Thursday, December 15, 2016

A Series of Really, REALLY Fortunate Events (Dec 11)


THAT WOULD BE A WHITE BAPTISMAL DRESS! :D :D YEAH BUDDY!! IT was seriously the craziest happiest week EVER!!!! President asked me to tell the whole I will just send you that same email below. :)

Here is our miraculous story of our investigator (now member!), Sister μ •!

It all started at the end of October. It had been kind of a rough day, and I really didn't have the desire to open my mouth or share any copies of the Book of Mormon. We were walking home from our church and up ahead we saw a lady walking in front of us. I had the prompting come, really just in the form of a passing thought, to go talk to her. I really didn't want to, but I thought about my purpose as a missionary, and decided that I should talk to everyone. So I picked up my pace, caught up to her and started chatting with her. Soon Sister P joined me, and we were able to share our testimonies, a Book of Mormon, and we also got her phone number.

After that we tried calling several times during the week, but nobody answered. This happens a lot as missionaries, so although we were sad we shook it off and didn't think much about it.Two weeks later, much to our surprise, she called us! She asked us, "What time do you worship on Sundays? I want to go to your church!" WE WERE SHOCKED! We had been praying so hard to find new investigators, and God answered our prayers. She came to church that Sunday, attended all of the meetings, and even joined the ward choir preparing to perform at stake conference. When she came to church, the elders were so surprised -- apparently they had seen her on the street that very same week and had 전도d to her, but got rejected. We asked the elders what day that was, and SURPRISE! It was the same day that she called us back and said she wanted to come to church with us. The elder's testimonies must have re-sparked her desire to meet with us. TEAMWORK and also definitely God's plan!

We met with her frequently. As it turns out, she, like Joseph Smith, had attended several different churches throughout her life, but still hadn't found the right one. She was so prepared for this gospel! Since Sister P and I have been reviewing the 12 Week Program lately, we had recently read about setting a baptismal date on the second time meeting with an investigator. So, we exercised some faith and...IT WORKED! We set a date on just the second lesson. We went alone to her home to teach her several times during the week, and although our ward members are busy on weekdays, we were able to do member lessons on Sundays during Sunday School time. Working with the members was awesome -- I wish I would have realized how powerful teaching with members is earlier on in my mission. Teaching with a member by our side magnified the Spirit, added a witness to what we were teaching, and helped μ • feel more comfortable at church. 

The ward choir and other activities (such as helping making our ward Christmas party invitations with members) also proved to be a vital part of μ •'s progression and relationship with the ward members. Because of the choir practices, she came out to the church several times a week and was able to meet and build friendships with the ward members. Luckily, she lives right by our church, so coming often was not a problem. And when GwangJu Stake Conference rolled around, our lovely μ • was singing loud and proud, front and center of our tiny Mokpo Ward choir.
The members prepared wonderful food for the baptism!
She continued to progress, keep commandments, and exercise her faith -- she even gave away her two giant Costco-sized boxes of coffee! Woohoo! Just one month after calling us and saying she wanted to come to church, she was baptized. That was yesterday! :D I can't describe the happiness that Sister P and I felt. Our little Mokpo Ward did an awesome job of coming out and supporting the baptism. During the talk of a member who had helped us teach μ •, gave a talk, and μ • silently cried and cried. After μ • was baptized, we (Sister P, μ •, and me) went in the bathroom, and there μ • just stood, dripping wet and crying, saying that she felt so much peace. As strange as it sounds, that bathroom was a holy place at during that time for us three...the Spirit was so STRONG! After she was dried off, she shared her testimony with the attending members. As part of her testimony she said, "The reason I am crying is because I feel God's love, I feel all of your love, and I feel really warm!" Everyone who attended that baptismal service was sure to have felt the Holy Ghost, it was SO POWERFUL!

Today was a little stressful at first. μ • was supposed to receive the Holy Ghost, sacrament meeting was starting, she still hadn't showed up, and she wasn't answering our calls. We prayed, and waited a little longer. My tummy started feeling sick because I begin to doubt that she would come. But SHE CAME! During the second verse of the opening song, our beloved μ • came! Our chapel is on the second floor of our church, so we tried to hurry her up the stairs, because it was almost time for her to receive the Holy Ghost. While going up the stairs, she stopped and started digging through her purse. "There is no time for this!" I thought, but finally she found what she was looking for: she handed us a handful of dollar bills and said, "This is my fast offering!" I can't really describe how special and sweet that was, but I hope you can imagine. It was wonderful, and also quite a happy shock. Soon after that, she became the newest member of Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It was straight up BLISSFUL!

