Sunday, August 30, 2015

Batman is my boyfriend! Aug 27, 2015


Can you even believe that it has been four weeks?! WHAAAAAT?! Anyway. Some crazy things happened this week. 1) I said the prayer in sacrament in Korean, which was quite terrifying and yes, I did memorize my prayer! Bad but necessary. 2) I was called as the Sister Training Leader over the Korean Branch! This came as quite a surprise because I was only in my third week and most STLs are called in their 6th week! I hope that I do a good job at helping all of the sisters feel loved and welcome. This will definitely be an awesome experience to help me become a better leader and hopefully bring myself and others closer to Christ. Yesterday I had my first responsibility as an STL and I got to help welcome 17 new missionaries that will be heading to Korea. There is another STL plus two Zone Leaders, and we all gave the new missionaries an orientation and a tour. I need to learn how to control my mouth better. At one point we were telling fun facts about ourselves at the orientation and one elder talked about how his dog has heart disease and diabetes and that they have to give it two shots a day. Before I knew it I had blurted, "You should just put it down!!!" and everyone gasped and I was like...oops. Anyway, there are always three groups of Korean Speaking missionaries in the MTC, they each come three weeks apart. Each group alternates where in Korea they will be the group that has been here for 6 weeks is heading to Seoul and Seoul South and then it's my group (no longer the baby group!) which is going to Busan and Daejeon, and the new group that just came in is going to Seoul and Seoul South.

Yesterday when I walked in my residence I saw something flying around like crazy and next thing I knew it was heading straight for me! IT WAS A BAT!!! AHHHH! hahahaha. Luckily it didn't touch me! Apparently my building (although it is newly renovated) has bat problems a lot. Right before I got to the MTC they had to move everyone out of the building because a bat actually touched some sisters and they all had to get rabies shots. Kinda funny, kinda gross. The security guy trying to capture the bat told me that they couldn't kill the bat because it is mating season for bats and it would be illegal. I think the bat was trying to make its moves on me!! 

Every P-day we get to go to the temple, which is awesome! Mom, do you remember how I had initiatory names that I never remembered to take with us when we went to the temple? Wellll, I decided to do those family names today! I went to print out the names and the printer was broken, so I was really sad. We started walking to the temple and then my lovely fellow missionaries had the brilliant idea that I could just write down the barcode number and maybe that would still work for the temple! So we came back and I wrote down barcode info and guess what? IT WORKED!! I got to do three family names today in initiatory. :) It was awesome. I can't wait for the next three weeks when I get to go do endowment sessions for each of them. It is pretty special getting to help family members make it to the temple!

We had a lot of AWESOME devotionals this week. I encourage you all to read a talk thing that Elder Holland gave in 1985 called, "I Stand All Amazed." I only heard a portion of it quoted, but it was incredible. This week I really became more thankful and a little more understanding of our Brother and Savior, Jesus Christ's Atonement. He deserves the most honor and glory that we can give Him! I have made it a personal goal to take "gosh" and "jeez" out of my vocabulary.
Our choir director teaches seminary, and one of his students said that he doesn't care if he sins, because Christ has already paid the price so it won't hurt him anymore because He has already felt it. Our choir teacher came up with this analogy to explain the atonement to the student and shared it with us:

 A student went to a foreign country to study. At the end of his trip, one of his friends took him to this giant cement wall that everyone spray painted their names on. It was illegal, but it was a tradition that everyone did when they visited that country and eventually this student was convinced to do it. There were signs surrounding the wall that said not to do it, but he did it anyway. Right after he did it, sirens went off and he was caught. As a punishment, the country said that he had to get his hand nailed to the cement wall and stand there for the rest of his life to be a reminder and example that nobody else should ever do that. The student's home country was outraged, and fought back and forth with the foreign country's government. They eventually came up with a compromise: the student could get out of nailing his hand to the cement wall if a member of his family would volunteer to do it instead. That student's older brother volunteered. OUR OLDER BROTHER volunteered. As the student met his older brother at the airport, the older brother about to pay the price for his younger brother's mistakes, how do YOU think the younger brother felt? The older brother volunteered to have his hand nailed to the wall and take the punishment because he loved his brother so much. After the older brother sacrificed himself and had HIS hand nailed to the wall, do you think that his little brother would go spray paint his name again on the wall, right next to wear his brother was standing, just because his brother had already paid the price and was nailed to the wall? NO! The little brother would praise his brother, honor his brother, and NEVER spray paint his name on that wall again. He would stand up for his brother, and never be ashamed of Him. He would be faithful, loyal, and respecting of that brother. He would tell everyone of what his selfless, perfect brother did for him. He would NEVER take his older brother's name in vain. He would see his brother as a hero.

