Sunday, August 16, 2015

August 9, 2015


It is Sunday, so I FINALLY have some free time!  :)  My first two days were rough and I was pretty homesick, but now I'm loving life!

Sister M and I get along so GOOD (well?)!  We laugh a lot.  She is very goal oriented, and that's sweet!  I love her accent, and so does the whole MTC!  She usually pronounces water like "wahtah," but last night she made fun of me and said "wadder."  I almost died laughing hearing that come out of her proper little mouth.  Also, she swears.  Ha ha!  She says d@#!, sh?@, and @##!  I still haven't told her that that is swearing in America.

On Friday we taught our first lesson in Korean!  Our Korean was terrible, but we had fun.  Our investigators name is Pank Hey Mi.  She's a pretend investigator, but DANG she's good!  And she's 19.  We taught her and had a blast.  We have to teach her for 30 minutes!  There was a lot of sign language and guessing going on.  We weren't allowed to bring any notes, just the info in our brains.

We taught her again yesterday, and it went so WELL!  Sister M and I prayed and studied so much, and it paid off!  We taught her that God was her loving Heavenly Father, then asked her to pray to know if it was true.  She didn't know how to pray, so we taught her how.  After she prayed, the spirit was so STRONG!  Pank Hey Mi was crying and in broken English was saying "happy" while touching her heart.  It was awesome!

Our Branch President, President Perriten, used top be the president of my mission!  He is also from New Zealand.  He is awesome.  My district is already like my family!

I'm sorry to bug you, but all we have on our beds here is a sheet and a very think blanket (the kind we put between our sheets and quilts at home.)   I'm always very cold!  If you could maybe vaccuum seal one of my smallish throws in a ziplock bag and send it, I would be so thankful!  Maybe the orange and blue one!

Church is about to start, and my Branch President will randomly call on 2 people to give talks in Korean.  PLEASE DON"T BE ME!

Okay!  You all have to look up the song called "The Sisters in Zion" by Janice Kapp Perry.  It is beautiful!! Also look up sister missionary painting by Greg Olson. It is cute!

Since I've been here my lips are wacko.  They have little bumps all over them and it's driving me nuts!  I finally saw Kristen Rust!  I also have seen my old Roomie Emily, Danny Nelson, and Aubree Hall!

I'm going to sing in the MTC choir tonight.  Apparently we're singing backup for a Christian Rock band called...hmmm., I can't remember, but apparently they're pretty famous.  _____Nation?

I love you all and pray for you!  Keep me updated!  :)  I LOVED your letters.  Seth's was funny, but mean.  Everyone else's was so nice and inspiring!  Hahahah

Love, Beckett Jamae

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