Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Hey There! October 18, 2015

Well guess what? EMAIL TIME!  :D  I am doing SO much better than last week, but sometimes I still have hard days. Thank you for your encouraging words!

This is the day I got to go on Splits with Sister M. In Korea they have TONS of street food. These are yummy little fried pancakey things with red beans in the middle...they LOVE red beans. I absolutely LOVED being with Sister M. I love her to death and miss her so much! The other girl in this pic is Sis M's trainer.

Here are some random answers to questions:

Okay..sounds like you all want to hear about FOOD! So here we go. :)

1. Grapes. They are not like grapes in America! You suck the grape out of the skin!! And they taste like grape flavoring, not grapes, so at first I hated them. (Thanks for training my tastebuds, mom!) You should look on youtube to see if there is a video of how to eat Korean grapes.

2. Percimens. YUM!! I eat these every day here, and I love them! If you ever see them in the US, buy them and eat them in remembrance of me! ( I did not mean that in a sac relig way!)

3. Pears. Asian pears are HUGE and delicious. They are like a mix between an apple and a pear. Every time we go to a members house they cut up fruit for us, and we all use these baby CUTEST forks to eat them. Also...the members sometimes ask me to peel the fruit with a knife (they NEVER eat pear skin, apple skin, etc) and guess what... I CAN'T DO IT! So eventually they just take the knife and apple away from me and do it themselves in like 2 seconds. Whoops.

4. Sweet Potatoes. They eat them like apples here. As just bite right into it. Kinda good, kinda weird. They are steamed when you eat them.

5. worst enemy and one of the most common foods here! The other day we were eating spaghetti at a members house and there were so many onions and so I only at the noodles and left the onions but GUESS WHAT?! That meant that at the end I literally had to eat a half cup of straight onions. WOOOW. I am getting good at eating foods I hate. Also, we drank Dr. Pepper at that meal. You'd be proud, dad. You'd be disappointed, mom.

6. Little fish. You eat the whole thing...eyes, bones, you just pop it in your mouth. Last night I was at dinner and I thought I was dishing up noodles...after I dished it up I realized they were all little fish! But, I was a good girl and didn't offend the member. I just popped a whole family of fish in my mouth and chowed down.

Fun thing in Korea: They have doorbell cameras! SO you ring the doorbell and they see you on a screen inside of their house. They can talk to you and you can talk back but only they can see you. The other day we wanted to secretly heart attack a members door in a locked apartment building, so I called a random house, they saw me, unlocked the apartment building, and we were able to secretly heart attack a members door. IDK if this even makes sense. But it was funny because it was a stranger that I called so that we could break in!!!

Also, yesterday I had to introduce myself in church and share my testimony. AHHH! I have never been so scared or talked so slowly. There are 7 other missionaries serving IN OUR WARD, and they can all speak Korean...besides that's fun. Hahah.

Korea seems VERY safe. It literally isn't scary AT ALL. Another funny think about Korea: Policemen drive around with their lights on ALL of the time. You only know it is an emergency when they turn the siren on.

Also...I accidentally dropped my companion's toothpaste in the toilet last night. This can teach us three things.

1. Screw the lid on your toothpaste
2. Close the toilet lid
3. Get your own toothpaste instead of asking your companion to get it. ;) haha jk. is very humid here. I always feel sweaty and it isn't even summer yet!
View from the 30th floor!
I went and visited a member in Daejeon (long story I went on splits with Sister M who I dearly miss!!) and the member lived on the 30th floor!! It was CRAZYY! Although apartments look old on the outside, a lot of them are SO NICE on the inside!!! 

This week I am ponderizing Acts 17:27-28 (read the JST!) It talks about how if we search for Christ, we will find that He is all around us! That is my goal this week -- to find Christ in my life every day. The longer I am here, the more I am loving the people and realizing that Christ loves these people, too! The church in Korea is true!! This week when I was feeling homesick and wondering if God cared, I had three things flash through my mind. 

1. A beautiful fall leaf. I LOVE fall leaves, and by reminding me of the leaves I saw that day, Heavenly Father showed me that He cared. 

2. A mom and daughter I saw laughing and talking together. People here love their families so much, too! It reminded me of me and mom, and I realized that even though I am across the world, families are still strong here, and they need the gospel in their lives, too, so that they can know that they can be with their favorite people for eternity. 

3. I remembered all of the uplifting messages you sent me last week, and I felt re-motivated and ready to go! 

YAY! Ponderizing for life!! Also, I have been reading some suggestions in this missionary book called "Adjusting to Missionary Life" and it suggested something SO COOL! IT said to make your prayers more meaningful, picture Christ standing right before you, and you kneeling and talking directly to Him. That has made my prayers better this week. 

Along with that, listen to this quote that Sister Hansen (Martha) sent me this week! “The Father to whom we pray is the glorious God who created worlds through His Beloved Son.  He hears our prayers as He heard Joseph’s prayer—as clearly as if they were being offered in His presence.  He loves us enough that He gave His Son as our Savior.  By that gift He made it possible for us to gain immortality and eternal life.  And He offers us, through prayer in the name of His Son, the opportunity to commune with Him in this life as often as we choose.” (President Henry B. Eyring) I love that thought!

Street Shops

This picture is all KIMCHI!  Eeeew...

At night, Korea looks like VEGAS!!
Cute Korean girls at FHE who live in a foster home

Korea has the hugest, nastiest spiders!!

I have to go, but I hope you will all write me letters! I love you all, and now I have to go, so goodbye bffs. I think the world of you.



  1. Oh yay! I got the boost I needed from Allie's sweet letter! She cracks me up...eating a school of fish, saving that pile of onions only to realize she had to eat them in order to not offend, but what really cracked me up was her

  2. It cut me off...what I thought was so funny was her Dr. Pepper comment! What a lovely, sweet missionary! Sure love that gal and her family!

  3. I wish I could go out on splits with Sister Beckett! Oh my goodness, she is a live wire. And I CAN'T BELIEVE she was so amenable to popping a fish family into her mouth. This is Allie we're talking about! I'm so very happy to hear things are going better for her. She will touch a million lives!

  4. I wish I could go out on splits with Sister Beckett! Oh my goodness, she is a live wire. And I CAN'T BELIEVE she was so amenable to popping a fish family into her mouth. This is Allie we're talking about! I'm so very happy to hear things are going better for her. She will touch a million lives!

  5. Oh I love the memories this brings back. I remember how hard those first few weeks were in Korea. It gets SO MUCH better! She will adjust and be such an amazing servant. It is truly a wonderful place. I love KOREA too, Sister Beckett.