I know that Christ DID get nailed to a cross for us. I know that He DID pay for OUR SINS. When we choose to sin, we are mocking Him and His atonement. We are causing Him pain. I hope that I can cause my Savior as little pain as possible. I know Christ lives and loves us!

Love always,
Beckett Jamae

That studying life

Elder B and Elder B fixing my necklace that exploded all over the classroom!

Me and my roommates. We have a lot of fun together!!

Monday, August 24, 2015

August 20, 2015: Are you Sulky?

Are you sulky?

Hahahaha that is something that one of the Native Koreans always says. He is the one who draws us pictures of dinosaurs. Today he asked me if I was sulky and I said yes, so he gave me a picture of a dinosaur that says, "Cheer up! You can do it!" Hahahahhaah

First off, I can't tell you how much letters make my day! This week I had some tough days but so many nice people wrote me letters and I loved it so much! I have also read tons of the thoughts that you all wrote in my thought book, and that cheered me up really quick!! It is crazy the range of emotions that missionaries can feel in one day. Each day is so flipping long but I can't believe that I have been here for two weeks!! I love how the spirit is always at the MTC!!

Probably one of the weirdest things that happened this week was when our investigator P H M  became our SECOND TEACHER!!! WHAT!? Hahaha we knew she wasn't a real investigator but it was still weird. We are still teaching her so it is kind of weird being in class with her and then going and role playing with her. She is a strict teacher! But she is really good! Brother C is our other teacher and he is amazing. We are teaching for the first time at the TRC tomorrow and I am terrified! My Korean is not too good. I feel like my whole class is passing me up so I will try to catch up!

I can't believe I missed 3 weddings this week and a concert! It sounds like the weddings were awesome. Congrats Brooklyn, Kenna, and Mishi! I thought about you guys all day!

One more random thing. Wilma. I met her in the hall. I think she is dead now. BUT she is just in a picture hanging on the wall. She was so dang cute that I couldn't resist naming her Wilma.AKA "The Wilmsters" Every time I see her I bow to her and say "annyeonghasseo!" I will attach a pic. :) She for real has the cutest bug eyes.

Thank you all for your love and prayers! I am very thankful to be here and I am thankful for my district. They are so great and invite the spirit all the time. I hope that I can learn to listen to the spirit better so that my lessons with my investigators will start going better!

I LOVE YOU ALLL! (Keep up the dear elder please! ;) )

Love Always,
Beckett Jamae

Why they have urinals in the women's bathroom...IDK!
The cute Korean sisters decorated our door to welcome us!

I love my District!

Temple Pic with Sister M

Me at the Map

My legit nametag

Sister M and I. She did my hair New Zealand style. :)

Elder Knight!

A picture with Andrew & Kenzie's old apartment behind us!

Me with Tim Gates from the Nashville Tribute Band (& Due West)

Me and my old roomie, E.W.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

August 13, 2015

I have been waiting for P-day for SOOOO LONG! I can't believe how much they pack into each day at the MTC. Thank you all for your letters! I love them sooooo much.

I literally sit in a classroom studying for 11 hours each day with the same 9 people. I really do love my district and my only regret is that I am not allowed to slap the Elders sometimes! They remind me of my lovely brothers and as you all know I loved punching their arms and slapping them. Every day when the elders are annoying I raise my hand to hit their arms but then I remember I am not allowed to so I act like I was gonna brush my hair back or something. Hahahaha. My district is so awesome.

