Saturday, February 6, 2016


This week has been SOOOO COLD AND SNOWY!! SO cold that we are talking like thermal garments, leggings, three pairs of tights, socks, leg warmers cold. Yeah. Cold. The humidity is killer! And we have like a foot of snow, which I think is quite fun! But nobody salts sidewalks or plows roads here, so everyone slips on the sidewalks and cars are weaving ALL over on the roads!

Sister J and me

So cold!! Sister W and me

Sister H and me
This week our district tried doing a sticker board to do some street contacting...

I was also in charge of passing out free hot cocoa. You know, it hurts to have people reject you for the gospel....but what I can't understand is when people reject your hot chocolate! IT IS FREE! 

This beautiful little pavilion used to be a pile of logs! Literally! It was really cool because I watched them build this and carve it by hand from a pile of logs. Now it is beautiful!

I guess in Korea you can throw away...pets? PS we sort our garbage here. It is nasty. Food trash, plastic, metal, soft plastic, glass, styrofoam, cardboard...
Some day I will buy one of these beautiful dresses!

Here is a pic of me and Sister W and Sister Z at a restaurant. Sister W trained Sister Z before she trained me!

I got the package, thank you SO MUCH! I LOVE the fleece skirt, it is awesome and works wonders!
 (Mom's note here:  Tawnja and I made Allie a fleece skirt/slip to wear under her dresses to try to give her a layer of warmth. Thanks Tawnja for doing the elastic band!!!!)

Some darling girls we are teaching English and the gospel!!
I am doing good! This week has been good, but tough. I was really sick for a while this week and one of the days I couldn't go out and work. But the Elders came and gave me a blessing. And cool fun fact: the oil used in my blessing was consecrated by Elder Holland!! Yeah buddy! Sister W and I work soooooooooo hard together, which is awesome. When we first got here, I was being trained, and we were opening a new we started with ZERO investigators. We have had quite the roller coaster of a ride here in 첨단 for the past three transfers. But our work is starting to pay off, and we are on the brink of miracles!!! This week we got two new investigators via our free English advertisements. We do a 30/30 program, where we teach English for 30 minutes for free and then we teach 30 minutes about the gospel. Well, we started talking about the gospel, and THEY asked US if they could come to church, before we even started talking about church! WOOOWW!!! YESSS!!!!! There names are J and U, and we can't decide if they are dating or not...they are college age and SO ADORABLE! I am just amazed at how Heavenly Father sent us such prepared people!! The sad thing is that transfers are next week, and I have pretty much been told that I am leaving. Not gonna lie...that is a little heart breaking because Sister W and I have given it our all, every day, and we haven't seen much success. But now we are SO CLOSE to having people accept this gospel and things are really starting to get better and I will have to leave! WAHHH!!!!  I probably won't get to be here for any of the baptisms of people I helped teach and worked so hard for. :(  Also, this coming week we are going to start teaching a lady's two children. She decided she wants to come back to church this year, and she wants her kids to be a part of our awesome church programs. So things are really looking up here! I just wish I could stay long enough to see the success. 

Okay, here are fun facts for the week:

I ate chicken feet (talons?) Not my favorite. Especially since I have seen where chickens walk! And EEWWW, yes, straight up chicken feet! In red sauce...

I ate jellyfish

I listened to Ace of Base in a Taxi

Last thing! This morning in personal study I realized something cool. Lehi and Nephi (not 1st NephI)  experienced very similar things as the sons of Mosiah and Ammon did. But compare Helaman 5:34 and  Alma 14:17 and see how people reacted differently! Abish had faith and acted, and the Lamanites were paralyzed with fear. You will know what I am talking about when you read it. Anyway, have faith and act this week! Don't let fear paralyze you! Love you!

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