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Batman is my boyfriend! Aug 27, 2015


Can you even believe that it has been four weeks?! WHAAAAAT?! Anyway. Some crazy things happened this week. 1) I said the prayer in sacrament in Korean, which was quite terrifying and yes, I did memorize my prayer! Bad but necessary. 2) I was called as the Sister Training Leader over the Korean Branch! This came as quite a surprise because I was only in my third week and most STLs are called in their 6th week! I hope that I do a good job at helping all of the sisters feel loved and welcome. This will definitely be an awesome experience to help me become a better leader and hopefully bring myself and others closer to Christ. Yesterday I had my first responsibility as an STL and I got to help welcome 17 new missionaries that will be heading to Korea. There is another STL plus two Zone Leaders, and we all gave the new missionaries an orientation and a tour. I need to learn how to control my mouth better. At one point we were telling fun facts about ourselves at the orientation and one elder talked about how his dog has heart disease and diabetes and that they have to give it two shots a day. Before I knew it I had blurted, "You should just put it down!!!" and everyone gasped and I was like...oops. Anyway, there are always three groups of Korean Speaking missionaries in the MTC, they each come three weeks apart. Each group alternates where in Korea they will be the group that has been here for 6 weeks is heading to Seoul and Seoul South and then it's my group (no longer the baby group!) which is going to Busan and Daejeon, and the new group that just came in is going to Seoul and Seoul South.

Yesterday when I walked in my residence I saw something flying around like crazy and next thing I knew it was heading straight for me! IT WAS A BAT!!! AHHHH! hahahaha. Luckily it didn't touch me! Apparently my building (although it is newly renovated) has bat problems a lot. Right before I got to the MTC they had to move everyone out of the building because a bat actually touched some sisters and they all had to get rabies shots. Kinda funny, kinda gross. The security guy trying to capture the bat told me that they couldn't kill the bat because it is mating season for bats and it would be illegal. I think the bat was trying to make its moves on me!! 

Every P-day we get to go to the temple, which is awesome! Mom, do you remember how I had initiatory names that I never remembered to take with us when we went to the temple? Wellll, I decided to do those family names today! I went to print out the names and the printer was broken, so I was really sad. We started walking to the temple and then my lovely fellow missionaries had the brilliant idea that I could just write down the barcode number and maybe that would still work for the temple! So we came back and I wrote down barcode info and guess what? IT WORKED!! I got to do three family names today in initiatory. :) It was awesome. I can't wait for the next three weeks when I get to go do endowment sessions for each of them. It is pretty special getting to help family members make it to the temple!

We had a lot of AWESOME devotionals this week. I encourage you all to read a talk thing that Elder Holland gave in 1985 called, "I Stand All Amazed." I only heard a portion of it quoted, but it was incredible. This week I really became more thankful and a little more understanding of our Brother and Savior, Jesus Christ's Atonement. He deserves the most honor and glory that we can give Him! I have made it a personal goal to take "gosh" and "jeez" out of my vocabulary.
Our choir director teaches seminary, and one of his students said that he doesn't care if he sins, because Christ has already paid the price so it won't hurt him anymore because He has already felt it. Our choir teacher came up with this analogy to explain the atonement to the student and shared it with us:

 A student went to a foreign country to study. At the end of his trip, one of his friends took him to this giant cement wall that everyone spray painted their names on. It was illegal, but it was a tradition that everyone did when they visited that country and eventually this student was convinced to do it. There were signs surrounding the wall that said not to do it, but he did it anyway. Right after he did it, sirens went off and he was caught. As a punishment, the country said that he had to get his hand nailed to the cement wall and stand there for the rest of his life to be a reminder and example that nobody else should ever do that. The student's home country was outraged, and fought back and forth with the foreign country's government. They eventually came up with a compromise: the student could get out of nailing his hand to the cement wall if a member of his family would volunteer to do it instead. That student's older brother volunteered. OUR OLDER BROTHER volunteered. As the student met his older brother at the airport, the older brother about to pay the price for his younger brother's mistakes, how do YOU think the younger brother felt? The older brother volunteered to have his hand nailed to the wall and take the punishment because he loved his brother so much. After the older brother sacrificed himself and had HIS hand nailed to the wall, do you think that his little brother would go spray paint his name again on the wall, right next to wear his brother was standing, just because his brother had already paid the price and was nailed to the wall? NO! The little brother would praise his brother, honor his brother, and NEVER spray paint his name on that wall again. He would stand up for his brother, and never be ashamed of Him. He would be faithful, loyal, and respecting of that brother. He would tell everyone of what his selfless, perfect brother did for him. He would NEVER take his older brother's name in vain. He would see his brother as a hero.

I know that Christ DID get nailed to a cross for us. I know that He DID pay for OUR SINS. When we choose to sin, we are mocking Him and His atonement. We are causing Him pain. I hope that I can cause my Savior as little pain as possible. I know Christ lives and loves us!

Love always,
Beckett Jamae

That studying life

Elder B and Elder B fixing my necklace that exploded all over the classroom!

Me and my roommates. We have a lot of fun together!!

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