Friday, September 25, 2015

Stranger Danger, Sept 24, 2015


Imagine sleeping, and at 2:49 am waking up to a random person, STANDING IN YOUR ROOM, pacing back and forth! Not gonna lie, it was pretty sketch until the Holy Ghost kicked in and I realized that maybe we had a new roommate.THE NATIVE KOREANS HAVE ARRIVED! The poor sister got here in the middle of the night, she doesn't speak English, and the MTC didn't tell us that we would be having somebody move it was crazy! Like horror movie crazy! I hope you all have the opportunity of waking up in the middle of the night with a Korean standing next to your bed. Luckily, as I said, the Holy Ghost kicked in and I jumped off my bed and welcomed her while the rest of my roommates were still wondering who the heck was invading our room. hahaha. There ended up being 3 natives that arrived that night, so we were up past 5 am helping them move in and stuff. It was crazy! They will be heading out with us on October 5th to Korea!! 
I mothered the Korean sisters and took them all around the MTC and to dinner and everything. Just me and 3 Koreans who don't speak much English. The bad news is that I didn't understand like anything they said. The good news is that I love Koreans! hahah At dinner they all put their food in the middle and shared it . They all kept eyeballing my food and so I offered them some and they were stoked! Next minute, they were all eating off of my plate, too. It was hilarious. 

Every Friday, we teach members of the church in Korean at the TRC. Last week, we Skyped a newly baptized Korean sister, IN KOREA and taught a lesson! It was so cool! I didn't even know her, but I adored her, and I realized how big and awesome my responsibility to teach the gospel is. I LOVE THE GOSPEL!!!!

Sorry, the more I am out here, the more frazzled I get and my emails are probably getting more boring and shorter. aaahhh I am out of time, but GUESS WHAT?! My flight plans come tomorrow! This is getting real! This also means that I get to call you soon! Some missionaries said that the travel office told them to have their parents send them a track phone with minutes on it (like 10 bucks from Walmart) to make sure that you have a chance to call your family, because there will be lots of missionaries waiting to use the phones in the airport. Then I could just chuck the phone. Do you think we should do that?

PS, Sister M and I have been asked to teach a lesson to our teacher's BOSS on Tuesday. Wish us luck. I will write more about that in a personal letter, because I am out of time!

This week I have realized that I have been so selfish, negative, and prideful. I am starting to realize more that if I truly want to represent Christ, I have to forget about Allie and think of everybody else. I have studied charity a lot this week, and I am so amazed at how Christ perfectly loved everyone, even the people who spit on Him, crucified Him, and betrayed Him. If you are ever feeling down, and in the dumps, that's normal. HOWEVER, that also means that you are thinking too much about yourself! Count your blessings (I literally did that this week and it totes worked), think of how you can help somebody else, and forget about yourself! 

I love you all! 


PS this pic is of me in the cutest cardigan ever that Mindy and Ryan sent me!! 

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