if my eyes and nose are fake. NOPE! REAL! Hahaha. I wish they could see that they are beautiful just the way they are!

A few before and after pics of our nasty bathroom. Hahaha. This is our sink BEFORE we cleaned...


AFTER! Hmmm maybe you can't tell a difference, but I can!

At mission tour I was reunited with the one and only Sister M! (her companion from the MTC) (DANG I LOVE HER!!!! :D :D ) And she is soooo funny! SHe lives by a military base and got a hold of some rootbeer! So at mission tour she whipped out of her purse a can of rootbeer and carton of milk and we had brown cows. (I taught her that at the MTC and she loved it! HAHAHAHAH!) She is the BEST! 

Sorry, I am out of time today, but I love you forever and ever! Love you all!


  1. Oh, this makes me so happy!!!

  2. I can't believe how cool the ping pong tournament was! Great idea! And I just love the fact that Allie is this totally tall white girl... no wonder people were trying to secretly take pictures of her!!! Ha ha ha ha ha.