Friday, September 18, 2015

Some Lessons HURT! (September 10, 2015)

Hey hey hey hey!!!!!!! IT'S P-DAY! WOOOOHOOOO!

First off I have to tell you about the cutest ancient lady at the temple today. I sat by her and she made my WHOLE DAY! She was so old that her skin was like paper and I could see through it which was kinda neat and kinda sketchy. Anyway...She saw my name on my temple card (I was doing a family name) and she said, "Allie is such a cute name!" I told her thanks, and that I am a missionary now so it was nice to hear her say my name. Then she said, " I'll call you Allie, I'm a rebel!!!" HAHAHAH! Then, when we were in the endowment session, she leaned over and said, " I have something really important for you to do." I thought it was going to be some spiritual challenge or something. NOPE! Hahaha she said, "If I fall asleep in the session, PUNCH ME!" I almost died laughing. She really did fall asleep in the session, and I thought about punching her, but that would make her sleep forever (if you know what I mean) so I just let her rest. :) I loved her SOOO much. We talked a ton in the waiting room and I feel like we were instant friends!!

I have the saddest news! My teacher Campbell Hyung Jay Nim is LEAVING!!! WAHHH! We all loved him! That also means that our "investigator," Kim Kum Tay is also leaving. :( Yesterday I learned a good and hard lesson. This lesson is called, LISTEN TO THE SPIRIT!! At first I did good at listening to the Spirit! We were going to teach Kim Kum Tay about the Plan of Salvation, then I had a prompting that we should teach on faith and trusting Jesus Christ instead, and invite his family to take the lessons. Long story short, Kim Kum Tay is meeting with us in secret because his family is hard-core baptist and they would die if they found out he was meeting with us. (PS Kim Kum Tay was Bro. Campbell's investigator when he was on his mission, so Bro Campbell knows just how to act.) ANYWAY our lesson was ON FIRE! You better believe the spirit was there! Also it was pretty awesome because we taught sitting on the floor with our shoes off, just like we will in Korea. Anyway, Sister M and I invited him to have his family take the lessons, and we talked about faith and trusting Jesus Christ, and after a loooong pause, HE SAID YES!! Let me tell you, just because we are role playing doesn't mean we don't care about the investigators or don't feel the spirit. We definitely do. This was our fourth lesson with Kim Kum Tay, and he has had a rough time committing to baptism. Anyway, we were supposed to strictly stick to a 20 minute lesson, and our time ran out! I had the "thought" COUGH COUGH HOLY GHOST to ask him to be baptized just before we had to go, but since we were short on time, I decided that I better not. DUMB IDEA!!!! After class that night, Bro Campbell asked us to come talk to him. He asked us if we had the prompting to ask him (Kim Kum Tay) to be baptized. I was like YESSS! That is when I realized that my thought wasn't a thought, it was a prompting! Nobody in my district has been able to commit him to baptism, and WE COULD HAVE DONE IT! The spirit was there! He would have accepted! It was validating (though painful) to have our teacher tell us that, because Sister M and I are quite hard on ourselves. We compare ourselves to the elders a lot, because they are really good at Korean. But did Bro. Campbell pull them out in the hall? Nope! He pulled me and Sister M and our broken Korean out in the hall to let us know that he felt the spirit and that we should have invited him to baptism. I am thankful that I could learn this lesson now, when my investigator isn't really real. I hope to never make that mistake again! I truly love and care about Kim Kum Tay, and it breaks my heart to think that I didn't listen to the spirit and as a result he was not able to commit to a huge step into eternal blessings! On the bright side, I have one more lesson with him, and YOU BETTER BELIEVE I AM GOING TO INVITE HIM TO BE BAPTIZED! I just hope that we can invite the spirit back as strong as it was in our last lesson.

Also, I was kinda sick this week! It was miserable! I prepared to teach relief society all week only to be banished to my residence hall for 24 hours on Sunday. So now I need to RE prepare a lesson and teach this week! Also, I asked the elders in my district to give me a blessing, and they did! It was their first time and I was so proud of them! They are Nate's age!!! Being surrounded by a bunch of missionaries using God's power was awesome.

I heard that BYU had a SICK game!! I only wish I could have seen dad's face after the last minute game-winning hail mary. 

My birthday dinner wish is that you all go to that Korean restaurant I told you about in my last email! My awesome teacher, Sister Lee's family owns it!! Bumblebee or something like that!!! It's in Midvale!

The church is SO TRUE, and it is worth doing anything to prove to the Lord that you are on His side. BE BOLD! BE TRUE! BE OPTIMISTIC! TRUST GOD! He never leaves His people. PS the new Uchtdorf is Bishop Causse. He came and spoke to us and pretty much made my life. The MTC is full of the Spirit 24/7. I love it here. 

Love, Beckett Jamae

This is the day I felt like dying cause I was sick and had to stay in my room for 24 hours.

Sis M shared her snack package

Elder L writing my birthday info--he writes like a girl!  :)

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