Monday, September 7, 2015

Batman Returns! Sept. 3, 2015

MY FAVORITE PEOPLE!!!! I seriously love you all and miss you all soooo much.

Anyway...first I will address "Batman Returns." Sooo, the other night, I had to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night. On my way to the bathroom, I heard something jumping around in the garbage can in the hall! I  FLIPPED out and RAN to the bathroom because I just knew it was my boyfriend the bat. After I went to the bathroom I booked it back to my room and creeped myself out by thinking of bats the rest of the night. Did I ever tell you that right before I moved into my building a girl woke up with a bat on her neck and so the whole building had to evacuate and get rabies shots. Anyway...

The next morning I wondered if I had really heard something in the garbage or if I had imagined it! We kept going throughout our day but 20 minutes before sacrament meeting, I started feeling sick so we went back to our residence to get some medicine before sacrament. I took Sister M to the garbage can to show her the rip marks in the garbage bag left from the bat. ( I had noticed the marks earlier that morning.) I stick my arm in the garbage can to point to the rip marks, and GUESS WHAT?! Out of nowhere the bat pops up from the trash and starts flipping around! I screamed and sprinted to the maintenance room, but it was Sunday, so nobody was there! So I picked up the phone that connects to the front office and I explained everything. MUCH TO MY SURPRISE, the guy asked me if I was brave enough to TRAP THE BAT! WHAT?!?! And, being as cool as (I wish I) was, I told him yes, I would trap the bat. (It was still in the garbage.) They said to put a blanket over the trash to trap it. AHHHH! IT CAN FLY PEOPLE!

SO... Sister M and I grabbed some dirty sheets to put over the garbage. Then a loud voice came on the intercom for the whole building and warned sisters that male workers would becoming to level 3, so dress decently, and DO NOT DISTURB THE GARBAGE CAN WITH A BLANKET ON IT. I started freaking out because A) Sister M and I were actually too chicken to trap the bat and B) She announced level 3 and we lived on level 4. Soooo I called the front office back, and said that we actually lived on level 4, not 3, and she got a little angry...then I said that we were too chicken to trap the bat. HOWEVER...before I finished my sentence about being too chicken to trap the bat, her annoying secretary voice was back on the intercom for the building clearing up the level 4 thing, and reemphasizing not to touch the trash with a blanket on it! SHE HUNG UP ON ME before the whole "we are too scared to trap the bat" part!!! SO NOW I HAD NO CHOICE! This lady was scarier than the bat and there was no way that I was calling her for the third time to tell her that I was afraid to trap the bat. She might hang up on me again! So...I counted to three and guess what?! WE DID IT!  WE TRAPPED THE BAT! WOOHOO! The blanket started shaking on the garbage can and we're pretty sure the bat was flapping!

By this time, it was 11:28, and sacrament started at 11:30! And I still needed to go to the bathroom and take medicine! I go into the bathroom and accidentally scream loud enough for the whole building to hear, because now there's a spider on the toilet!! Anyway... we eventually made it to sacrament meeting and we were a little late, which was sketchy because President P is the strictest and scariest guy! Sister M ended up getting called on to give the talk in Korean! Yikes!! But she did great. :)

Now, on a more serious note, I want to share an AWESOME analogy about sacrament that I have never thought about before. This awesome insight is from the choir director (again!) When you look at the white cloth with the sacrament underneath it, it represents Christ's body lying in the tomb, with the white cloth covering him. The bread and water literally represent Christ's flesh and blood. This past sacrament meeting was a lot more special for me as I pictured that the priests were kneeling and praying around Christ's sacred body (which the sacrament really does look like a body when it is covered with a sheet!) I felt the spirit so strongly, and it made me realize how REAL Christ's sacrifice was for each of us. Then, after we have partaken of the sacrament, and applied Christ's atonement, the Elders or priests fold up the cloth, just like the cloth was folded when Christ was resurrected. Think of that next time you are in sacrament and I promise it will be a special experience.

Also, Elder Oaks came and spoke on Tuesday! I have been having the SOREST THROAT EVER so I just mouthed the words when I sang in the choir. I wonder if he could tell since he's a prophet. 

Another funny thing: In Korean, "companion" is dong ban ja. I made up a rap dedicated to my companion, and its fame is spreading through the branch. It is a short and sweet rap. It goes like this: "Yo my numba one yo my bae, you're my dongbanja!" Kinda lame but also super sweet.

MY ELDERS REEEEEK. Seth seems like a DREAM compared to them. They toot all the time and we had to bring spray to class because it is THAT BAD. I literally DRY HEAVE. The other day our class was saying "My Purpose" in Korean and Sister M and I stopped and covered our mouths and nose because we thought we were gonna die and our teacher was like "can you say it by yourself in Korean?" (of course that sentence she said was in Korean) She was kinda getting after us. She is pretty strict, but we love her!

I hope mom had the BEST BIRTHDAY EVER! And I can't believe that my boyfriend, I mean Nate, is almost AN ADULT!! WHAAAAT!? I love you buddy! I hope your day is superb! 

Anyway, lot's of love TO YOU ALL!! xoxoxoxox

The Bat Trapping Machine!

My Roomies

When this chocolate milk smells rotten, I will know that it's MY BIRTHDAY!!

We got to host the new sisters on Wednesday!!

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