I have learned SO MUCH through all of this. First of all, I am thankful for the quiet thought that helped me forget about myself, refocus on my purpose, and go talk to her on the street. That definitely was the Holy Ghost, not me! It scares me how I almost didn't talk to her...the Holy Ghost really does just communicate with us sometimes through a simple thought. Second, I am so thankful for the challenge given by President Madsen to give out more Book of Mormons. I otherwise probably would have just shared a pamphlet with her, because for whatever reason, they are easier to give! But there is POWER in the Book of Mormon! And I believe that sharing the Book of Mormon with her is a big reason why she called us back. Third, I learned the truth of what President taught about the church being the "center of strength". 전도ing by the church helped us find an investigator who literally lives around the corner from our church...which made it easier for her to come to our church often on Sundays and also for choir practices. It also allowed the elders to re-meet her on the street, re-전도 to her, and it motivated her to finally call us back after two weeks. I have also learned how extremely important members and ward activities are in helping investigators feel welcome, loved, and involved. And last but most importantly, I learned that this is God's work, God's miracles, God's timing, and God's plan. And I am forever thankful that He allowed me to be a part of that. There is nothing happier than assisting somebody find the truth and happiness that the gospel of our Savior Jesus Christ brings.

President & Sister Madsen visited yesterday evening for interviews. They visit often--they are so great!  Here is a pic of me and Sister Madsen. So sweet!
Well family, we have so many more miracles that happened this week, but I am too lazy to write more. But please pray for a girl named J and her mom. They also have a high potential of getting baptized soon. They want to join a church. J is 19 and has such an open, accepting mind to the gospel. She has been praying every day and feeling peace. She accepted the soft baptismal invite, which Sister P gave like a BOSS! It has been such an incredible week!  Some of the happiest moments of my mission! And now I must go...

Sister Beckett

Friday, December 9, 2016

Here's My Letta! (Dec 4, 2016)

This was at our service activity--on the right is my first greenie that I trained, Sister J! It is always SO GOOD to see her. She has progressed so much and is training now! I am so proud of her and I really love her.
This week I had a special experience where I really felt my Savior's love, and felt that He truly understands EVERYTHING that I am going through and feeling. Lately I have been feeling like an ultra failure, especially at Korean. Just little things everyday have made me feel like the biggest loser ever. On Saturday, Sister Park and I ordered food to our house for lunch because we were out of food at our house (don't worry, we will go grocery shopping today!)  Sister Park didn't want to call to make the order, so I did. When the delivery man came, he said to Sister Park, "Why did you have someone bad at Korean order? It was hard to understand! You should have done it!" And I lost it!  I had already been feeling so low lately, and that was kind of my last crushing moment. I just sat at my desk and silently cried and cried. Sometimes I feel invisible, misunderstood, misrepresented and alone. So as I sat at my desk, crying and wishing to go home, I had a thought come to my head that Jesus Christ was the most alone and misunderstood person to ever live. 

I thought and sat thinking " Why don't the Koreans even appreciate my effort? Don't they know how hard this is? Don't they know that I am trying my best and that the reason I am doing this is because I want to help them? Then why do they ignore my? Why do they always only talk and look to my Korean companions? Why don't they give me a chance?" And the thought that came was once again about Jesus Christ.  I am sure He had (and still has) the same thoughts, in a much deeper way. "Why don't they appreciate my sacrifice? Don't they know how hard this is/was  for me? Don't they know the reason I am doing this all is for them? Why do they ignore me? Why don't they give me a chance?" 

When this thought came to my mind, I felt gratitude and comfort from my Savior. Somebody DOES perfectly understand me. Jesus Christ. Sometimes I think nobody can understand how alone and invisible I sometimes feel, but CHRIST DOES. And I am so thankful and comforted by that. But I am not telling you this to worry you -- I am doing good now! I just wanted to share this experience, because through this experience my testimony of Jesus Christ and His Atonement was strengthened. I know that Jesus Christ has walked our path before, and is walking it again WITH us. He loves us and He understands us in every situation. And I know that we can be strengthened through His Atoning sacrifice if we take time to remember Him.
Here I am with Elder Wesley Allen from Grantsville, and my MTC comp Sis M!!

Now, Random Questions:

1. Are you all participating in the church's service initiative? And have you all got the service calendars and seen the video and all that? It is AWESOME! On Dec. 1 our whole mission (in our respective zone) and missionaries ALL over the world participated in the world-wide service day. We delivered these charcoal who-knows-what that help people stay warm in the winter. It was so fun and dirty!! And the little grandma who we delivered to (we delivered enough to her house to last all winter) was so thankful. And while we were moving the surprisingly heavy charcoal she would come put candy in our mouths. I also asked her to roll up my sleeves for me because my hands  were black and she was happy to help. It was so cute. Mom, you would be proud of my because I volunteered to do the most difficult part! I had to lift all of the charcoals and walk it up a little hill! So the grandma was also cheering me on. Haha. Afterwards we went to her little house-type thing and washed our black hands in a bucket of water. She was so thankful and happy! It was a good and humbling experience.
Sister Missionaries service! I'm holding the charcoal thing.
2. Is our cousin Ty on the title page of the Conference Liahona?! Or is it his twin? Or did I forget what he looks like?

