Sunday, February 21, 2016

I AM ALIVE!!! First Transfer! Feb 14, 2016

Hellooooo everyone! Yes, transfers came, and I moved very far away from my last area!! My new area is called Cheong Ju, and it only about an hour and a half away from Seoul. And guess what....President called me to whitewash...again! So that is pretty exciting (kinda. ;) ) Here is part of my letter to president this week, I talked a little bit about my new area and comp. But I will write more and explain soon. Love ya!!!

Dear President,

You are right! There are SO many new opportunities waiting for me here in 청주. It was definitely hard to leave 첨단, but there has already been a lot of growth from leaving. To be completely honest, when we first got to our new home here in  청주, I cried a lot! The apartment was left in pretty dirty conditions. Also, we had no food, no clean water (the filter isn't on the sink) and none of my luggage arrived until after two days!  I have been blessed in my life to never have had these types of problems before, so I didn't really know what to do. But as I read my scriptures in personal study, I read in 3rd Nephi when Christ was talking, and said not to worry about what to eat, drink, or wherewithal to be clothed. He said that Heavenly Father knows that we need all of these things and to just focus on preaching the gospel, and our temporal things will be taken care of. He was right (Jesus always is!) Everything is working out just great. My clothes came, we went shopping and got food and water, and today we will deep clean our house so it isn't as nasty and scary. I am so thankful to be serving with 김미형 자매님. She has such a positive, hard working attitude. And I am already learning lots and lots of Korean from her. She really is an excellent missionary. Even though this is now my second time white-washing, it is still tough! But we are already seeing blessings and miracles and I am excited to see how we can help preach the gospel and strengthen members here. We have faith and we know that we can do this with the Lord's help and guidance.

Love Always,

Me and my new companion, Sister K
So yes, my companion's name is Sister K. She is WONDERFUL!! I LOVE HER!!! Last time we whitewashed in my last area, we had two other sisters serving in the ward, and they showed us around and stuff. It is a little harder here, because we are the only two sisters, and we are in charge of two areas, not just one! But it is okay, things are getting better and better. The sisters who served here before us both had health problems and had to go home suddenly, so the house was a WRECK. But, things are getting better and better, and we are making our little house a home!

It was so hard to leave my last area. Here's a few pics of my goodbyes:

Bye bye recent convert who we did FHE with every single week.

Sister W and I with our twinning shirts! Couples in Korea are ALWAYS twinning. Like head to toe! It is super funny!

Bye bye Relief Society President. 

Bye Bye District!

Bye bye my friend E!

Bye Bye M! (I fell in love with my Philipina sisters in my ward. I love them!)

Bye bye Bishop & C! I loved my bishop and his wife--they were our adopted family. So fun!
And now, goodbye to my dear trainer, Sister W! I will miss her!
Bye Bye, Mother W! Time for this little (super tall...) bird to leave the nest!
(After seeing this picture, Mindy asked Allie if she can get slurpees at that 7-11 behind them in the picture. Here's Allie's answer:)

Hahah, no slurpees. The 7-11 isn't trademarked, it's a fake lie! Hahahah. I can get oreos here...that is about it for American food! Also, they have frosted flakes and chocolate chex, so I have cereal. GLORIA!!

Now for our new place:

Hello gross new bathroom!  ;) It won't be gross after today! Also, this pic lets you see how showers are just connected to the sink a lot of the time in Korea. Kind of cool!
Hello super messy rooms in our new apartment!

Hello awesome new companion!
Luckily when we got here, president actually called and had us go shopping and stuff (we didn't even have a square of toilet paper!) so that we could live. And today we will do the rest of the cleaning. It really is an okay (though old) house, it just needs some cleaning. One thing I like about my comp is that she is a germ freak too. YES! Always washing her hands. Hahaha. WOOHOO!

