Sunday, August 16, 2015

August 7, 2015

Allie sent this letter in the mail:

Dear Family:

I am alive! My P-day isn't until NEXT Thursday, so I decided that I'd hand-write you a letter because it seems like I've already been gone for a year.

My companion is so cute!  Her name is Sister M, and she is from New Zealand.  Yes, she has a cute accent and says "rubbish."  Sometimes I can't understand her because her accent is thick.  She is very nice and has lots of awesome insights.  We get along very well!

I share my room with another companionship.  Their names are Sister C from St. George, and Sister G from Hawaii!  Us 4 in our room are all going to Korea, but only Sister M and I are going to Daejeon.

I love my district!  Sister M and I are the only sisters.  There are 8 elders (4 companionships).  Half are going to Pusan and half are coming to Daejeon.  Two of the elders remind me of Seth and that makes me happy 'cause I already miss you all!

My teacher's name is Brother Campbell, which I was stoked about cause...CAMPBELL!  Also another fun fact:  right before I met Brother Campbell, I met someone named Sister Tracy!  I have been studying like the WHOLE TIME.  The teacher literally only speaks Korean.  It is interesting to learn a language without the teacher EVER speaking English.  I asked the people who've been here 3 weeks, and they said their teacher STILL only speaks Korean.  Bro Campbell is the coolest!

I've never been this busy, literally no free time.  I want a nap!  Earlier today I was really depressed and frustrated.  Now I'm doing better!  Keep the prayers rolling!

I learned how to pray in Korean today.  And tomorrow (Friday) we have to teach our first investigator...IN KOREAN!  What the!  Woooow. I'm struggling.

My branch is known as the "Celestial Branch" in the MTC.  One thing my branch president said tonight was, "Obedience brings blessings.  Exact obedience brings MIRACLES!"  I'm trying my best to be obedient but DANG it's hard!  I just barely finished unpacking, and it's 10:26, so no time to write in my journal tonight.  I didn't have time yesterday, either.

I love you all!  XOXOXO

Love,  Beckett Jamae

PS Tomorrow I get to go to a kickboxing class!

PPS  Now it's Friday and I just got your letters.  I NEEDED THAT BOOST, THANKS!! I love you! I added it up, and we study (as in sitting with books) for 11 hours a day!  That doesn't count devotionals or whatever.  Crazy!  Love you all SO MUCH.  Sorry my handwriting is lame.

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