3.Can you ask Bishop Bartley to let me work in the primary or nursery after I get back? I miss kids.

4. One thing that has really helped me in learning and applying what I learned from general conference is something that Elder Bednar taught us when he visited. This is what he does, and he suggested that we do it, too. It is an awesome method! Take the prophet, counselors, and apostles' talks and one by one mark three things in different colors 1. Doctrines or principles taught 2. What we should do 3. Promised blessings. I have done this to only two talks so far, but it is really incredible how much more I have learned and seen HOW to apply what I have learned, and WHAT blessings I will receive if I apply what I learned. Also when I look back at the talks it helps me immediately identify the most important parts. Really awesome! Today I did it with Elder Christofferson's talk called "Abide in My Love" WHAT AN AWESOME TALK!  Please all read that talk this week, and mark it up like Elder Bednar taught. You will learn so much and you will DEFINITELY feel God's love for you more. I know that I did! 

Well, my time is up so I must go. Have a great week!


Friday, December 2, 2016

Another Miraculous Week in Mokpo! (Nov 27)

Hey Baes,

Sister P and I are so grateful to be serving together for another transfer in Mokpo. We have worked hard together, learned together, overcome challenges together, and now we are seeing miracles together!!

Yesterday it was awesome to have our investigator at stake conference...especially because she sang in the choir, front and center!! As silly as it may sound, I know that it was God's plan for our tiny Mokpo ward to sing at stake conference. Because of that, our investigator JMJ was able to frequently go to the church throughout the week for practices and strengthen her relationship with the members. Everything about JMJ is a miracle straight from Heavenly Father, and I am so thankful for that! It is so interesting to look back (even throughout my whole life) and see how God has guided everything, without even knowing. He is the BEST!

We have taught Sister J The first three lessons, and half of the fourth. Last Sunday we taught the Word of Wisdom, and she committed to live it even though she drinks coffee and tea. The next time we met for a lesson (Saturday night) we followed up on how she was doing with the Word of Wisdom, and we were THRILLED to find out that not only is she living the Word of Wisdom...she also got rid of all of the coffee in her house! Last week when we visited her apartment there was SO MUCH COFFEE!! Costco size boxes. But she GOT RID OF THEM! That is faith!! After following up on WoW we taught about tithing and fast offerings. She willingly accepted (she reads the Bible, so she already new about tithing!) and she said she will pay tithing and fast offerings next Sunday! Incredible. As we were talking, she started crying and said that the day  we met on the street for the first time had been a really bad day. She was feeling down and discouraged because people she new who were attending churches and saying they believed in God were making really bad, wrong choices, and so she was really frustrated and it was making her question her own faith. Then she met us and felt peace. And the rest is history! She said our church feels so peaceful, and when she reads the Book of Mormon, she also feels peace. Don't worry, we taught her that that feeling was the Holy Ghost!! Anyway, I am so thankful that we were challenged and motivated by President Madsen to give out Book of Mormons every day. We have definitely seen miracles by following that divine inspiration that he received. 

Last month we were riding a bus, and all of the sudden another foreigner (Russian) girl came and stood by me and we started talking. I had to get off at the next stop, so there wasn't much time, so we quickly introduced ourselves. After I told her I was a missionary, she lit up and said, "I AM A BELIEVER, TOO!" It was so cute!! But after only about 20 seconds I had to get off the bus. I didn't have the chance to get her number, and I didn't know where she lived.  All I knew was that her name was N_ and that she also believed in God. I hurried and gave her our number and begged her to call us. Then I got off the bus. AND I HAVE REGRETTED THAT EVER SINCE!! I wish I would have stayed on that bus, gotten her number, shared my testimony, and just gotten off at the next stop. N_ seemed so kind and pure and I could sincerely tell that she loved God.  So after I got of the bus I immediately had a heavy, sad heart, because I didn't get her number, and that instant on the bus might have been the only time in her life that she had the opportunity to hear the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. ANYWAY...for the next few days and week I prayed so hard to find N_ again, or that she would call us. We went and walked around the area for a couple of hours on where we rode the bus, just hoping that maybe we would see her again. But nothing. Fast forward 3 weeks... we were walking home from church, crossing the crosswalk, and for who knows what reason, after we crossed the street I turned around to look the opposite direction from where we were going. (Thanks Holy Ghost for twisting my neck! Haha) There across the street was N_! So we re-crossed the street and ran to her! A couple days later (this past Friday) we met her at a cafe. I was astonished at her faith in our Savior Jesus Christ. She glows with the light of Christ, and she 100% relies on Him in her life. I learned so much from her and I felt the Spirit from her testimony. She was also so grateful to "meet other believers" and share an uplifting experience together. We plan on meeting again soon, and we are excited to share the gospel with her. We hope and pray she will accept it. She definitely wants to follow Jesus Christ!

