Sunday, February 21, 2016

HAPPY NEW YEAR! 세헵 복 많이 받으서요!

Feb 8, 2016    세헵 복 많이 받으서요! Happy Lunar New Year!! :D It is the Year of the Monkey!  

Me in a traditional hanbok
This holiday is very interesting in Korea (Well, I've never celebrated in America I guess!) It is 3 days long. It started yesterday, as the preparation day, then today is the main celebrating day, and tomorrow is the resting day. So yesterday, Koreans prepared lots and lots of food. Then, today is the day which they eat it! It is the custom to spend lunar new year with the dad's side of the family. So all of these big Korean cities are pretty empty right now because lots of the grandmas and grandpas live in the countryside on farms. Anyway, part of the food they prepare is for their dead ancestors. The amount of relatives you have living determines how many ancestors' graves you visit. For example, in my family (father's side, cause that's what they do), we have 2 generations living. My brothers and dad (If Grandpa Beckett were still alive, it would be 3!) So for the new year, we would go visit 2 generations of ancestors, which would be Grandpa Beckett and Great Grandpa Beckett. We would prepare them each their own different meals and leave it on their graves. We would also pay respect by wearing hanboks and doing a traditional bow at the grave. We would also write them notes on rice paper! Also, if you do the traditional bow, your family straight up gives you $$$$! Pretty cool! The traditional food for new year is duck gook, which is soup made with gummy rice stuff. We borrowed hanboks from members and we will wear them to dinner tonight at a members! Fun! Also we will wear them to the hospital to visit a nice grandma lady that we used to teach. Happy new year!!

Wearing hanboks (traditional Korean dress) worn for holidays, weddings, and probably funerals, but I'm not sure about that.

Fun pictures in our hanboks!

Mom and Mindy - recognize this guy? He was the main guy in Go Mi Nam (You're beautiful)!! He's on posters everywhere!

The elders in my district all wearing hanboks. Fun stuff!

Sister J and I having a legit Asian fight.
Sister W and I have been working so hard together, and it is starting to pay off! The only bummer is that transfers are this week, and I am pretty sure that I am leaving. We were supposed to get transfer calls today, but President has been sick so he hasn't been able to pray about it enough yet, so we will get transfer calls tomorrow, instead.

It is really weird to look back on when I first got to Korea; things seemed so...different! I remember the weird smells, being smashed on a bus full of Koreans, being shocked by being surrounded by so many tall buildings and bright lights...and how all of that now seems normal to me! And when Sister W and I came here, we were white washing and opening this area, so we street contacted like all day every day. And since it was my first transfer here, that is just what I thought missionary work was always like. We started with ZERO investigators, but we've come so far! I'm thankful to say that we don't just street contract anymore, we actually teach people!  :)

My challenge for you all this week is to study "Your Wonderful Journey Home" by President Uchtdorf in the April 2013 conference. It is sooo good and really boosted my spirits this week. ALso, I wanted to share D&C 100:12 "Therefore, continue your journey and let your hearts rejoice; for behold, and lo, I am with you even until the end." Whatever journey you are on, or challenges you are facing , CONTINUE FACING IT! And try to do it with a smile, because you aren't alone. Jesus Christ perfectly understands what you are going through. :)

Sorry ya'll, I have to go, but I love you and pray for you each individually EVERY DAY! So stay happy and healthy. I think the world of all of you, and everyday I think of how blessed I am to get to spend eternity with each of you. Make it a great week! I will let you know in a week how transfers went...wish me luck!


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