Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Thanksgiving, etc.

(Here are some more bits and pieces from our email chats and from her journal.)

Kimchi is the best thing that has happened to Korea. I am telling you, I love kimchi these days!! Also, a quick story to make you all laugh. Lately I have been trying to give my all to the Lord. Including my arms and legs. When apartment buildings have passcodes, we have to creepily wait outside the doors until somebody with the passcode goes in or out. So yesterday, somebody finally went in and I ran in behind them but the doors were closing, so I stuck my arm in the sliding door (fun fact I was holding a bag of fruit) and IT SHUT ON MY ARM...HARD!!! SO then I am trying to pry the doors open off of my arm and old people are screaming behind me and a family just inside of the doors is flipping out and then got the doors open. It was quite funny. But hey, we got in the building. The elevator ride with all of them  after that happened was really awkward. Last month it was my foot I sacrificed in a door. We laughed so hard we cried. Hahahaha. Also last week, SIster W got off of the bus and the doors closed before I could get off! I was stuck behind a slow granny! SO I started banging on the bus door and I looked to my left and there was a teenage boy and I yelled "help!" (Korean doesn't come to my mind in moments of panic) and so he yelled something in Korean to the driver and I got off the bus. It was crazy. That boy was an angel!!! Also, the bus was SO PACKED. I wish you could ride Korean buses with me. :)

This week for Thanksgiving I made a cake that you all sent me in a package! But we don't have an oven , so I made it in the breadmaker (why we have one, IDK.) It worked really good but I couldn't take pics because I left my camera at a member's house. Thanksgiving night we were so busy we didn't have time for dinner! But then when we went to a members house she had randomly prepared us some delicious food. As I was eating it I realized that it was Thanksgiving. It was just a normal day in Korea...kinda weird but good. I have so many things I am thankful for.

This pic is of me trying to call home. JK. But they have these phone booths all over in Korea~!
Also on Thanksgiving I had some miracles!!! I got a package from Ben and Nadja!!! It was full of yummy treats and oatmeal and even leaves from Germany!! How cool is that?! They are sooooo sweet and thoughtful. Please tell Ben and Nadja thanks SOOOOOOOOO Much!! There were two addresses on the box, so I didn't know which address to write a thank you letter back to. I will write them an email, though. Also....last week when I got the package from the family I was super duper excited because there were so many delicious foods and cool trinkets from Dad's work! But I was so sad because I didn't see any letters. I searched through the box twice thinking SURELY y'all would put some letters in the package!! Well...on Thanksgiving day I randomly found AN ENVELOPE STUFFED WITH LETTERS!!! :D :D :D As much as I love the package, the letters mean SOOOO MUCHH!!!! It was a blessing in disguise that I didn't find the letters until Thanksgiving, because it made my Thanksgiving special. XOXOXO

Email time always seem to breeze right by, dang it! Really quickly, here are some things I wanted to say:
1. I always show family pics to everyone, and everyone is always shocked at how young mom looks!
2. There is a Korean family in my ward and they are coming to Utah around Christmas time and want to come visit you! COOL, HUH?!
3. At your BYU game picture, you are eating cougar tails in the pics....I have never eaten a cougar tail OR been to a BYU game but let's change that when I get back, K?
4.Mom your answer about the new church rules REALLY helped me! I was having some questions about that, but your answer really brought me peace. Heavenly Father is merciful, and He has that rule to preserve family relationships. Thank you for sharing that in your letter!
5. Look up the song, " The Hardest Think I've Ever Loved to Do." It is pretty good.
This week I was sitting on the bus one day and I was scared to talk to the girl next to me...which isn't new!! Anyway, I finally got the courage and talked to her, and we became friends!!! Now tonight we get to meet with her! WOOHOOO! Thank you Heavenly Father for giving my courage to open my mouth!
I dug through an old closet in our apartment and found a six inch Christmas tree. SO I wrapped the christmas necklace from the package around it and turned on the Christmas lights. Cute!

This lady told us her pants are made from panda bear fur! :)
I love President Shin so much. He is the HAPPIEST guy ever! This week we had our second Zone Conference and we had personal interviews with him. At the end of talking to me he said, "You are an angel. I love ya!" It was SOOO CUTE!! Hahahah He really is the coolest guy and he gives me the best advice. I have been getting pretty good at opening my mouth and talking to strangers everywhere I go. I have made it a goal to ALWAYS talk to who I sit by on the bus. This can be quite scary! But I don';t want to have any regrets on my mission so I need to talk to everyone I can. So far it has been working pretty good. FAITH, I tell you. FAITH!!

This is my district before transfers.
Okay. I have to go but I love you all SOOOO MUCH!! BYE!! Just know that I am doing great and I love Korea and I hope that all of you are doing awesome, too!! XOXOXOX


  1. Oh, I love this girl! What is her mailing address?

  2. This is Tawnja, by the way! I don't remember my google password.

    1. Tawnja, her address is at the top of her blog. Thanks for loving her! I will text you her address to make sure you see this. Love you!

    2. Oh, and you probably know this is Tracy and not Allie... :)