Anyway, sorry for the long email, but Sister P and I have been seeing so many miracles together, so I thought I better share some with you. :)

Lots of love,
Sister Beckett

Friday, November 25, 2016

A Heart Full of Joy! (November 21, 2016)

HEY!!! Sorry I am on so late!! Sister P and I went to the middle of nowhere and rode a lot of crazy buses to get there! Hahaha we saw some cool Buddhist temples, and took some fun pictures in our hanboks! Don't kill me, but I don't have time to send pics of that today. Next week!

The church is doing the COOLEST things for Christmas this year. We as missionaries had special trainings about it this week. I am pumped to be a part of it! Find out more here!

Also, on November 25 check out because and AWESOME new video is coming out. We got to see it a little early. I LOVED it, and I know you will, too! Light up the world this Christmas season! Anyway...

Last night I couldn't sleep for such a long time, because my heart was SO HAPPY. SOOOOO HAPPY!  I have felt God pouring His blessings and love on us lately, and I feel so humbled and happy to be a part of His work.

This week, we were able to set a baptismal date with our investigator JM. We first met her on the street and shared a Book of Mormon with her. Her baptismal date is December 11th. It was quite the miracle...only our second time meeting her and she is willing to work towards a baptismal date! She has attended lots of different churches before. We went to her house and she showed us shelves of journals filled with notes she has taken on the Bible. But even after attending all of those churches, she has been wondering which church is true. SHE HAS FOUND IT! We were able to meet with her three different times this past week. She has been going to choir practices, helping us and the young women make Christmas cards, and she came to church again on Sunday. This week at church, the members' hearts were a little more opened than they were last week. People greeted her and put their arms around her, and I was SO THANKFUL!! We were really worried that she would not go to church, because Saturday night she called and said she didn't want to go to church the next day. (Still not sure why!) Sunday rolled around, and Sacrament Meeting was starting, and she still hadn't showed up. We sang the sacrament hymn, and the sacrament was blessed. After the sacrament was blessed, I closed my eyes again and started praying that JM would come to church. Imagine my surprise when I finished my prayer, opened my eyes, and she was NEXT TO ME ...chewing the sacrament bread! I almost screamed from delight!! Instead I just reverently hugged her, haha. During Sunday School time, we taught her with a member. As part of our lesson we taught the Word of Wisdom. Right now she drinks coffee and tea, but she is going to do her best to live the Word of Wisdom. I love her for that! I love when people are willing to try to change. She is a miracle! (I sent this part to my president, too haha) I know transfers are coming up, and I will willingly and happily go wherever the Lord and you think I should go. But if there is ANY way that if I do transfer, that I could come back to Mokpo for her baptism, I would literally be ETERNALLY grateful. I have worked my hardest my whole mission, and haven't really had visible results. But JM is a miracle that God sent me. The Holy Ghost prompted me to share a Book of Mormon with her, and I am so thankful that I did. It would mean the world to me to see her baptized.

Just when I thought Sunday couldn't get any better, I got a surprise phone call from a (no longer) less-active member from when I served in Hungdok. She is in her twenties, and when I served there, we were able to help her become active again in the church. We visited her multiple times a week, and we became true friends with her. It was such a great surprise to hear from her. I will never forget her voice telling me these things on the phone yesterday: "Thank you. Thank you for everything. You saved my faith! You saved my faith! I am happy now. I am really, really happy. And I just wanted to tell you. I am happy because I am saying my prayers, reading my scriptures, attending church, and counting my blessings." As she talked to me on the phone she cried. I can't describe the complete joy I felt from that phone call. In her voice I could HEAR the happiness, I could tell that she has come to the Savior. It was the most incredible phone call of my whole life. All I could think about was D&C 18 that talks about the joy of bringing souls unto Christ. IT REALLY IS JOYFUL! SOOO JOYFUL! And it isn't a joy that disappears. I am so thankful for that. I love being a missionary and representing our Lord Jesus Christ.

