Monday, January 18, 2016


Hello everyone!  I have never admired missionaries so much until I became one. I never realized how HARD they work, and how emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually draining it is. Yesterday I just wanted to go home and sleep SO BAD. My head was bursting from meetings and everything seemed to be going wrong. But as missionaries, YOU JUST KEEP GOING! NO BREAKS! And that is okay, because it shows the Lord that we love Him!! One thing my mission president talks about is PACE...Positive Attitude Changes Everything. And do you know what? THAT IS SO TRUE!! Just like in Cross Country, if you have a positive attitude, you can run faster and harder and it hurts a little less. So there is my challenge to you all this week, no matter what is going on or what is seeming particularly difficult, pick up your pace. Smile! Even though it has been a hard week, I have tried my best to keep a positive attitude, and it has helped me so much. It is all about perspective!

This is Sister H and I being nerds. I ADORE her!
Sister H and I made Kimchi Chigae together. YUMMM! (It is like Kimchi soup)
Yesterday I got to watch The Restoration Video. I felt the Spirit SO STRONG. Can I just say... I LOVE JOSEPH SMITH! What a hero stud man! I have NO DOUBT that he saw Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father. My heart is so incredibly thankful to him for enduring what he had to endure to restore this gospel. Just think, He was little Sethy's age when He saw God! And people treated him so terribly for it. Let's show Joseph Smith how thankful we are for him by following his example and standing up for our beliefs and our God even when it is hard. I can't wait to meet him one day. I also want to meet Emma. 

I don't think I ever wrote you all about this, but when I first got to Korea, I was SO overwhelmed. SOOOOO much culture shock and stress and all I heard was jibberish that I couldn't understand. I really considered coming home! I needed something that was familiar and comforting. That weekend, I found the familiar and comforting thing I was looking for...the sacrament! I have never appreciated the sacrament as much as I have now. When I felt the spirit in church that first Sunday, I felt so much peace. I looked around and realized that I wasn't so different from all of the Koreans sitting around me. We were all worshiping Christ, and all remembering Him as we ate bread and water. I am thankful for that experience.

I lived my dream this week and bought a macaroon from a bakery. They have bakeries ALL OVER!

Fun Facts:
- I am 22 over here. WEIRD! The day you are born you are one, and then every new years you add a year. So if a baby was born December 31, 2015, the next day, January 1, 2016, he would already be two! Crazy! So fun fact, I can sing 22 by T Swift. (JK I can't. But I could listen to some church music and that is pretty...exciting. ;)    )

- They have melon flavored everything here. Yesterday I ate melon bread and it was SO GOOD!

- They also have sweet potato flavored everything. Also, we literally eat sweet potatoes like apples, except for they are baked first so that they are soft.

- POT! Yep. I eat pot. But in Korea, that is red beans. They put it in EVERYTHING. Like dessert isn't dessert without red beans. So I get my fill of that, too.

- Hand holding...everyone does it! Boys and boys, girls and girls, boys and girls....It really doesn't mean anything besides that you are friends. There are no weird feelings about it. I get my hand held all of the time.

- Bum patting...Yup. Grandmas pat mine all the time.

- Spam! Practically the only meat in my diet

Yep. Korea is the coolest. :)


PS We get to do FHE at a foster home full of special needs girls. IT IS MY FAVORITE!! I feel the spirit so strongly with them. Here is a picture with them. :) They are so incredibly sweet.

We ate these fish hot dog things that were a little interesting!

(Here are a few notes from our emails last week. She didn't write a letter, we just had some back and forth conversations):

Sister W and I found a yummy cafe!

This is my district, minus one elder who had to leave fast to go be an AP.
Let's see....things I will tell you that IDK if I have told you about yet:

-Two days after you all prayed for my ear, IT STOPPED HURTING!! I am fairly sure that all of your prayers healed an ear infection, that was at one point SUPER PAINFUL!

-When I get back don't be grossed out if I eat out of your same soup bowls, or dinner plates, or anything. In Korea, the only food you have is a bowl of rice. The rest is in the middle and everyone just goes at it. Kinda fun.

-There are 8 missionaries that serve in my ward, so it is a lot different then missionaries in UT, where there are like 2 per stake!

-Mom remember how I said I got your letter like a month and a half late? Well it was a blessing because you said some really comforting things that I needed to hear the week I received it. So thank you! Yeah, I heard North Korea blew some stuff up, which kinda terrified me, but Koreans (South Koreans) really don't even care or seemed worried or anything. But mom your letter came at a time I needed some comfort, so thank you!

I am not gonna lie, this week has been really tough. But things are hopefully getting better and better. But last night I sat on the floor and ate mashed potatoes (thanks Adamsons and Becketts) and that helped me feel happier.
Bathroom's cold here! 
Here is my final advice for the week, and what I will be working on this week. FIND JOY NOW!! God is so good to all of us. We can ALWAYS find something to be happy about. :) 

Love to all!


  1. This girl makes me want to be better! She also makes me want to never complain about being tired again... my schedule in no way reflects hers around the clock. She is so wonderful and faithful!!!!

  2. Hello Sister Beckett! Your cute photos are wonderful and totally make me homesick for Japan. I'm so excited for the Koreans who have been waiting their whole lives to meet you!! I love the perspective that we really only grow from the hard times. You are a "lello-pink" rock star, go get 'em! :-D

  3. You make me Smile:) How inspiring are YOU!!! Love Your positive Attitude and Testimony:)
    Love You!
    Sis Bevan