Also, random thing, but in YW in my new ward here, they read a section from For the Strength of Youth every week in YW as part of opening exercises. I thought it was a great idea because at least for me, I didn't read that pamphlet very much! 

Love you all bye, I think the world of all of you! This week if you get overwhelmed, just remember that we have a loving Heavenly Father who knows exactly what we need, and when we need it. One cool thing that really hit me this morning in personal study is that Christ truly is the head of this church. I always thought it was so cool that prophets lead our church, but today I really realized that it is CHRIST that leads our church, through prophets. That is so cool to me. God isn't just ancient, He is up to date and hip and happening! He is the greatest leader to ever exist, and He is our leader. 

Love you bye!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! 세헵 복 많이 받으서요!

Feb 8, 2016    세헵 복 많이 받으서요! Happy Lunar New Year!! :D It is the Year of the Monkey!  

Me in a traditional hanbok
This holiday is very interesting in Korea (Well, I've never celebrated in America I guess!) It is 3 days long. It started yesterday, as the preparation day, then today is the main celebrating day, and tomorrow is the resting day. So yesterday, Koreans prepared lots and lots of food. Then, today is the day which they eat it! It is the custom to spend lunar new year with the dad's side of the family. So all of these big Korean cities are pretty empty right now because lots of the grandmas and grandpas live in the countryside on farms. Anyway, part of the food they prepare is for their dead ancestors. The amount of relatives you have living determines how many ancestors' graves you visit. For example, in my family (father's side, cause that's what they do), we have 2 generations living. My brothers and dad (If Grandpa Beckett were still alive, it would be 3!) So for the new year, we would go visit 2 generations of ancestors, which would be Grandpa Beckett and Great Grandpa Beckett. We would prepare them each their own different meals and leave it on their graves. We would also pay respect by wearing hanboks and doing a traditional bow at the grave. We would also write them notes on rice paper! Also, if you do the traditional bow, your family straight up gives you $$$$! Pretty cool! The traditional food for new year is duck gook, which is soup made with gummy rice stuff. We borrowed hanboks from members and we will wear them to dinner tonight at a members! Fun! Also we will wear them to the hospital to visit a nice grandma lady that we used to teach. Happy new year!!

Wearing hanboks (traditional Korean dress) worn for holidays, weddings, and probably funerals, but I'm not sure about that.

Fun pictures in our hanboks!

Mom and Mindy - recognize this guy? He was the main guy in Go Mi Nam (You're beautiful)!! He's on posters everywhere!

The elders in my district all wearing hanboks. Fun stuff!

Sister J and I having a legit Asian fight.
Sister W and I have been working so hard together, and it is starting to pay off! The only bummer is that transfers are this week, and I am pretty sure that I am leaving. We were supposed to get transfer calls today, but President has been sick so he hasn't been able to pray about it enough yet, so we will get transfer calls tomorrow, instead.

It is really weird to look back on when I first got to Korea; things seemed so...different! I remember the weird smells, being smashed on a bus full of Koreans, being shocked by being surrounded by so many tall buildings and bright lights...and how all of that now seems normal to me! And when Sister W and I came here, we were white washing and opening this area, so we street contacted like all day every day. And since it was my first transfer here, that is just what I thought missionary work was always like. We started with ZERO investigators, but we've come so far! I'm thankful to say that we don't just street contract anymore, we actually teach people!  :)

My challenge for you all this week is to study "Your Wonderful Journey Home" by President Uchtdorf in the April 2013 conference. It is sooo good and really boosted my spirits this week. ALso, I wanted to share D&C 100:12 "Therefore, continue your journey and let your hearts rejoice; for behold, and lo, I am with you even until the end." Whatever journey you are on, or challenges you are facing , CONTINUE FACING IT! And try to do it with a smile, because you aren't alone. Jesus Christ perfectly understands what you are going through. :)

Sorry ya'll, I have to go, but I love you and pray for you each individually EVERY DAY! So stay happy and healthy. I think the world of all of you, and everyday I think of how blessed I am to get to spend eternity with each of you. Make it a great week! I will let you know in a week how transfers went...wish me luck!