Sister Beckett

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Mokpo Miracle! (November 13, 2016)


This week was awesome! But before I share the awesome story, I better share a backup story. About three weeks ago I was tired and a little frustrated and annoyed and I didn't feel like 전도ing to people. We were walking to a bus stop and since I was in a bit of a bad mood I didn't really want to talk with others. But I saw a lady maybe in her fifties walking in front of me and I thought about my missionary purpose and decided that I better go talk to her and give her a chance to hear God's message. As we talked, we got her phone number and shared a Book of Mormon and our testimonies with her, and then went on our way. We tried calling her a few times, but she never answered. (Which happens a lot to missionaries.)

Fast forward to this week, and this lady, μ •, calls us and asked what time our worship service is on Sunday, and said she wanted to go.  We were SO EXCITED!!! So yesterday we were waiting for her at church, just praying and hoping that she would really show up. Right before the sacrament hymn she walked in. We were SO HAPPY! Sacrament Meeting was the Primary Program, and during the whole program she just read the Book of Mormon. After Sacrament Meeting, we wanted to teach her the Restoration, because we had never had the opportunity to meet with her before. Members in Mokpo are a little scarce, really busy, and can sometimes be a little intimidating, so it can be hard to to member lessons. But as we prayed and thought about who we could do a member lesson with, my mind kept going back to a certain sister in the ward whose faith has been struggling a bit. I shared my thoughts with my companion, but she was a little hesitant about asking that member, so we kept thinking of other members who we could teach with. We asked the Relief Society President, but she said she couldn't teach with us. My mind went back again to the sister struggling with her faith. I told my companion again, and she agreed to ask her. So after Sacrament meeting, although we weren't able to ask in advance, we hurried and asked the sister to teach a member lesson with us right then. She agreed but said she can't teach, she can only share her testimony (which is all that we needed! :) )

We taught the Restoration, and the member was ON FIRE! She was incredible, loving, friendly, shared her testimony, helped answer questions, and was another witness to the truth of the message we shared. Having a member present at our lesson made such a huge difference! It was a great experience, and I felt the Holy Ghost powerfully. During the lesson, our investigator said she had been wondering which church to join, and then she met us on the street. DEFINITELY GOD'S PLAN! :D As we taught, she continually said, "Amen!" and that she believed what we were saying. I hope and pray that she sincerely prays and reads the Book of Mormon and gets a testimony that the message we shared is true, and that it is God's message.

After our lesson, during Relief Society and Priesthood time, we had a short lesson and then choir practice for Stake Conference. Since Mokpo doesn't have a lot of members, it is hard for our little choir to have volume. But our investigator sang so loud and beautiful! She was a great addition to the choir! At first I was worried that it was going to be choir practice instead of a normal lesson, but it turned out wonderfully. After church we had a ward meal, which our investigator also stayed for. And after the meal, we had ANOTHER choir practice, which our investigator also wanted to stay for! She was at our church from 10ish am to 2:30pm!

It was such a happy, wonderful experience to have her come to church, participate in the meetings, and feel the Spirit. I was also so thankful for the sister in our ward who helped teach the lesson. She was a vital addition! I know that God had all of this planned out, and I am so thankful that He let us be a part of that plan. I am excited to see where the plan continues to go. :) This week we gave the soft baptismal invitation, and next week at church we are going to try to set a date. :D Miracles!! God sends miracles when we boldly testify of Him and His Son, and also as we share the Book of Mormon with everyone that we can.

One day we went to a cafe 3 times! It was crazy. SO much tea and hot cocoa! But that is often where people want to meet for lessons for the first time. So we will do it!! Ha ha.
Also, right now I am in a city called Jongup, we are going to go hiking with the sisters in our zone! I think it is the same mountain I went to when I was a greenie, so I will probably be drinking some more holy dragon water and collecting the beautiful fall leaves. :)

YOUR 벑켓 자맀

Thursday, November 10, 2016

YOU GOT MY RELEASE DATE?? (November 6, 2016)

I didn't even know my release date yet, I AM NOT READY TO GO!! But anyways...

Dear Family,

This week I have been trying to focus on enjoying the "nows". Missionary work, and life in general, can sometimes be super hard! So this week when I was feeling down, I read one of my favorite talks by President Uchtdorf called, "A Summer With Great Aunt Rose." Here is one of my favorite parts:

“I know a poem that says, ‘Forever—is composed of Nows.’ I didn’t want my forever to be composed of dark and fearful ‘Nows.’ And I didn’t want to live in the gloom of a bunker, gritting my teeth, closing my eyes, and resentfully enduring to the bitter end. Faith gave me the hope I needed to live joyfully now!  And faith and hope gave me confidence that one day everything would make sense, that because of the Savior, all the wrongs would be made right. After that, I saw that the path before me wasn’t as dreary and dusty as I had thought. I began to notice the bright blues, the verdant greens, and the fiery reds, and I decided I had a choice—I could hang my head and drag my feet on the dusty road of self-pity, or I could have a little faith, put on a bright dress, slip on my dancing shoes, and skip down the path of life, singing as I went.”
Our blessed tacos (THANKS MINDY & RY!!)

