Monday, August 24, 2015

August 20, 2015: Are you Sulky?

Are you sulky?

Hahahaha that is something that one of the Native Koreans always says. He is the one who draws us pictures of dinosaurs. Today he asked me if I was sulky and I said yes, so he gave me a picture of a dinosaur that says, "Cheer up! You can do it!" Hahahahhaah

First off, I can't tell you how much letters make my day! This week I had some tough days but so many nice people wrote me letters and I loved it so much! I have also read tons of the thoughts that you all wrote in my thought book, and that cheered me up really quick!! It is crazy the range of emotions that missionaries can feel in one day. Each day is so flipping long but I can't believe that I have been here for two weeks!! I love how the spirit is always at the MTC!!

Probably one of the weirdest things that happened this week was when our investigator P H M  became our SECOND TEACHER!!! WHAT!? Hahaha we knew she wasn't a real investigator but it was still weird. We are still teaching her so it is kind of weird being in class with her and then going and role playing with her. She is a strict teacher! But she is really good! Brother C is our other teacher and he is amazing. We are teaching for the first time at the TRC tomorrow and I am terrified! My Korean is not too good. I feel like my whole class is passing me up so I will try to catch up!

I can't believe I missed 3 weddings this week and a concert! It sounds like the weddings were awesome. Congrats Brooklyn, Kenna, and Mishi! I thought about you guys all day!

One more random thing. Wilma. I met her in the hall. I think she is dead now. BUT she is just in a picture hanging on the wall. She was so dang cute that I couldn't resist naming her Wilma.AKA "The Wilmsters" Every time I see her I bow to her and say "annyeonghasseo!" I will attach a pic. :) She for real has the cutest bug eyes.

Thank you all for your love and prayers! I am very thankful to be here and I am thankful for my district. They are so great and invite the spirit all the time. I hope that I can learn to listen to the spirit better so that my lessons with my investigators will start going better!

I LOVE YOU ALLL! (Keep up the dear elder please! ;) )

Love Always,
Beckett Jamae

Why they have urinals in the women's bathroom...IDK!
The cute Korean sisters decorated our door to welcome us!

I love my District!

Temple Pic with Sister M

Me at the Map

My legit nametag

Sister M and I. She did my hair New Zealand style. :)

Elder Knight!

A picture with Andrew & Kenzie's old apartment behind us!

Me with Tim Gates from the Nashville Tribute Band (& Due West)

Me and my old roomie, E.W.

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  1. Oh how I love this amazing girl! To learn not only a new language, but an alphabet to boot? WHAT? Go, Sister Beckett!