When I finished crying about walking away from you all, Sister Chipman (FROM STANSBURY!) helped me take everything inside. I didn't know her before the MTC, but when I found out she was from Stansbury I felt so grateful! She is one of the nicest people I have ever met. She just flew out to Japan!

My companion is the greatest. I AM SO BLESSED TO HAVE HER! Her name is M Jamae Nim (Sister M) and she is from NEW ZEALAND! I am so thankful because we have very similar standards and goals. The more I get to know her, the more I love her! She says funny New Zealand things all the time. For example, "lollies" are any type of candy, "biscuits" are cookies, and whenever we go up the stairs (we live on the top floor  plus our classroom is on the top floor of a different building) she says in an exhausted voice, "I'm puffed." hahahahahahahaha

I taught half of the MTC about Brown Cows (half rootbeer, half milk). It's a revolution. I hooked Sister M on them!! Hahahah. Our whole district and part of our branch have tried them.

A ton of Native Koreans got to the MTC two days ago, and we have been talking to them, which is a  blast. One of them is crazzzzy. He is going to Daejeon. too. Hahahah. The other night he asked me if I liked dinosaurs and I was like....uh yeah....(I have no opinion on dinos!) And then he said, "Good. Tomorrow I bring you dinosaur bones." HAHAHAHA what in the world is he talking about?! So the next day I asked him for my dino bones and he said he ran out and that he'll give them to me in Daejeon, but that he'll draw me a picture of a dinosaur now. He is an interesting guy, he always carries a fake dinosaur in his pocket above his nametag. I try not to squeal every time I see Asians (because I seriously love Asians THAT much) because I can't be constantly squealing when I get to Korea.

Speaking of Korea...KOREAN! Yeah, it isn't a lie. My teacher only speaks to me in Korean. His name is Brother Campbell and he is THE COOLEST. Everyone agrees that my class has the best teacher. :) Yaaaay!  I feel like a baby listening to adults speak gibberish but slowly picking the gibberish up. I think Korean is SO FUN to learn. I taught my first lesson in Korean on my third day. CRAZY, RIGHT?! We have now taught a total of 5 lessons to our investigator, Pak Hey Mi. Needless to say, our lessons are a bit sketchy in our broken Korean. AND guess what?! Our investigator apparently is about to become our second teacher!!! She has seen the worst of my Korean. Oh dear. Hahaha.

Another fun fact: Sister M and I joined the MTC choir and we are going to sing back up for the Nashville Tribute Band. Hahahaha. My life here is funny.

Awesome story: This week Sister M and I have been praying SO HARD to have the Spirit with us and to be able to speak Korean. Yesterday we fasted for it. Then, Brother Campbell randomly had a lesson where he had us write a question down (I wrote about the Spirit and Korean) and then kneel in our class and pray about it, then read the scriptures. IT WORKED. I did the whole "randomly open up the scriptures and I instantly felt SO MUCH LOVE FROM HEAVENLY FATHER!! Read D&C 100. It is a short section, and it answered SO MANY things that have been on my mind. Heavenly Father is the nicest!

(This is Allie's mom--her email ended here randomly; I guess she ran out of time!)

August 9, 2015


It is Sunday, so I FINALLY have some free time!  :)  My first two days were rough and I was pretty homesick, but now I'm loving life!

Sister M and I get along so GOOD (well?)!  We laugh a lot.  She is very goal oriented, and that's sweet!  I love her accent, and so does the whole MTC!  She usually pronounces water like "wahtah," but last night she made fun of me and said "wadder."  I almost died laughing hearing that come out of her proper little mouth.  Also, she swears.  Ha ha!  She says d@#!, sh?@, and @##!  I still haven't told her that that is swearing in America.

On Friday we taught our first lesson in Korean!  Our Korean was terrible, but we had fun.  Our investigators name is Pank Hey Mi.  She's a pretend investigator, but DANG she's good!  And she's 19.  We taught her and had a blast.  We have to teach her for 30 minutes!  There was a lot of sign language and guessing going on.  We weren't allowed to bring any notes, just the info in our brains.