My new favorite food to make...sooo goooood!  Vietnamese rice wraps!

This week when things got a little crazy with the president in Korea, things seemed a little chaotic and overwhelming. There were protests all around Mokpo, even blocking the street that we usually walk on to go home at night.  In my head I was praying to feel peace and the Spirit, even though things seemed a little scary. People and policemen were everywhere by our apartment, so we were walking a different way when we heard somebody holler at us to stop. We stopped, a little confused, and saw two ladies running towards us. They said that they had been walking the other way, but had a feeling to come and talk to us. They were also volunteers doing service, and trying to get people to go to a performance called "Catana" which is a non-profit Christmas performance. As they talked to us, they showed us a brochure with people acting out the Nativity and celebrating Christ's birth. As they talked, I felt their love, God's love, the joy and hope that the Savior brings, and the Holy Ghost. It was a really special experience to be talking about Jesus Christ while we were surrounded by policemen and angry, yelling people. Even though things around us were crazy, we felt peace. I know that God heard my prayer and sent those ladies to us to help us know that God hadn't forgotten us, and to remind us that we can always feel Christ's peace. This experience also showed me that we can find joy in the "nows"! Eternity really is made of "nows", and so we always have to make the best of every situation.
A cute purple berry!

Macaroons!!! Yummy...
Also! This week we got to meet with a new investigator who I originally shared a BoM with on the bus. She is Catholic, so we went to Mass with her, which was an interesting experience. After Mass, she took us to a Cafe and introduced us to two of her friends, who we are now meeting with. Right now they have English interest, but with the Spirit I know that they can change to gospel interest! This experience filled me with gratitude that God once again helped me have courage to open my mouth and share the gospel. You never know what can happen! God has lots of plans!

Also, I love serving with Sister P. I also love studying the 12 weeks book and PMG. I have felt so much strength and have been able to recognize so many areas that I need to improve on. I have a long way to go, but I am trying to become more like our Savior, Jesus Christ.

Sister Beckett

We went on a hike today for p-day. This is the beginning!

Here we are with a soldier man

This is the end view of our hike. STUNNING!

The other side of the end view

Me and the cute Sista P

The rockkkk

Friday, November 4, 2016

Happy Halloween! (October 30, 2016)

λΆ•μ–΄λΉ΅! So good! But we have to be careful,
some have green tea. There are red beans and
vanilla pudding fillings. Obvi I like the vanilla 
pudding, but they are both good!
Happy Halloween! Remember the best ghost is the Holy Ghost!
Waiting for buses...

This week our Halloween party went pretty good! I was THRILLED because one of our investigators came to the party, brought her daughter, her friend, and her friend's kid! This investigator's name is 졜 and she attends a different church pretty seriously. It has been hard to teach her lately, in fact we have been wondering if we should stop teaching her, because she just wants to be friends, and not hear our message because she already attends a different church.  But she came to the party, and built a good relationship with a member named K.  I was so thankful for K. She is a convert, and she was so kind and loving and welcoming to our investigator and her friend. We (the missionaries) were busy the whole time doing games and running the party, so I was worried about our investigator, that she would feel alone or awkward. But Sister K was wonderful and built a great relationship with our investigator, so I was so thankful for that. And lots of members also brought their kids' friends. It was a good way to get people into the church and meet some of our members without feeling stress or pressure.  

Happy Halloween!

We are kind of in a tough situation with our investigators...none are really progressing. We want so badly to do God's work and find people ready to hear the miracle of the Restoration -- but sometimes it is really hard! I am hoping and praying that through sharing our testimonies of Christ and copies of the Book of Mormon that we will find somebody who is ready to embrace the gospel. A lot of times people just have "American Person" interest, not gospel interest. That can be rough sometimes. I hope (and am trying to have the faith) that we can find somebody and help them come unto Christ by Christmas as a gift to our Savior.

Have a great week, I've got to run!


