Sunday, August 16, 2015

August 13, 2015

I have been waiting for P-day for SOOOO LONG! I can't believe how much they pack into each day at the MTC. Thank you all for your letters! I love them sooooo much.

I literally sit in a classroom studying for 11 hours each day with the same 9 people. I really do love my district and my only regret is that I am not allowed to slap the Elders sometimes! They remind me of my lovely brothers and as you all know I loved punching their arms and slapping them. Every day when the elders are annoying I raise my hand to hit their arms but then I remember I am not allowed to so I act like I was gonna brush my hair back or something. Hahahaha. My district is so awesome.

When I finished crying about walking away from you all, Sister Chipman (FROM STANSBURY!) helped me take everything inside. I didn't know her before the MTC, but when I found out she was from Stansbury I felt so grateful! She is one of the nicest people I have ever met. She just flew out to Japan!

My companion is the greatest. I AM SO BLESSED TO HAVE HER! Her name is M Jamae Nim (Sister M) and she is from NEW ZEALAND! I am so thankful because we have very similar standards and goals. The more I get to know her, the more I love her! She says funny New Zealand things all the time. For example, "lollies" are any type of candy, "biscuits" are cookies, and whenever we go up the stairs (we live on the top floor  plus our classroom is on the top floor of a different building) she says in an exhausted voice, "I'm puffed." hahahahahahahaha

I taught half of the MTC about Brown Cows (half rootbeer, half milk). It's a revolution. I hooked Sister M on them!! Hahahah. Our whole district and part of our branch have tried them.

A ton of Native Koreans got to the MTC two days ago, and we have been talking to them, which is a  blast. One of them is crazzzzy. He is going to Daejeon. too. Hahahah. The other night he asked me if I liked dinosaurs and I was like....uh yeah....(I have no opinion on dinos!) And then he said, "Good. Tomorrow I bring you dinosaur bones." HAHAHAHA what in the world is he talking about?! So the next day I asked him for my dino bones and he said he ran out and that he'll give them to me in Daejeon, but that he'll draw me a picture of a dinosaur now. He is an interesting guy, he always carries a fake dinosaur in his pocket above his nametag. I try not to squeal every time I see Asians (because I seriously love Asians THAT much) because I can't be constantly squealing when I get to Korea.

Speaking of Korea...KOREAN! Yeah, it isn't a lie. My teacher only speaks to me in Korean. His name is Brother Campbell and he is THE COOLEST. Everyone agrees that my class has the best teacher. :) Yaaaay!  I feel like a baby listening to adults speak gibberish but slowly picking the gibberish up. I think Korean is SO FUN to learn. I taught my first lesson in Korean on my third day. CRAZY, RIGHT?! We have now taught a total of 5 lessons to our investigator, Pak Hey Mi. Needless to say, our lessons are a bit sketchy in our broken Korean. AND guess what?! Our investigator apparently is about to become our second teacher!!! She has seen the worst of my Korean. Oh dear. Hahaha.

Another fun fact: Sister M and I joined the MTC choir and we are going to sing back up for the Nashville Tribute Band. Hahahaha. My life here is funny.

Awesome story: This week Sister M and I have been praying SO HARD to have the Spirit with us and to be able to speak Korean. Yesterday we fasted for it. Then, Brother Campbell randomly had a lesson where he had us write a question down (I wrote about the Spirit and Korean) and then kneel in our class and pray about it, then read the scriptures. IT WORKED. I did the whole "randomly open up the scriptures and I instantly felt SO MUCH LOVE FROM HEAVENLY FATHER!! Read D&C 100. It is a short section, and it answered SO MANY things that have been on my mind. Heavenly Father is the nicest!

(This is Allie's mom--her email ended here randomly; I guess she ran out of time!)

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  1. Loved reading Sister Beckett's letter. She has a way with words, and I can totally see her doing the things she mentioned in her letter. Love this sweet missionary, love her wonderful spirit, and look forward to reading more about her wonderful adventures!