We taught her again yesterday, and it went so WELL!  Sister M and I prayed and studied so much, and it paid off!  We taught her that God was her loving Heavenly Father, then asked her to pray to know if it was true.  She didn't know how to pray, so we taught her how.  After she prayed, the spirit was so STRONG!  Pank Hey Mi was crying and in broken English was saying "happy" while touching her heart.  It was awesome!

Our Branch President, President Perriten, used top be the president of my mission!  He is also from New Zealand.  He is awesome.  My district is already like my family!

I'm sorry to bug you, but all we have on our beds here is a sheet and a very think blanket (the kind we put between our sheets and quilts at home.)   I'm always very cold!  If you could maybe vaccuum seal one of my smallish throws in a ziplock bag and send it, I would be so thankful!  Maybe the orange and blue one!

Church is about to start, and my Branch President will randomly call on 2 people to give talks in Korean.  PLEASE DON"T BE ME!

Okay!  You all have to look up the song called "The Sisters in Zion" by Janice Kapp Perry.  It is beautiful!! Also look up sister missionary painting by Greg Olson. It is cute!

Since I've been here my lips are wacko.  They have little bumps all over them and it's driving me nuts!  I finally saw Kristen Rust!  I also have seen my old Roomie Emily, Danny Nelson, and Aubree Hall!

I'm going to sing in the MTC choir tonight.  Apparently we're singing backup for a Christian Rock band called...hmmm., I can't remember, but apparently they're pretty famous.  _____Nation?

I love you all and pray for you!  Keep me updated!  :)  I LOVED your letters.  Seth's was funny, but mean.  Everyone else's was so nice and inspiring!  Hahahah

Love, Beckett Jamae

August 7, 2015

Allie sent this letter in the mail:

Dear Family:

I am alive! My P-day isn't until NEXT Thursday, so I decided that I'd hand-write you a letter because it seems like I've already been gone for a year.

My companion is so cute!  Her name is Sister M, and she is from New Zealand.  Yes, she has a cute accent and says "rubbish."  Sometimes I can't understand her because her accent is thick.  She is very nice and has lots of awesome insights.  We get along very well!

I share my room with another companionship.  Their names are Sister C from St. George, and Sister G from Hawaii!  Us 4 in our room are all going to Korea, but only Sister M and I are going to Daejeon.

I love my district!  Sister M and I are the only sisters.  There are 8 elders (4 companionships).  Half are going to Pusan and half are coming to Daejeon.  Two of the elders remind me of Seth and that makes me happy 'cause I already miss you all!

My teacher's name is Brother Campbell, which I was stoked about cause...CAMPBELL!  Also another fun fact:  right before I met Brother Campbell, I met someone named Sister Tracy!  I have been studying like the WHOLE TIME.  The teacher literally only speaks Korean.  It is interesting to learn a language without the teacher EVER speaking English.  I asked the people who've been here 3 weeks, and they said their teacher STILL only speaks Korean.  Bro Campbell is the coolest!

I've never been this busy, literally no free time.  I want a nap!  Earlier today I was really depressed and frustrated.  Now I'm doing better!  Keep the prayers rolling!

I learned how to pray in Korean today.  And tomorrow (Friday) we have to teach our first investigator...IN KOREAN!  What the!  Woooow. I'm struggling.

My branch is known as the "Celestial Branch" in the MTC.  One thing my branch president said tonight was, "Obedience brings blessings.  Exact obedience brings MIRACLES!"  I'm trying my best to be obedient but DANG it's hard!  I just barely finished unpacking, and it's 10:26, so no time to write in my journal tonight.  I didn't have time yesterday, either.

I love you all!  XOXOXO

Love,  Beckett Jamae

PS Tomorrow I get to go to a kickboxing class!

PPS  Now it's Friday and I just got your letters.  I NEEDED THAT BOOST, THANKS!! I love you! I added it up, and we study (as in sitting with books) for 11 hours a day!  That doesn't count devotionals or whatever.  Crazy!  Love you all SO MUCH.  Sorry my handwriting is lame.