Sister Beckett

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Elder and Sister Bednar's Visit! (October 23, 2016)

Hey Chickens! (Quoting mom before we actually got chickens and she stopped calling us chickens πŸ“)

Needless to say, this week was AWESOME! Listening to Elder and Sister Bednar's counsel and feeling the Spirit so powerfully is something I will never forget. Before and during the meeting, I continued to pray to gain a solid testimony that Elder Bednar was a disciple of Christ and sharing Christ's message with us. My prayer came true! Not only could I feel it from head to toe (literally) but I also saw light glowing around him, which was very interesting. I have never had an experience like that before. Partway during one of his messages, I noticed bright white light, perfectly outlining his body, and it moved when he moved. At first I thought that it was just because I had just been staring at him for an hour and a half. But, as I blinked and squinted and re-looked, the light was still there! That was a special experience for me. He truly glowed with the light of Christ, and my prayer was answered in knowing that he was representing our Savior, Jesus Christ.
The field is brown, all ready to harvest!
Here are some of my favorite things that I learned:
-Good teachers and missionaries help their students/investigators be agents not objects. Good teachers make everyone feel comfortable and get everyone involved. They never ask quiz-like questions.  Good teachers don't teach...they let the Holy Ghost teach while they just direct the discussion.

- Miracles come in continuing to do the small and consistent things. It takes more faith to continue to do the small and simple things every day than sitting and praying and waiting to see an angel or a big revelation to know that God is real. Faith comes through consistency in living the gospel. I was amazed at how many times he emphasized that.  I especially thought it was incredible when he ended his testimony by saying, "As an apostle of the Savior Jesus Christ, I bless you as if my very hands were on your own head to be spiritually consistent." That was POWERFUL.

Fields and cute Korean grannies
- I am usually a shy person in large crowds, but I am thankful that the Holy Ghost helped me have enough courage to ask my question to Elder Bednar. I said, "I know there is power and strength in Christ's Atonement, and when I reflect on my life I can see how He has helped me. But when I feel worried or overwhelmed or afraid or stressed it is hard for me to feel the strength of the Atonement in the moment. How can I recognize it?" He then told me that it was an "Excellent question!" Then he said his wife has a perfect answer to this question. Sister Bednar then told experiences close to her heart, about how all throughout her life, from the time she was pregnant, to being called to be a Stake President's wife, and BYU I's president's wife, to an apostle's wife. She explained how every single time she wondered how she could do it, how she thought there was no way she could make it through it, but how through Christ's atonement, even though she couldn't recognize power in the moment, even though she felt weak, SHE DID IT! She then bore testimony of Christ's atonement. After sharing her experiences and testimony, she closed in the name of Jesus Christ, which was interesting, because that was the only time in our Q&A session that an answer was closed like that. After she ended, Elder Bednar got up, but his arm around her, and said, "You will never hear a more genuine testimony and answer to your question. It is not important to recognize the Christ's Atoning Power in the moment, it IS important to remember it." They answered my question for like 15 minutes, and the whole 15 minutes they both stared RIGHT AT ME! IN MY EYES!! It was such a special experience that I will always remember. I could feel the Holy Ghost in every part of my body, not just a burning in my heart. From my personal question about Christ's atoning power, I learned that it is not important to recognize the power of Christ's atonement in the moment of trial, it is important to REMEMBER. And I feel like that ties in a lot with taking the sacrament every week...always remembering Christ's atonement, and being able to reflect on life and recognize and see that He HAS helped me, even if in the moment it is hard to recognize.

-From the general meeting at the κ΄‘μ£Ό Stake Center, I really loved him emphasizing 3 Nephi 13:33 -- if we set our priorities so that God's Kingdom and His righteousness come first, EVERY OTHER aspect of our lives will be blessed. The more I have thought about it, I have seen how this has been so true in my own life. My life, in every single aspect, has been enriched because of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. And I know from my own experience that when Jesus Christ becomes my priority, I am empowered to do so much more -- whether it be spiritually, in school, physically, or in any situation. I can see how God has directed and led me in my life so far, and I am so thankful for that. He knows how to help us be happiest! Putting Him first takes faith, and for a moment it might even seem like a sacrifice...but the blessings poured down on us in return are incredible. I have learned that NOTHING we do for the Lord is a sacrifice. Only an opportunity.

Sister Beckett

This lady is from Vietnam. I jundo-ed her on a bus and we met the next week for dinner before she went back to Vietnam. We were able to give her a Vietnamese Book of Mormon, which was cool. I was hoping she would be as excited about it as I was...but not quite...

Friday, October 21, 2016

Power from the Book of Mormon!