Saturday, February 6, 2016


This week has been SOOOO COLD AND SNOWY!! SO cold that we are talking like thermal garments, leggings, three pairs of tights, socks, leg warmers cold. Yeah. Cold. The humidity is killer! And we have like a foot of snow, which I think is quite fun! But nobody salts sidewalks or plows roads here, so everyone slips on the sidewalks and cars are weaving ALL over on the roads!

Sister J and me

So cold!! Sister W and me

Sister H and me
This week our district tried doing a sticker board to do some street contacting...

I was also in charge of passing out free hot cocoa. You know, it hurts to have people reject you for the gospel....but what I can't understand is when people reject your hot chocolate! IT IS FREE! 

This beautiful little pavilion used to be a pile of logs! Literally! It was really cool because I watched them build this and carve it by hand from a pile of logs. Now it is beautiful!

I guess in Korea you can throw away...pets? PS we sort our garbage here. It is nasty. Food trash, plastic, metal, soft plastic, glass, styrofoam, cardboard...
Some day I will buy one of these beautiful dresses!

Here is a pic of me and Sister W and Sister Z at a restaurant. Sister W trained Sister Z before she trained me!

I got the package, thank you SO MUCH! I LOVE the fleece skirt, it is awesome and works wonders!
 (Mom's note here:  Tawnja and I made Allie a fleece skirt/slip to wear under her dresses to try to give her a layer of warmth. Thanks Tawnja for doing the elastic band!!!!)

Some darling girls we are teaching English and the gospel!!
I am doing good! This week has been good, but tough. I was really sick for a while this week and one of the days I couldn't go out and work. But the Elders came and gave me a blessing. And cool fun fact: the oil used in my blessing was consecrated by Elder Holland!! Yeah buddy! Sister W and I work soooooooooo hard together, which is awesome. When we first got here, I was being trained, and we were opening a new we started with ZERO investigators. We have had quite the roller coaster of a ride here in 첨단 for the past three transfers. But our work is starting to pay off, and we are on the brink of miracles!!! This week we got two new investigators via our free English advertisements. We do a 30/30 program, where we teach English for 30 minutes for free and then we teach 30 minutes about the gospel. Well, we started talking about the gospel, and THEY asked US if they could come to church, before we even started talking about church! WOOOWW!!! YESSS!!!!! There names are J and U, and we can't decide if they are dating or not...they are college age and SO ADORABLE! I am just amazed at how Heavenly Father sent us such prepared people!! The sad thing is that transfers are next week, and I have pretty much been told that I am leaving. Not gonna lie...that is a little heart breaking because Sister W and I have given it our all, every day, and we haven't seen much success. But now we are SO CLOSE to having people accept this gospel and things are really starting to get better and I will have to leave! WAHHH!!!!  I probably won't get to be here for any of the baptisms of people I helped teach and worked so hard for. :(  Also, this coming week we are going to start teaching a lady's two children. She decided she wants to come back to church this year, and she wants her kids to be a part of our awesome church programs. So things are really looking up here! I just wish I could stay long enough to see the success. 

Okay, here are fun facts for the week:

I ate chicken feet (talons?) Not my favorite. Especially since I have seen where chickens walk! And EEWWW, yes, straight up chicken feet! In red sauce...

I ate jellyfish

I listened to Ace of Base in a Taxi

Last thing! This morning in personal study I realized something cool. Lehi and Nephi (not 1st NephI)  experienced very similar things as the sons of Mosiah and Ammon did. But compare Helaman 5:34 and  Alma 14:17 and see how people reacted differently! Abish had faith and acted, and the Lamanites were paralyzed with fear. You will know what I am talking about when you read it. Anyway, have faith and act this week! Don't let fear paralyze you! Love you!