Friday, September 18, 2015

Imagine... (September 17, 2015)

Pretend that this is my snapchat story explaining my week.  This will not be a normal email, but pictures will tell my week best!


Our teacher had a contest to see who could do the most push-ups (counting in Korean!)  Winner gets free dinner from her family restaurant when we get back from the mish. Sister M and I didn't even try. Lame, I know...

Next, I got the CUTEST gift of tongues/birthday package from Jim, Kristi, Isaac, and Tasha!  SOOOO CUTE!! I also got an awesome food package from Marcio, can you believe it? Also my favorite Janae sent me a package with homemade yummy banana bread, a journal, cute paper and markers. So spoiled!

CUPCAKES from Mindy and Ryan!  Daaaaang let me tell you, HEAVEN!!!  Thank you SO MUCH!  PS, I got a bunch of super super nice cards from people too!  (And HILARIOUS from Kendra Favero!)  Thanks to everyone who made me feel loved and special on my birthday, it means the world to me.

Here's a present opening action shot from the package from the fam!  I LOVED IT SO MUCH. It couldn't have made me any happier!!! SO AWESOME!! THANKS!! (Did you get my letter yesterday?  I talked about it more in that.)

My roomies and companion decorated my classroom SO CUTE and left a desk full of treats for me!! I felt SO SPECIAL!

Ben and Nadja sent me a CAKE!  My district had a BLAST eating it and using the little party blowers!! Thanks Ben and Nadja and family! Made my day. Also, Deb-T sent me a package of lovely cookies!!! :D  So SO NICE!

Here's a picture of part of my district blowing the party blower things from Ben & Nadja.  Hahaha. I look ugly in this pic, but due to the fact that Elder D looks so funny blowing his thing strait up, I had to send it, ha ha!

STL duties = I have a cell phone. (Crazy, right?!) Unfortunately, no snapchat capabilities on this phone!

Look how cute we decorated the door for the new Korean sisters!! I AM THE OLDEST KOREAN DISTRICT! Less than 3 weeks, people!  AHHH!

That photography life!

This face means that there were 5 bats next to our bedroom in the space of 12 hours. (Bad, I know. Or should I say Bat, I know!?)  The bat story never ends.  Hahaha. I can just picture Deb-T living here. She would die!  hahaha

Baction (Bat Action)

After a night of running around crazy giving the new missionaries an orientation, my companion noticed my badge was upside down. Wooops hahahah!

Sorry that this was the weirdest letter ever. Just know that I had a WONDERFUL birthday, and a CRAZY week of STL-ing. But I love it here!

PS: Sister Wixom came and spoke to us on Tuesday. I LOVE her!

And now I have to run. I love you all!


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