Friday, October 9, 2015


Translate THAT! ^^^^ I don't even know what to say because HELLO!! I'm leaving the precious MTC (my home of 63 days) on Monday! My feelings are soooo mixed. Hmmmm yeah this is probably the bravest thing I have ever done. an attempt to explain how much I love the MTC, I would like to share my TOP THREE MTC FAVES!!

1. MY COMPANION!! Wooooow Heavenly Father blessed me there! Sister M is the most patient, easy going person. She doesn't ever get mad or snappy or anything! We have become BFFs, and I can't even imagine what I will do without her in a week. We always know what each other is thinking, we have laughing attacks, she does my hair, we have literally been by each other's side 24/7 for the past 2 months! It will be like ripping my Siamese twin off of me. It will definitely hurt!!  We already have plans for me to visit New Zealand and her to visit Grantsville after the mish...She has never been camping or had smores! She needs the glory of a small town! I just love her! I hope we can be companions again later on our mission!

2. THE DEVOTIONALS!! Every Tuesday and Sunday we have devotionals. Let me tell you...we have some rocking awesome leaders in this church! After (almost) every devotional, I am SO PUMPED to serve the Lord. The leaders of this church are fun, optimistic, funny, understanding, motivating, super duper loveable...On Tuesday we had Elder Costa (from the presidency of the 70) come speak. HE IS THE COOLEST! I vote him next apostle!! He said so many spiritual things, but what I want to share is not that stuff (although trust me, it was legit.) This is what he said, "To be a grandpa is to be a father with sugar. A lot of sugar." Then, in a nice grandpa-y way he said he wanted to hug each one of us, and he hugged the air. It was funny. I know that dad wants to be a grandpa soon. I hope that I am almost an aunt by the time I get back! Anyway....conference this weekend will be sooo good! 

3. BEING AN STL! Being a Sister Training Leader was really stressful, but I learned so much from it. I became a lot more caring, and helping other people helped me forget about my own stress! I ADORE the sisters in our branch, and I feel so comfortable with all of them. I am so thankful that I was blessed with the opportunity to get to know and love them! Lately I have been so frustrated with myself, because my Korean is...not so hot. However, I had a baby revelation: my purpose as a missionary is to invite others (not just investigators) unto Christ. Even though I haven't been able to focus as much on Korean as I would have liked to because of my STL duties, I have still been fulfilling my purpose. I have (hopefully) been helping the sisters in our branch feel Christ's love and ease some of their burdens, and that means that I am NOT failing even though it feels like I am. My little heart might crack when I leave these sisters! 

Well, I wanted to write a lot more, but dannng I am once again out of email time. BUT GUESS WHAT?! This week I got THREE packages from the lovely Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Beckett family. Healthy snacks (hallelujah) Korean CTR rings (WHAT THE CUTE?!), a dozen donuts from Krispy Kreme (yeah I pretty much died) and A PUMPKIN!! WHY THE PUMPKIN?!?!!? Hahahahah. IT is like a decoration pumpkin that smelled in a pumpkin. I can just imagine Andrew sneaking Kenzie's cute fall decorations and mailing them to me with a guilty grin on his face. AJ, you better apologize to Kenzie! HAHAHA it made for a good laugh. Thank you both for such a thoughtful package and notes! The Korean sisters (as in actually from Korea) were HILARIOUS when they saw the donuts. They were so happy (literally cheering) when I shared with them. We took pictures of the event. They are REALLY into pictures. Hahahaha. They have so many funny Asian poses they like to do. I will send some pics. And you thought that I was good at selfies and snapchats before the mission...just you wait! I am bringing a whole new Asian spin to those in 16 months. Speaking of 16 months... 2 months of my mission are already gone! Time is flying and I am not even in Korea yet!!

How is homecoming, boys? How was the Bob Firman invitational?

Well, my branch president assigned me a mission and life motto. Mark 9:23. Look it up! I have been trying to have a more positive attitude. I feel bad that sometimes I stop believing and start doubting Heavenly Father. If He believes in me going to Korea, then I will go! He knows all, and each of us can face anything that He asks us to. He is constantly by our sides, aware of every little thing we do. Reflecting back on my MTC experience, I can see how God has been with me the whole time, even when I was feeling pretty alone. Never forget that He is there and that He loves you. I love you all, too!

Next email will be from Korea!!!!!!!!! 😊 That is a pretty good Asian face, huh?

Beckett Jamae

PS, Yeah I still trust Heavenly Father, but at the moment I am curious about why I WAS CHOSEN AS THE TRAVEL LEADER!! How the heck am I gonna hurd a bunch of missionaries to Korea?! AHHH! hahahah should be fun. (Ask Briana how good I was at directions at USU.) Hahahahaha. Now instead of figuring out which apartment I live in, I have to figure out how to take a bunch of missionaries across the world! I literally prayed not to be the travel leader. LESSON LEARNED. Thy will be done! I will lead the missionaries to Korea...or at least I will try! 

Behold the Asian poses!

Me and Sister F.  I ADORE HER!  Nate and Seth and Briana, she plays tennis for BYU!  She is fabbbbulous.

This is Allie's mom interjecting here.  Her mission president sent us an email saying she has arrived in Korea, and they attached this picture as well. She is there!  Please keep her in her prayers, as she was so nervous and excited all at once. Thank you!  :)


  1. Oh man, what a wonderful letter. I remember having similar feelings on my travels to Korea. I LOVE Allie's faith and trust in Heavenly Father. That trust will grow and develop a lot more over her time in Korea. She is such an angel, what a wonderful missionary! Thanks for sharing!