Hello Mah Sweeties,

President and Sister Madsen are so wonderful!! They came and visited us in Mokpo this week. President and Sister Madsen always give us a lot of strength and uplift us! It is always such a privilege to meet with them! We are so thankful to have them and serve with them. I also got to teach a member lesson with Sister Madsen. Mokpo ward is great, but member lessons seem almost impossible here because there are only a few members, and they are all so busy! So it was an awesome experience being able to teach with Sister Madsen as my companion. Sister Madsen is wonderful at making people feel comfortable and loved! The investigator I taught with Sister Madsen is wonderful! We first met with her for 30/30, but she is listening to our gospel message, asking good questions, and keeping commitments. I LOVE HER! She is 25 years old. Today we were going to go hiking with her, but Sister P has a cold. When I texted that to our investigator, she said that she will pray for Sister P! I can't tell you how happy it is to hear your investigator telling you they will pray. :D I LOVE THAT! I think the cold was a blessing from God so that she would pray more!! We can go hiking next week. ;)

My companion and I eating giant grapes and persimmons at an investigator's apartment. She also gave us onion straight up pure onion...but juiced. I HATE onion juice... :)
The Mokpo missionaries are throwing a Halloween party, and I am really excited! Mostly because we convinced one of our investigators to come to the party and help with face painting! That will be an awesome opportunity for her to meet with and connect with members.

I have LOVED working towards our "White Christmas" goal as a mission. I LOVE GOALS! They really do help us push ourselves and get out of our comfort zone, which allows growth. Here are our mission's new goals!

White Christmas Goals: 
10,000 testimonies of the Savior – One a day for each missionary;
10,000 testimonies of the Book of Mormon – One a day for each missionary;
10,000 Copies of the Book of Mormon placed into the hands of one of God’s children living in the Korea Daejeon Mission – One a day for each missionary; and

50 baptisms – One for each missionary companionship
 My only regret is that I haven't been trying as hard as I am now to share copies of the Book of Mormon my whole mission! I have always tried to 전도 to everyone I meet/see on the streets and on the buses, but usually my first thing I share with people is a pamphlet, and only occasionally a Book of Mormon. I don't know why Book of Mormons seemed so scary to share until this week! But this week, through sharing copies of the Book of Mormon as much as I can and through continually testifying of Jesus Christ and the Book of Mormon, my testimony has grown and I have seen so many miracles!! 

There is a story to each time we share a Book of Mormon, and I would like to share a FEW of those stories with you guys. :)

1. One night this week it was 8:55 pm, five minutes before we had to be in our apartment, and we had only been able to share one Book of Mormon that day. I was praying my heart out, wondering how we could give away one more BoM in only 5 minutes. There was nobody in sight! Then, the Holy Ghost put a thought in my head...share it with the κ²½λΉ„ 아저씨/apartment maintenance man! So we followed the prompting and knocked on his door. He wasn't there. BUT THEN...he walked out from around the building! He asked what we needed and we gladly told him that today instead of him helping us, we wanted to give him a gift!  We then bore our testimonies on how the BoM has blessed our lives, and he happily and gratefully accepted it. It was awesome.

2. This week we had Zone Meeting in κ΄‘μ£Ό, so we had to leave our apartment at 7:30 am. On the elevator in our apartment we gave a BoM to a nice man, and when we got out of the elevator and walked through the parking lot, we gave one to a nice old lady walking. It was so awesome... 2 in a row, and all before 7:35 am. There is a lot of joy found through sharing the BoM!

3. I gave one to a cute teenage girl on the bus. The awesome part is that I met her last week on a bus, too! The first time I met her I sat by her and talked with her and gave her my number. Then, the second time we met on the bus, SHE sat by ME, even though there were lots of empty seats. SO COOL! We talked a lot again, and I gave her a BoM, and invited her to our ward Halloween party, and then I asked her for her number. After she got of the bus she texted me a picture of her holding the Book of Mormon. The text said, "또 보면 μ’‹κ² μ–΄μš” μ±… 잘 μ½μ„κ²Œμš”."  Which means, "I hope to see you again! I will read the book well!" Needless to say... I was pumped!! Fill the font! Fill the font! Jk, but  I am really hoping and praying to teach her the gospel more!! 

Well, there are lots more cool experiences from sharing the Book of Mormon this week, but I better let you go. :)
Nate sent me the SWEETEST gifts and notes!! My heart was melting! This is a picture of me with a pretty comb he bought for me at a Buddhist temple!

He also sent me a Book of Mormon, marked up throughout the whole thing with his own personal insights and notes to me. A TREASURE I will keep and study forever!!
OH YEAH before I let you go...this week Elder Bednar is visiting our mission...for 3 HOURS!!! I am SO EXCITED!! Nate, is he visiting you mission, too?! I know he is doing lots of cool meetings while he his here in Korea. After he meets with our mission he is doing a "General Meeting" for all of Korea, which I also get to attend! I feel so thankful that he is willing to spend so much time visiting us and then going to even more meetings that same day -- it must be exhausting! Anyway...that should be AWESOME!

Sister Allie Beckett